Maximize your savings with Canon MAXIFY: compact inkjet printers for mid-size workgroups and home offices

The time when inkjet printers were not as technological and perfect as their laser counterparts, has long passed. However, the stereotype that such a periphery will be slow, weakly functional and unsuitable for working with documents has remained.

Nevertheless, many modern inkjet machines can not only solve everyday tasks of ordinary consumers, but also argue in performance and cost of printing with laser machines. One of such devices are multifunction printers and printers Canon MAXIFY, which open a new class of affordable and functional devices for business.

Inkjet Printing, Down with Stereotypes

Despite the fact that from the point of view of technology development, inkjet printing has been improved parallel to laser, many people (if not most) thought that these devices are suitable for “entertainment” home use. That is, even in the industry it is believed that you can print pictures from a trip or a couple of pages in color for study on an inkjet printer, but if it comes to printing documents, especially in large volumes, it’s best not to find laser printers.

Nevertheless, companies and entrepreneurs who have already been able to evaluate the capabilities of modern inkjet devices and, in particular, Canon MAXIFY printers and multifunction devices, believe that this is a worthy alternative to corporate laser devices at least in the initial and transitional middle (low-mid) segment. High sales in foreign markets (in Europe, on average, 10,000 Canon MAXIFY devices are sold per quarter) instill confidence in this trend.

So what are the main advantages of modern office equipment based on inkjet technology? For starters - print speeds comparable to laser printers. For example, in the “older” model of an MFP from the MAXIFY line, the first page output in monochrome mode takes only 6 seconds, and the device can print up to 24 images (approximately 12 pages) per minute. Such fast results can be achieved, including through a special buffer into which a part of the ink and a wide print head, which makes fewer movements, merges.

Another argument from Canon: high quality prints, which is achieved thanks to a special DRHD ink. This ink system was designed specifically for business printing, so you will get prints not only with bright colors, rich shades of black, but also clear text without blur.

Due to the use of pigment, the paint perfectly flat on the sheet and is not afraid of external influence. This means that you can select all the necessary information with a marker, without fear of smearing the ink on the sheet.

Another stereotype about inkjet printing - drying cartridges - was also destroyed by the MAXIFY line. The fact is that the special design of the cartridges that are always under pressure and the special buffer make it possible to prevent drying even during long periods of inactivity. The only disadvantage of this solution is the impossibility of hot-swapping the spent cartridge.

At the same time, the cost of devices, operation and printing will be noticeably lower than that of an average laser printer. For example, with a high load of the device, the cost of one print will be equal to 1 ruble, and the cost of operation will be 1.6-2 times lower.

As for the other features of the devices of the MAXIFY line, then, depending on the model and type of device, you can find such modern solutions as two-sided multi-page scanning, color touch control, support for tablets and smartphones, as well as advanced administration and work with cloud storage. What you expect to see in top laser printing solutions is in these devices.

The lineup

The line of inkjet office devices MAXIFY includes one color printer iB4140 and four multifunction devices: MB2140, MB2740, MB5140, MB5440.

The only MAXIFY iB4140 printer in the model range is a real “workhorse” for a small office or workgroup, as it is able to handle even large print volumes without fail.

Equipped with a 500-sheet high-capacity paper cassette, this printer allows you to print at 24 images per minute in monochrome and 15.5 images per minute in color, and the first page out (FPOT) is only 6 seconds. However, almost all members of the family can boast of such indicators (only for the MFP MB2140, this indicator is slightly less and amounts to 19/13 images per minute, respectively).

For those who choose a compact and economical MFP for their home office or a small workgroup, the Canon MAXIFY MB2140 is likely to be the best solution. In addition to the low cost of ownership, the device can offer a simple and intuitive interface with a 2.5 ”screen. It allows you to manage a variety of functions, including automatic multipage copying.

His older brother MB2740 has a comparable cartridge life (1,200 pages in monochrome mode and 900 pages in color), but it has a wider functionality. The 3-inch touch screen installed in the model and an improved interface allows you to manage printing, copying, scanning or sending faxes in just a few taps.

The flagship models MB5140 and MB5440, thanks to volume paper trays for 250 and 500 sheets, respectively, high print performance and low power consumption will appeal to both small and medium working groups.

The black cartridges with which these models are equipped, as well as the MAXIFY iB4140 printer have a resource of 2500 pages in accordance with the ISO standard, and the color cartridges have 1500 pages.

The models are equipped with a 3.5 ”touchscreen display that allows you to control the performance of various tasks: from regular multipage printing on A4 paper to printing on labels, envelopes and photo paper.

Devices from the MAXIFY line can be connected either to a Wi-Fi router or integrated into the network via the SNMP protocol.

All of the above devices support traditional standards, such as Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Canon PRINT applications. And enhanced support for cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote and OneDrive, allows you to upload any scanned documents directly to the cloud. To work with the device in conditions of missing or blocked Wi-Fi, Access Point Mode is provided that allows mobile devices to connect directly to the device.


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