Google: the corporation is so good that it decided to "can repeat" - with Quote Selected Text

The essence of Quote Selected Text is extremely simple: the user of this “feature” from Google Mail Labs, when replying to a letter, could, highlighting the text of the received letter, after clicking on [Reply], leave only the selected fragment quoted instead of driving back and forth the growing "snowball" (a phenomenon that was once called "overclocking").

Now this "feature" is not - Google decided that it is not needed. Oddly enough - again .

Users, of course, are actively impressed by the kindness of a well-known IT company. As a joke (in which, as you know, not without a share of the joke), it remains only to assume that Google decided to divert attention from the scandal with the dismissal of its employee, which led to the fact that some seriously expect the resignation of the CEO of Google.


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