Epson LabelWorks and red-hot teapot. And the action in addition

In this “Friday” post we want to share with readers of Geektimes the results of an experiment that we were inspired a year ago by one of the comments on the publication “ Mark it ” on Epson LabelWorks tape printers .

The comment was:

Just at that time, a new electric kettle appeared in the office, which gave us the opportunity to experience the “vitality” of the stickers in the case.

So, the main question of the post: what happens to the sticker obtained by the thermal transfer method on the LabelWorks printer, after a year of stay on the metal kettle, which every working day is used by all the office staff (and on the weekend - the security staff)?


For a long time in our kitchen faithfully served as a classic plastic electric kettle. He served for two years, until "ended." To replace bought a new, all shiny and metal. That's just bad luck - this is a miracle of technology when boiling warms up to 100 degrees, because the surface is not shielded from boiling water. After several colleagues involuntarily acquired graceful burns, it was decided to stick the label on the kettle that he had a hot temper. At first, the gaze almost automatically fell on the tape of increased adhesion , however, the comment from the beginning of the post interested not only me, but also the product manager. It was decided to abandon the specialized tape in favor of the usual . The one with which the cartridge comes with the device.

So they did, sticking the sticker obtained on this tape onto the teapot.


A year has passed.

The kettle serves faithfully, occasionally giving colleagues warm greetings.

Well, the sticker ...

And the sticker feels great! Not darkened, not peeled off, did not go blistering. In general, even today it looks like it was just stuck yesterday.

Actually, here is the answer to the question. Even the base of the standard Epson LabelWorks printer ribbon is able to survive regular heating from 25 to 100 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Well, the text on the print is all the more violet for a similar heating, since The printing process in the printer occurs at a much higher temperature, so there is not even any darkening or any other transformation of the prints on the speech labels.

... and about the action

Since we’ve remembered Epson ribbon printers, we’ll use this opportunity and tell you that from August 20th through October 1st LabelWorks printers are covered with a discount of up to 40% . Accurate to school season. More information about the special offer can be found on the promotion page on our website .

Who knows, maybe our ribbon printer will be useful to someone at home or at work.

Well, traditionally, we thank you for your attention and are always ready to participate in the discussion.


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