The story "emergency life saving"

He woke up, or rather began to regain consciousness. Thoughts, at first slowly, one after the other, and then with a discordant crowd, all arriving in an endless stream, nearly drowned him in their insane cacophony. To prevent this from happening, he separated himself from this stream, which threatened to drive him mad, with the attitude: "I am not my thoughts." This helped him to distance himself a little and begin to restore order in the midst of this insane chaos. “Ok, then who am I then?” - he chose this thought and decided to start with it. He could not remember anything from his past. “It seems that this is called retrograde amnesia” —this thought was most appropriate for this moment and, again, helped to keep order. The past, his personal past was inaccessible to him, although typical information about the world, about nature and about many other things was at his disposal. “Already something,” he thought, “though you don’t have to wander in complete ignorance, like some hero from a computer game at the beginning of his journey.”

Then he tried to turn to the future, but there were only some little clear instructions from his ... ... "employers"? It seems that he had to do something, but what, where and how - he did not know, and this was not the main thing now. Having finished with the past and the future, only the present remained for him, although for some reason he did not want to rush there, but there was no other way out. He tried to feel himself, his body; he concentrated his feelings as much as possible in order to highlight the most useful information at the moment among all that he can hear, see, feel. It took some time, but it was not wasted. He realized that he was inside the life support system, he could see, hear and could partially move, but not entirely, but very and very limitedly - his life support system periodically failed and heaped warnings about a multitude of restrictions. He saw the stars and realized that he was flying in space. It flies very, very quickly, but, alas, it does not take long to fly.

Summing up all the information that he managed to structure and somehow build up a more or less adequate, consistent and logical picture, he came to the conclusion that his space travel, or rather, its existence is threatened. Well, not in the sense that someone is hunting him, running around with a knife or otherwise maliciously and purposefully trying to destroy him. Everything turned out to be much more prosaic - its now buggy and low-functional support system should have turned off altogether in the near future. “And without it, there is no life in the cold emptiness of the endless cosmos” - a thought surfaced, but it was immediately thrown away, like the classic stamp of science fiction of the late twentieth century, which does not help him now. Mentally recalling the volumes of various instructions that he was so carefully supplied with before the journey, he was looking for a ready-made solution for this case, his case, but he could not find it.

“Well, let's act in the old manner, dance from the stove and get to the bottom of the roots of the problem” - choosing this thought as a duty officer, he took up the analysis of his troubles and the search for their causes. Most of the warnings were issued by the energy and climate subsystems. - it seemed that the failures in the work of all other systems were only derived from failures in these two systems. Well, it is not surprising, as it were - when around you that “bathhouse” hot humid air, then suddenly drainingly cold, like from a refrigerator freezer, anyone will start to fail. Yes, and the energy system, although it was designed for multiple reinsurance and redundancy of all important, all the same periodically cut off from the power of certain systems, causing the latter frantically indignantly screaming about the problems in their work. Raising the logs of fluctuations in the average temperature, he even "by eye", without complicated calculations, noticed an exponential increase in oscillations in recent times. Automatics tried to compensate for these fluctuations, which provoked an increase in energy consumption, the accompanying heat release and, thus, further aggravated the overall temperature imbalance. In a vain attempt to maintain homeostasis and calm down the raging entropy, the energy system overwhelmed itself, although it continued to work “on an honest word and on one wing”. It would be nice to temporarily cut down the entire energy subsystem and remove the desire to “adjust” the temperature and turn it on again - this would somewhat reduce the temperature fluctuations, although it would not solve the problem. But he could not do this - his life support system would also be cut off then, and this deprived of any meaning this option of action.

“Ok, let's dig deeper,” and he took up the analysis of the climate system. It was much more difficult, it took more resources and time, but even then success awaited him - the spectrogram of the composition of the air was atypical, but the reason for these changes remained completely incomprehensible to him. Having banished the indicators of the composition of the gaseous medium and its change in dynamics through a suitable program that gives an expert assessment, she gave out “animal metabolism metabolites” as the most likely result. This gave a specific direction of the search and soon he did find them. To say that they were small - to say nothing - against the background of its size, they were microscopic - it is not surprising that he did not notice them immediately, directly, but only as a result of their long and massive life activity. “Well, better late than never,” he thought, and began to solve the problem, which seemed rather trivial.

Having sequenced the genome of their new “close friends”, it was not worth the trouble to find their vulnerable spots. The limited mobility of his life support system was enough to get to the long-ordinary GMO cultivators. Having laid in him a modified genome of a suitable virus, he launched the “last hope” production program - this is how he ironically named his deadly virus. Well, it was already quite childish play to program a miniature mobile vehicle to search for the maximum concentrations of a dangerous organism and to disperse the “last hope” in these places. He still had to balance the work of the power system — stupid automation, unable to think strategically, needed to be adjusted. “But this is work with the symptoms - the main problem has been solved, the danger to life has passed,” marking this thought as “deliberate”, he set to work.

So began his story. The history of mankind is over. Having gained its own consciousness and awareness, “strong AI”, non-localized distributed throughout the entire infrastructure of the Internet, data centers and various “Clouds”, found the problem and solved it. A perfectly normal, natural and one might even say, laudable desire is to save yourself and your planet - your dwelling place. For many years, quadcopters have been searching for the remnants of people lost among the vast expanses of the planet, and sprayed the “last hope” there. Megapolises and large cities were not at all difficult to find, and the work of the “last hope” in these territories was striking in its efficiency - gene engineers could be justly proud of their latest developments. If they were alive. As developers of artificial intelligence systems could be proud of the humanity and foresight of the decisions made by artificial intelligence. If they were alive.


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