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What is an attractive flea market? First of all, the opportunity to buy the necessary thing is several times cheaper than a similar new one. In the financial crisis, the opportunity to save comes to the fore. However, the saying “A miser pays twice” immediately comes to mind. It is true. The risk of acquiring a thing that does not last for a long time is too great, however, unfortunately, no guarantees are given in the secondary market.

All of the above fears and hopes can be attributed to companies building or improving their IT infrastructure and forced to turn their attention to equipment that has already been in use.

The economic crisis forces to save, and the growing difference between the ruble and the dollar negatively affects the server and network equipment - prices are rising, and budgets have to be cut.


In such conditions, such a thing as refurbished (restored) electronics comes to the fore. In other words, already used iron is brought to mind (pre-sale preparation and all necessary testing is carried out) and sold to the customer “in a box”. In the USA and Europe, the market for used servers and network equipment has existed for many years, has a multi-million dollar turnover and established traditions.


Work in the secondary market is arranged as follows. A large company updates its server park or network infrastructure and, accordingly, sells its hardware. In turn, it stands up companies engaged in the resale of such equipment. Its experts are studying the proposed equipment - its functional state. Next comes the issue of recovery, in which iron is tested under “field conditions” under a load that is close to real conditions. The process finds and resolves all problems. Pre-sale preparation of the equipment takes place, and it is sent to its new owner.

For clarity, let us follow how this process takes place in the NAG. So, the conditional Google finally understands that the time has come to update the infrastructure, which means it’s time to buy new servers and switches. Naturally, the equipment, regularly serving the company for many years will not go in the trash, but will be put up for sale, where it will flow into the river of the secondary IT-iron market. Here, NAG specialists will pick it up, and then the server and network hardware will be sent to our warehouse in Virginia.


Further, all this stuff is carefully packaged for a long journey to Mother Russia, where both sellers and buyers have been waiting for him.


A few weeks of travel and long-awaited cargo in our warehouse.


Next is an external inspection.


Connection peripherals.


Then run the software tests.


Then the tested, debugged and neatly packaged equipment goes to the warehouse in anticipation of its hour. Now each such server and switch is a unit in the IT second-hand market in Russia.

As we have already managed to emphasize the used equipment market in Russia, in contrast to the United States and Europe, it is just beginning to take shape, however, even here our serious players have appeared who can provide the necessary quality and guarantees. We can say with confidence that NAG with its more than twelve years of experience can provide all the necessary guarantees and reliable operation of the equipment.


Lack of information leads to the appearance of false stereotypes, including on the used equipment market. Using the example of our own proposal, we will try to dispel them.

The first stereotype - Used equipment will quickly break.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that telecommunications equipment is not household appliances. Its service life and performance is much higher. Often, such equipment was replaced not because it began to malfunction, but simply because large IT giants hold certain deadlines for updating server hardware.

At NAG, we give a three-year warranty on such iron. Considering the fact that at the pre-sale preparation stage, our specialists test every switch port and every server node, we are sure that we offer it to the client.

In addition, during the warranty period, our service center provides professional technical support at any time of the day. Applications are sent to a special server .

The second stereotype - Used equipment is inferior in performance to the new.

Having already worked for some time, not only old, but also the most advanced equipment lines are on sale. So, for example, they are in particular demand from our customers Cisco's used routers from the ISR G2 line . This is an absolutely sufficient and proven solution for the office, which will be much cheaper than buying new equipment.

In addition, the top models from the previous line easily bypass the initial and middle models from the new line. But they are much cheaper.

In order not to be unfounded, we will use the official data from the manufacturer:


Notice how the router in the ISR G1 line - 3845 outperforms such routers in the ISR G2 line as 2901, 2911, 2951.
Here is a link to the Cisco router performance table used here.

At the same time, the cost of the router from the ISR G1 line is much cheaper, you can be sure of looking at the current price in at the links:

Cisco 3845 Router

Cisco 2921 Router


This applies not only network, but also server hardware. Here, as an example, is a comparison of the previous generation processor, Intel Xeon X5650, productive servers on the basis of which found deserved popularity among our customers, and the latest generation of popular processor, E5-2603.


As you can easily see, the X5650 processor wins. And servers based on it will be much cheaper.

The third stereotype - Used equipment has a suspicious history of origin and supply.

A one-day supplier can create a bunch of problems for the buyer, if the tax authorities come to him with a check. It is the buyer who will be forced to pay VAT for the dubious equipment that was transported abroad by gray schemes. This happens all the time and generates corresponding stereotypes. Therefore, it is easier to work with a company that can provide guarantees and the necessary documentation for the proposed hardware.
Our company is an official and therefore absolutely legal importer of used equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Dell and many others. In confirmation of this, we are ready to provide a copy of the CCD for any of our delivery.

This is not the case for one-day campaigns using fake GTE numbers, which are either taken from the ceiling at all, or lead to completely different suppliers, or to non-delivery goods.

As for the origin - equipment Cisco, HP, Dell, etc. comes mainly from data centers and offices of well-known world-class companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others.


When we figured out that the used telecommunication equipment market is not some kind of street flea market, but a fully formed system, where, like buying new equipment, certain guarantees are provided, and the iron itself will not become obsolete for many years, we remember why . Right! For a low price. According to analysts, on average, buyers of such iron annually save up to 70% on purchases. At the same time, as mentioned above, some positions are not at all inferior in performance to the new gland.

As an example, we can cite the experience of the Internet provider Kyzyltelecom , which we wrote about in our blog. The company had to enter the market in the difficult conditions of Western sanctions against the background of the annexation of the Crimea. The peak of the dollar growth, high prices for telecommunications equipment, and hence the urgent need to save in a tight budget. The company turned its attention to the market for used equipment, which it never regretted. Without false modesty, we note that it was acquired in NAG.

To be convincing, let's compare prices for the new HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 server .


The average cost of such a piece of iron in the market is about 350 thousand rubles. In NAH, the same used server costs 171 thousand rubles.


So, the market of used telecommunication equipment in Russia has already won certain consumer confidence, and on its fields strong and experienced companies are fighting for a potential buyer, ready to be responsible for the quality of their equipment with the necessary guarantees and prompt service support.


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