BRONEBOT 2017: Bigger, Bigger, Stronger

Fighting robots " BRONEBOT " created based on the first iconic world shows of the 90s ROBOT WARS , for 13 years already being the most successful show of combat robots in the world, Formula 1 among robots. Both veterans of the original show - English, Irish and American teams, as well as amateur teams from Russia - take part in the battles - everyone can take part in the battle. And now is the time to do it, because you are reading the official announcement of 2017 BREAKFAST !

The next round of battles for DIY robotics fans will be held at the Olympic. In the final, the best Russian teams will compete with the champions of the original Robot Wars show. Whether it will be a beating of babies or the overthrow of champions - we will know already on October 29. If you want a place in the first row, book a place now . In the meantime, you can stir up interest by looking like it was last year .



The Russian teams “Big Brother”, “Weber”, “Solarbot”, “Solarbot Girls” and “Energy” - winners of BRONEBOT 2016, “Battle of Robots” in Perm, participants of the world-famous Robot Wars show in the UK, China and Kazakhstan! The teams owe their successful performances to the support of fans and technical partners, including Svarog, Kemppi, Weber Comechanics, AURORA Mashzavod and others.

The combined team of Weber and Big Brother - the winner of "Bronebot" 2016 - took part in the filming of Robot Wars in England, the BBC broadcast is scheduled for this autumn. For the sake of HYIP, next week we will publish an exclusive interview with Big Brother about how they traveled to the UK, what came of it and most importantly - when the program with their participation is already on the air. And still nobody knows how Russia performed at the world championship, this is not the case!


The main thing is that this year the Russian teams will not play for the first time and promise to finally give a fitting rebuff to the veterans of the English league - Torah, Ripper, Ken-opener and the legendary Beast. The full list of participants will be known at the end of August.


  1. Advanced robots of Russian teams - the teams at this time had a whole year to prepare and valuable experience of past fights.
  2. A new, truly BIG arena with traps: “pits of oblivion”, where robots are outsiders.
  3. "Hammer of Fate", knocking all the crap out of electronic brains.
  4. Baikonur is a pneumatic platform for launching the first combat robots into orbit.



The battle of robots is an international format of the show, in which the teams put forward their robots for an honest fight. As a result of each round, the jury assesses them according to several criteria.


The final battle is a demonstration of the skills of the winning robot using the example of a battle with major appliances or a metal structure (for example, a plump old fridge of 200 kg)



It is not always clear which of the robots won. Therefore, a points system is used, where each judge evaluates a robot according to the following criteria:

Five-point system for each item: in this way, the robot can earn up to 60 points for the fight, 20 from each judge.


The prize fund at this time will be 500 000 rubles. About who and how he will get will be announced separately.

If you want to come see - buy a ticket , and if you want to take part in battles with your robot, then write to us before it's too late!


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