Evolution of evacuation: from Ernest Holmes to a decentralized platform

100 years after the creation of the first auto-tow truck, the formation of a global blockchain platform began, uniting all tow trucks in the world for the convenience of consumers into a single online network.


The history of car evacuation services begins in the first half of the 20th century. The creator of the first tow is American Ernest Holmes, the owner of a car repair shop. The businessman often had to deliver the faulty cars to the workshop himself, and in 1916 he participated in the operation to “rescue” the car from the river. These events and led him to the idea of ​​creating a special technique for solving such problems, and in 1919 the invention was patented.

Over the past 100 years since then, the level of motorization in the world has increased by more than 3 thousand times: at that time, the total number of cars was 300 thousand. In 2010, their number exceeded 1 billion. the medium term market will grow by another 3-5% annually.

Similar growth can be expected in the evacuation market, which develops in proportion to the level of motorization. Today, on average, there are 162 cars per 1000 inhabitants in the world: in Russia - 317 cars, in Europe - 508, in the USA - 800 (according to OICA, World Bank). Accordingly, auto-evacuation services are relevant for every fifth person in the world, every third in Russia, every second resident of Europe and almost every resident of the USA.

The most common reason to call a tow truck is a car breakdown on the road. And given the growing number of supported cars, such incidents happen more often. For example, in the US, the average age of a car has grown over the last decade and today is about 12 years. 35% of the fleet produced before 2001, that is, their age is more than 15 years. The second most common reason for causing a tow truck, are accidents. The dynamics of their number is on the decline, but there are still a lot of accidents on the roads. For example, only in Moscow 200-300 accidents are registered daily.

As you can see, evacuation services are a promising growing market, however, until recently, it experienced a number of problems in terms of the quality of the service provided. More recently, when the competition in this market was small, evacuation services inflated prices and refused to take responsibility for the safety of the car. The service was provided by companies with a small fleet, as a result, the waiting period for the tow truck could stretch for several hours, and the driver was forced to overpay for idle mileage vehicles that followed him from the other end of the city. Over time, the market began to scale - there were large companies with a large fleet. To service orders, they needed a dispatch service, which increased the cost to 30%. Get the service at the best price and in a short time was almost impossible. Especially if the need to call a tow truck arose in another city or country: in each new place it was necessary to look for the telephone numbers of local operators and dispatchers - interregional and international companies did not appear in this market.

Many businesses and industries face similar difficulties. Today they can be solved by modern automation technologies. So, the main problems of the automotive evacuation market will be solved by the online platform CarTaxi, which will unite all the auto-evacuation services in the world in one application. The closest to the principle of operation include Uber taxi service. The CarTaxi application allows the user to call the tow truck closest to him, thanks to the implemented geolocation detection system. And thus save time on searching and waiting, and also do not overpay for idle mileage vehicles. The service has already been successfully launched and occupies a leading position in Russia. The next task that the project has begun to solve is the global automation of the evacuator market worldwide. The nearest countries of development are: the USA and China. In late August, the project goes to the ICO.

The system of calculations for the service is made through the decentralized blockchain technology, recognized to date as the most transparent and secure. It allows you to conveniently record the status of settlements with each contractor, maintain a database of relationships, provide transparent accounting and netting of various types of payments, guarantees full fulfillment of obligations for the service user.

The Ethereum smart contract blockchain platform eliminates the need for a dispatch service, reducing the cost of services. In addition, the introduction of a smart contract allows you to track the progress of transportation from the arrival and loading stage to unloading at the end point. “The application Car Taxi is a revolutionary stage in the development of the auto-evacuation market. What used to be transformed for a motorist into a problem lasting many hours today is solved with one click through a convenient and familiar interface. For evacuation companies, it is a tool for increasing sales and reducing costs, which the market has been waiting for a long time, ”said company founder Andrei Shatilov.

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