Audiocore Kit Speaker Designer: Sound podcast transcript

In the 42nd release of the Sound podcast, Yury Fomin , speaker design engineer. This conversation allows you to get acquainted with its new development, which was presented at our audio exhibition .

Photos from the review of our "designer"

Yuri: The idea of ​​creating "designers" is not new. Collecting them, people acquire some skills. The most important pleasure is the result. When a man collects something with his own hands, and he does well, this thing becomes for him the best among others. This is the main thing.

Dmitry: Because a person puts the soul, emotions.

Yuri: And time. Of course, a person is growing during this period. He understands something new and injects, the thing is in the process of growth.

Roughly speaking, there is a base model, but it can be modified already during the assembly process. We have long approached this project, I mean, to such a product. It was important for us to give people what is difficult for them to do, but for objective reasons.

At the same time, it is possible to independently make decisions that will affect certain quality indicators.

We look at the forums, how people are engaged in this work, what they do, what does not work, what questions arise, where they can get technical support, where they can be told something, so that they can then make an independent decision.

It is based on the most popular speakers among the members of the forum. They are deservedly good. We selected them, made unified cases for them, in order not to have a large range of buildings themselves. The body can fit under 2-3 sets of different speakers. They work well in these housings.

We understood that the audience has attempts to realize their creativity. There is a secondary market. Therefore, it is important that the product is liquid. We have made a practically industrial version with “packaging” and decorative elements.

If a person fulfills all the recommendations and collects everything neatly, he gets almost the same system as everyone else in the world does.

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Dmitry: A worthy thing.

Yuri: She is not just decent, she looks “industrialized”. This moment is very important for the secondary market. The product has a good finish, all the attributes and little things.

We understand that all things are made up of trifles. If things consist of good little things, these are good things, if bad things are bad things. You can assign your own brand. The work and the material that is given guarantee a good result. This is one of the options for people who are engaged in this kind of creativity. It is necessary to understand that such systems can be interesting for, for example, thematic clubs and their creativity.

Dmitry: How variable are the elements, and the process of working with them is similar to what an engineer does when analyzing his capabilities, trying to find the perfect combination of components?

Yuri: We cannot assume that all buyers of such things will have the same qualifications. Therefore, we tried to give variability in the form of a choice among loudspeakers. Of course, each model of loudspeakers has its own character of sound. Someone has a small form, some have a greater sound pressure. The whole set of loudspeakers and boxes makes it possible to collect virtually any thing.

Terminal acoustic Audiocore Audiomania KIT 0708CU

Dmitry: Do they come immediately in the kit? Or should I pick one?

Yuri: Some kit is offered. But in the process of work, a person can, for example, replace the loudspeakers by selecting a kit in accordance with this volume.

It's like having two systems. So, there is one box, and there are 2-3 systems. You can change the speakers, filters and get a completely new system.

In these boxes we have provided the option of multiple assembly and disassembly. We use bolted screed systems there. You can twist and spin.

We, of course, offer some kind of crossover design, which we have professionally calculated and done. It gives a good sound. But if a person understands this direction, he can make his own. To make your crossover, you must have a measuring tool base. There may be problems.

It is better to start with the assembly of the standard system, and then make changes with micro actions. For example, replace some elements with others. I mean manufacturers. Everyone knows that the element base for quality is different. You can change capacitors and coils to infinity without changing their nominal value. For people who are engaged in it, these are understandable actions.

Dmitry: And for those who, in principle, have not encountered such an opportunity, there may be room for studying the entire base as a whole.

Yuri: A person during the creation of such systems spends a lot of time getting field for the experiment. Body, trivia, absorbers, dividers. A person spends a lot of time on this, and the process of searching, creativity, comparison is constantly delayed. It is quite tiring.

Designer speaker Audiocore KIT01.1

Dmitry: These are service procedures for which resources are spent.

Yuri: Yes, these procedures are needed, but they take time. The main thing is a time resource. You start doing something yourself, but you do not have a tool. You must either buy it, or use some other one, or order it at some neighboring production or from friends.

This is time and constant waiting. Something in the spirit of how people sit in garages. Bought a car, you start to put the wheels, something to improve and change.

Dmitry: I think automakers feel the need for a modular layout. When you can influence what is happening and more to understand and influence what your car is and how it behaves.

Yuri: No one asks the question why the Lada is one of the best-selling cars in Russia. This is a very popular car, no matter how the Koreans tried to move it.

This is the only car in which a person can "infiltrate". Everyone knows how to repair it, everyone knows how to tune it. By itself, tuning is inexpensive, in constant access.

This is a fantastic car, it will never die, no matter how they tried to kill it. A person does not notice breakages when he can quickly repair them. The worst shock I experienced when my car broke down, which should not break. You do not know what to do with it, and you feel completely helpless. This happens at very uncomfortable moments: frost, slush.

Everything is very similar here. We went even further in our views. The product we made allows you to even start a small business. Not everyone has the means to organize production, but the desire to do something and sell is.

Dmitry: You can simply take it and bring it to a new platform, a qualitatively new level.

Yuri: Absolutely. You can take as a basis our version, make your own additions and get your product, which has all the qualities of a high-grade product.

He is attractive in appearance. He has all the required attributes and packaging. What is missing is the description. But it can be printed. Some nameplates are missing, you can order them. It is much easier than to organize production.

Dmitry: These are troubles that are pleasant to do.

Yuri: This is really a creative work. But still it is a part of a comprehensive work. And most importantly - it is still necessary to manage to sell. At the last exhibition through the thought that you can buy, collect and sell. We only welcome this. This was taken as a basis.

These OEMs among Russian companies, I do not know. If we talk about private craftsmen, they have no opportunity to bring the product to sale in stores. There is always something, some nuances like packaging, providing tests with moisture and cold (in the end, after some time, the finish begins to suffer). All this takes time and resources.

Dmitry: This is an industrial level.

Yuri: Yes, this is an industrial level. And objectively people do not have it. Experience, of course, is. For example, I have been veneering furniture for 10 years, and it has not cracked. This is an experience. But we cannot demand something like this from the audience. We had all the necessary tests, this can be forgotten and only skillfully assembled, and then listen and enjoy your work or, if you wish, make your own changes.

If you want to develop as an entrepreneur, you can sell.

Photos from the review of our designer

Dmitry: What models are now available as a designer?

Yuri: We made shelf models in two buildings. Until we began to do three-way and floor systems. This is the most reliable way to get the final result. An error in the manufacture of crossovers in a three-lane system is more noticeable than in a two-lane system. If a person does not have measuring equipment, it will be very difficult for him to deal with this.

One cannot expect that everyone can detect a mistake only with the help of hearing. I know people who can do it, but there are very few such people “possessing the qualities of a measuring instrument”. Therefore, we started with not very complex options.

Let's see, there will be questions and feedback from our customers, and then, perhaps, we will do some more complex things.

Dmitry: Is it possible to expect an increase in the variability of components or the variability of buildings?

Yuri: You can. Now there is a basic reserve, which allows you to make a choice not from two models, but from five. Let them start with something. Potential buyers of such systems need to understand that now it is necessary first of all to strive to acquire skills.

Here, either you learn to drive a car today, and drive a Lada, or you wait for a Mercedes and learn to drive it in 50 years.

Dmitry: And then the autopilot comes out, and you no longer need to drive.

Yuri: I, of course, apologize for giving examples on cars all the time, but this is a very understandable topic.

Dmitry: What were the first reviews and impressions of people who touched this?

Yuri: The engineering team was on duty at our audio exhibition to see the reaction. There was not a single negative comment on my duty. Everyone listened with pleasure, asked substantive questions, to which we tried to give an answer.

Someone bought directly from the exhibition, then good conditions acted, people immediately went to the cashier.

Dmitry: What people were most interested in: how was it made, or some production nuances, due to which it was possible to reach such a level? Or talked immediately about the plans for the final implementation?

Yuri: There were plans for implementation. People were looking at such a business. Got an idea. They said it was possible. Sound lovers were interested in sound. We all demonstrated. I think that a person, before making a decision to collect something, must listen to how it sounds.

Dmitry: In assembled form there are all the kits, all the options?

Yuri: Of course, we have all the samples. You can listen and make a choice.

Dmitry: And after a while, go back and see what has changed.

Yuri: There is always an opportunity to compare. A person could make his own changes, and then return to the beginning. We have amazing things: we sometimes make new models, and then we listen to old designs. The results of this comparison are interesting from a creative point of view.

Dmitry: And from the point of view of the listener, when he remembers certain emotions.

Yuri: Sometimes it's just amazing, a person goes forward all the time, it seems to him that he is ahead of something, that he has already achieved something, and then he listens to the old and thinks that he did well before.

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