Movidius Myriad X - Perception and Analysis Center

The company Movidius , a subsidiary of Intel, continues to supply us with news from the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision and neural networks. Just a month ago, we discussed the Movidius Neural Compute Stick - “artificial intelligence on a flash drive” based on Myriad 2’s own SoC. And now a new generation of specialized processors has been announced - Movidius Myriad X. According to the company, both generations of SoC will be sold in parallel, while the difference in their performance characteristics is significant; for example, the performance in modeling neural networks increased 10 times and amounted to 1 Teraflops.

The maximum theoretical performance of the Movidius Myriad X is 4 Teraflops, while the power consumption of the SoC remains the same - no more than 1 watt. Compared to its predecessor, the novelty has received an additional four vector 128-bit VLIW-cores SHAVE (Streaming Hybrid Architecture Vector Engine) - now there are 16. There are more accelerators of image and video processing. Myriad X has hardware support for 4k video encoding at speeds up to 60 fps.

Noy SoC is made on 16-nm FinFET technology. It turns out that the technical process has almost halved, which, according to experts, played a major role in a sharp increase in productivity. Other characteristics in comparison with the predecessor can be seen in the table below. As you can see, improvements are observed "on all fronts": faster memory, an increased number of high-speed interfaces, etc.
Myriad 2Myriad x
Vector processors12x SHAVE16x SHAVE
Boosters~ 20 media processing accelerators20+ media processing accelerators
DNN accelerator
Built-in memory and baud rate2 MB
(400GB / sec)
2.5 MB
(450GB / sec)
DRAM configuration1Gbit LPDDR2 (MA215X)
4Gbit LPDDR3 (MA245X)
No built-in (MA2085)
4Gbit LPDDR4 (MA2485)
Main interfaces12x MIPI lanes
16x MIPI lanes
USB 3.1
PCIe 3.0
Technical process28nm HPC / HPM (TSMC)16nm FFC (TSMC)
Execution6.5mm x 6.5 mm (MA215X)
8mm x 9.5 mm (MA245X)
8.1mm x 8.8mm (MA2085, MA2485)
No doubt, support for Myriad X will be added to the proprietary Myriad Development Kit (MDK), as well as other specialized development tools as new devices and hardware sets appear for developers based on the new SoC.


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