On guard of order: Data Center 2 of the company Beyond.pl

Today we would like to review one of the most interesting, in our opinion, data centers. In the suburb of Poznan (Poland), there is a reliable and secure Data Center 2 from Beyond.pl. The structure, which looks more like a secret military object, is unique in all of Central and Eastern Europe. Such a repository is not afraid of natural disasters and hardships, power failure, hacking and theft.

The data center of the Polish colocation provider Beyond.pl is considered the largest and most powerful in the country. Place up to 1000 racks with a power of 14 MW? - Easy! 6 300 square meters of usable space are reserved for client server equipment.

The building of the server farm, similar to a reinforced concrete monster, inside which the data center is safely located, is fenced with two fences. You can get out of the gate only by prior permission to visit, but be prepared, you have to go through several more stages of control, before entering the storehouse.

It has its own security service, several dozen video cameras, an intelligent automated security system.

If you decide to walk through the data center, you will be accompanied by a vigilant security officer.

There are separate machine rooms in which there are neither windows, nor pillars, nor any other access points. One can get into such halls with server equipment only through special doors with combination locks.

Why Data Center 2 from Beyond.pl

Recently, the park of server farms in Poland is growing rapidly, competition, respectively, too. Each provider presents its offspring as the best, most reliable and secure, high-tech. Soon the question is: how to make the right choice, what is the guide when choosing the best commercial data center for outsourcing your projects? According to experts, even such an indicator as financial costs is not the most decisive when choosing a reliable repository. Increasingly, the level of certification is becoming a decisive factor for many corporate clients. Large reputational and financial losses occur due to a down time of even a few hours, which is why it is so important to ensure the continuity of the process.

Certification level is a good tool for assessing server storage. Data Center 2 of Beyond.pl has certificates that meet the requirements of a number of key standards: ANSI ISO (standards of an international organization for standardization), TIA (standards of the Telecommunications Producers Association).

The Polish giant was the first of the data centers that have been certified to obtain a rating of 4 (ANSI / TIA 942: 2014 standard), which guarantees protection against all physical influences and provides for repair or replacement of any element without downtime.

The standard was developed for data centers, many compare it to the Tier system.

Energetically independent

For uninterrupted power supply in the server farm are responsible central grid + backup power supply: UPS system with capacious batteries and conventional diesel generators.

In case of failure of even backup power supply, it will be replaced by duplicate equipment, which is another fully independent backup power supply system. Beyond.pl Data Center 2 is the first and only data center in Poland, where the concept of double redundancy infrastructure is applied. Emergency situations will not disturb the smooth operation.

The concept of dual redundancy applies to the cooling system. The data center uses two different cooling systems: the traditional (hot / cold corridors) and the innovative adiabatic cooling system (used in the most innovative data centers in the world, such as Facebook).

Adiabatic cooling system

Multisensory sensors of heat and smoke, a very early detection of a potential VESDA fire, detect the presence of smoke, starting at a concentration level of 0.005% obs / m (the sensitivity of conventional smoke detectors is 1.5% obs / m). The automatic two-zone fire extinguishing system is used.

In order to meet the requirements of the ANSI standard, this server farm has been carefully designed for 4 years.

High-tech solutions, independent systems - the result that corresponds to the maximum level of certification. Construction was completed during the year and the estimated cost was $ 27 Million. The occupied data center territory is 12 thousand square meters.

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