Robots are looking for friends


In the last post, I suggested conducting an experiment and persuading UBTech to donate one Jimu robot to a family habro user for an inhuman experiment - a habra user gives the robot to the child and puts him to a swift playground, and after a month writes a post.

The point is to see what the child learns himself, without the help of adults. And the main thing is whether the child will be able to learn how to code in SWIFT in the present.

As a result, UBTech agreed to give one robot, but there were much more people who wanted to get it. For two days I wondered what to do and did not offend anyone and decided so - the robot gets x893 because at his home on the benches there are as many four, three, 7, 12, and 15 years old snatches - from the point of view of the experiment, this is more interesting. Although x893 itself has negative karma, but he writes quite adequate kamentas - it means he can write an interesting and truthful reporting post.

But after all, the children of muhaa , SuhoffGV , shell4692 , NickUkolov , Lukovkin_a , vlom and scratch_book are probably no worse than this, so they can come to the Robot Station and play with Jimu robots for free in exchange for a picture of a happy child. If someone wants to join them with his cub, then put them on kamentah, and in the evening I will throw off the lists to the organizers.

When you arrive, you just need to find Arthur Zahri there, he organizes everything.


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