We try free ProtonVPN on iOS

What is ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is a Virtual Private Network service from ProtonMail developers. ProtonMail is a popular encrypted webmail service created in 2013 by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Servers and headquarters are located in Switzerland.

The biggest and most famous advantage of the development team is their focus on privacy and security. ProtonMail differs from many services in the ability of end-to-end letter encryption (by analogy as in modern messengers). Correspondence between ProtonMail users is always encrypted automatically. In general, the team has a very good reputation on the Internet.

Therefore, when the launch of a VPN service from the same company was announced in the spring of 2017, this was significant news that bypassed all IT portals. The service itself started in the summer. In addition to paid accounts, by analogy with ProtonMail, the service also had a free tier, but with limited registration. It was necessary to apply for an invite. I have long been eyeing the option of using VPN (especially on mobile devices and at risk of blocking a favorite messenger). Bid filed in July. And yesterday, on August 24, an invite came, by which I immediately registered. In the bottom line, between a request for an invitee and its receipt, it took about a little more than 1 month.

Service features

Today, paid VPN services are enough; comparing paid versions is not very interesting. In my opinion, if privacy and independence are needed, then it’s best for you to raise your own personal VPN from any foreign cloud provider for $ 2-5.

Therefore, I will describe exactly what is offered in a free account :

The paid option for $ 4 per month removes the restriction by country and extends the limit of simultaneous connections up to 2, but, subjectively, to use the free tier just on the phone is enough.

Installation, configuration and pitfalls on iOS

ProtonVPN doesn't have its own iOS program yet. To connect, they propose to use OpenVPN Connect (hereinafter simply OpenVPN Connect) and upload a connection profile from ProtonVPN. Although the site has detailed instructions for setting up, but I ran into a pair of pitfalls. Further I will also describe how to get around them better:

Even in the AppStore there are a lot of reviews that OpenVPN does not work, but I have no problems besides the ones described above.

Quality of work

Works fine. "Necessary" sites opens. Speed ​​through the Netherlands is 11 Mbit per download and 17 Mbit per upload. Why is upload speed higher? Probably due to the loading of the VPN server. I think that through the USA and Japan all speeds will be lower. Also, I assume that over time the speed will drop as new users become available. But as a service for testing, in my opinion, everything is OK.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/406207/

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