English for preschoolers, or an interactive toy Magic Box

Magic Box is something between a simple educational tool for the smallest and an interactive game for Ipad with elements of augmented reality.

The idea, as seen in the photo, was completely borrowed from the OSMO project and was cut down in price by the best Chinese traditions by half. Now the Magic Box is inferior in terms of the number of interactive features, and one of its main purposes is assistance in mastering English letters and words.

How it works

For the educational game you will need an iPad and a Magic Box set. On the iPad, you need to download the application , and from the main box get a stand and a mirror.

When assembled, the construction will look like this:

Next, you need to start the application, select the level and - start “guessing” the correct letters. For better distinction, it is recommended to put a blank sheet in front of the iPad - this is something like a playing field.

The game consists of 11 levels. The first 4 are the alphabet: during the lesson the voice will dictate the letters, they will need to be found in the set and put on the sheet.

After the correct answer - go to the next. Starting from level 5, the application will suggest inserting the missing letters into words from common categories: family, animals, body parts, transportation, etc.

Despite the fact that the pictures are obvious, the presence of parents is still necessary. For example, a child can easily recognize a pear himself, but an uncle, or Uncle, may require explanations, because the application does not provide a Russian translation.

Games with words already for a while: each small lesson includes several (8/11/13) words-permutation exercises, the number of which is indicated in the corner, in the orange square.

At one level, the words are mixed, that is, returning to the same level, the child will not lose some intrigue.

The toy is aimed primarily at memorizing words , and not at the grammar. This is obvious when you pay attention to exactly which letters are missing: it is almost impossible to make a mistake. The main thing is to hear correctly, quickly find and substitute the necessary one.

However, despite the simplicity, the hint mode is still there: it is activated by clicking on the “light bulb” in the corner of the display.

Words in English are repeated twice.

The game with numbers

Speaking of the fact that the main purpose of the toy is to teach English words and letters in an interactive form, it was not meant that the purpose is the only one. To date, the Magic Box consists of two parts: the second is a game with numbers for which you need to download your application.

This game also consists of two parts, and both of them in a game form tend to teach a simple account. Figures are presented in the form of points and in the form of figures themselves:

And the application is also “divided” into two parts, although the game for both parts is one. The storyline is quite simple: it is necessary to “kill” the fallen numbers and release the “passage” to the fish in the ball.

In the first part of the game, you need to throw out the "numbers-points", in the second - the Arabic ones. With each level, the process becomes more complicated, the numbers will have to be added, for example, in order to “kill” 18 you will need to make a simple calculation, but still.

How is it for sale

In the Magic Box set there are three boxes: in one of them there is a stand with a mirror for Ipad, in the other two there is a set of letters and numbers.

Packed all very decent and nice. For the squares, there are separate cells.

Each box closes like a book, but inside the squares can be slightly shaken.

However, the set does not lose the outward appearance of the gift, but due to the fact that there are three boxes in the hands at once, it looks even rich in some sense. Such kits as methodical interactive manuals might well be appropriate in kindergartens.

How much is it

As already mentioned, compared to the “original source” it costs half as much . Now we are glad to offer those interested and a coupon for a discount of 1000 rubles for this toy:

DLVB2X - discount for 1000 rubles on the Magic Box set until 08/31/17. Valid for payment on the site.

Thank you for attention!

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