Phone instead of Ivideon, or the easiest free way to watch pets

There was a Terry dog from a shelter. Terry's character was good-natured, but very nervous. And he was the unrecognized Prince of Persia - he ran along the walls and ate wallpaper with the sands of time. Terry's people (on the human side — his masters) puzzled over how he managed to scratch the upper doorplates and throw scarves off the shelves, and looked for a way to find out. The solution they found! Or rather, made their own hands. With his consent, we publish the story of our friend about how to plunge into the secret life of pets, while saving seven thousand rubles.



As you already understood, the presentable gentleman in the photo above is Terry. Misha and Lisa just could not pass by him at the exhibition of shelter dogs. Taking the dog house, they, as it should be, washed it, fed it, and began to live together. Terry got used to people and love suddenly fell on him, but he began to fear losing all this. As a result, each care adored owners turned into a small dog apocalypse, which marked the beginning of the same unrest of dogs. Terry's unrest consisted of panic attacks on the door (which had to be replaced) and in pulling shoes around the apartment. But the main secret was how he manages to throw things off the hangers, and even from the upper shelves, where Misha, with his height above average, stretches his arms. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Terry was also influenced by the weather.


Hypothesis and DIY

One weekend Misha had to urgently drive off to work, but a thunderstorm began. He sat in the kitchen (where else to make important decisions) and wondered what was more important: the whole apartment or the project on time. His thoughts developed in a philosophical way - that would be supposedly to see what was going on at home. And as soon as “Terry is worried once”, rush home - it’s good to go only 10 minutes. And then Misha remembered the home surveillance cameras and Ivideon. There was no time to buy anything, and seven thousand are not superfluous. Somewhere in the bins of the apartment lay the old Samsung Galaxy S5, which was not used due to the batteries flying one by one and the general instability.


A logical assumption was made: if the device has a camera and Internet access, it means that it can transmit a picture. Thus, it remained only to pick up the necessary software. After reading the reviews here on this forum , Misha installed the IP Webcam application on the phone to turn the phone into a network camera, and then registered on the Ivideon service site.

The service is good because it allows you to connect two of its cameras for free and watch them from anywhere in the world through a website or application. There is also a function to record and save the archive, but it was not immediately possible to configure it properly. According to the instructions, you should first put Ivideon software on your computer and configure it, and then specify an item in the application - broadcast to the Internet.


With the installation of the server, Misha did not work out, but then somehow the camera itself appeared in the personal account! Not otherwise sat on a tambourine. An old Samsung was put on charge and hung on a cabinet, an application was installed on the work phone. Misha went to work. Terry was left alone.



The dog was sitting quite well that day, but the owners learned a lot of new things about his home time. Especially good were his songs about loneliness (yes, the sound of the camera also transmitted). Assessing the potential and advantages of the system, Misha continued to observe, but after a few days he came to know that indescribable feeling when you had a dog with a characteristic crunch, he was scrubbing wallpaper, but you couldn't do anything except call and distract the home phone. Here Terry humbly lies at the door and waits for adorable owners.


But he has already opened the nightstand and dumped things, which is what makes me happy.


As for the system itself, the video when viewed from the site stably fell off every three to four minutes, and it had to be reloaded. So as a baby monitor with a hands-free headset, this know-how doesn't work either. But for the scheme, which could be urgently and completely free of charge to assemble in half an hour or an hour, a very working version!


There are, of course, optimization tips. At first, the phone after a few hours of work was catastrophically heated; The problem was solved by the replacement of charging. It is best to take a single ampere , so that it simply supports the life of the device with the camera.

After these experiences, Terry's upbringing quickly bore fruit. If your pets also deserve your attention during working hours - Misha, Lisa, Terry and we hope that this way will save your money and time! And remember: the main thing, as in the Simpsons, is trust!


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