Galaxy Note 8: how did the new flagship Samsung

The story of the Galaxy Note 7 turned out very sad. The device seemed promising, it was chosen by critics, and the buyers bought it at a record speed ... But then it began to explode. It turned out that the elements in the battery are too tight - this led to overheating and spontaneous combustion. The smartphone was banned for air transportation, it was recognized as physically dangerous for life, all parties had to be removed. Samsung has lost $ 17 billion.

In order not to repeat such a gigantic fiasco and return the good name of the Note series, which still had fans, the new Note 8 worked especially hard. And on August 23, the smartphone was finally announced - with an interesting feature, the first in Samsung history, support for Android 8.0, and impressive features. The parcel watch looks at what came out of it.

Main features

The most noticeable feature of the device was a double rear camera. This is the first time Samsung has appeared. Both camera modules - with a resolution of 12 megapixels and optical zoom. One is wide-angle (aperture f / 1.7) and has Dual Pixel autofocus system. The other is long-focus (aperture f / 2.4) and with a double optical zoom. This setup allows you to make a photo better than the iPhone 7, and shoot spectacular portraits with blurring the background.

The new flagship is equipped with a smart personal assistant Bixby. It is much weaker than Siri or Alexa, besides it perceives commands only in English or Korean. To prevent users from complaining, Samsung prudently placed the traditional Android Android assistant Google Assistant on Note 8 .

The smartphone display is curved and frameless, like the Galaxy S8 . He comes to the left and right ends, which looks better than black plastic dies, and opens up space for small buttons and widgets. The screen is long, the aspect ratio is 18.5: 9, which gives additional space above and below. The phone can recognize the owner using a fingerprint sensor (on the back side, next to the cameras) and a retina scanner.

One of the main features that distinguishes the Note line from traditional Samsung smartphones is the presence of a stylus (“electronic pen”, as it is called in the company). The pen is stored inside the case of the device, it can be reached if necessary. The stylus helps to draw, make sketches or own gifs for sending to interlocutors. Samsung also believes that the pen is ideal for quickly writing notes by hand, creating signatures for documents and working with small elements on the screen. In the new smartphone, the stylus has become slightly less, and its accuracy has increased: now it recognizes 4096 different pressing forces, which should affect the quality and ease of drawing.

And - I can not believe that it is now worth noting as a feature - the Galaxy Note8 has a mini-headphone jack. Unlike the iPhone 7 or the same Essential HYIP smartphone , released a week ago. Thanks to the device's not - too-small size, the 3.5mm jack quietly fits next to the USB Type-C used for charging and for transferring data to a PC.

General characteristics

Screen size - 6.3 inches
Screen Ratio - 18.5: 9
Resolution - 2960 x 1440 (521 ppi)
Body materials - metal, glass (protection against dust and water up to 1.5 meters in accordance with IP68 standard)
RAM - 6 GB
Processor - 8-core Exynoss 8895 (for the whole world) / Snapdragon 835 (for the USA)
Graphics processor - Mali G-71 / Adreno 540
Internal storage - 64, 128 or 256 GB + 256 GB microSD
OS - Android 7.1.1 / Android 8.0 Oreo
Battery - 3300 mA ∙ h, non-removable
Dimensions of the device - 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm
Weight - 195 grams

The impressive specifications of Note 8 allow Samsung to compare its smartphone with some computers and even claim that the new flagship will be more powerful. But before users who want to buy a new device, there is another question: how is the Galaxy Note 8 fundamentally different from the Galaxy S8, released six months ago? Features and design are very similar, even if the devices belong to different lines. Smartphones have the same Snapdragon 835 processor (Exynos 8895 in Russia), a rounded screen, and no buttons on the front panel. An uninitiated person will hardly distinguish between two devices.

But the differences from the Galaxy S8 is still there. The new smartphone has more RAM, it has a dual (and very impressive) camera, a stylus pen. Also, the device is already adapted for Android 8.0 (it will get this OSes somewhere at the end of the fall, and at the time of release in Note 8 will be Android 7.1.1). On the line at the bottom of the screen, where there are three traditional interface buttons, now there is a barely noticeable point. You can press it - and remove these same buttons, increasing the effective area on the display.

And the smartphone clearly demonstrates multitasking: two applications in it can be used simultaneously (each of them takes up half the screen). For example, watch a video and poke a finger at a game, read a book and write important places in a diary, look at a navigator and flip through music in a car.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available in black, yellow and blue from September 14, 2017, but its pre-order is already open on the Samsung website in the US and on Amazon . If you decide to order on the company's official website in the United States, Samsung will give you a Gear 360 camera (regular price: $ 230) or a Galaxy Foundation kit ($ 190) , which includes a 128 GB memory card and fast wireless charging for free. The cost of Note 8 in the US is $ 929. In Russia, the official price is 69,990 rubles ($ 1,192). You can save about 14,000 rubles on a purchase with a parcel post .

What do experts say

American observers have already received the first Note 8 in their own hands, and we have collected some opinions. So, CNET journalists say that the smartphone meets all the criteria. It is large, with a bright screen, two cameras with portrait mode. It has the best processor on the market, wireless charging and protection from water. At the same time, the battery of Note 8 is smaller than that of the 2016 model - perhaps not to repeat the fatal “explosive” error. As a result, the device holds the charge is not as long as we would like.

Also, Note 8 does not look like a really big step forward: there is too much of it in Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S8. The same is mentioned Trusted Reviews : with the exception of the pen S-Pen, significant changes at least, although the price has increased significantly. Many people criticize the location of the fingerprint scanner: if you have a small palm, you probably won't reach it.

The only truly important new feature is the dual rear camera. With it you can make a lot of interesting shots, create beautiful natural effects. Both cameras have optical stabilization, and this system is better than the iPhone 7 (where the stabilizer worked only on a wide-angle camera). Even with a zoom in low light conditions get decent shots.

For the US market, the new Galaxy Note8 is built on the basis of the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, introduced this spring, and the Adreno 540 graphics chip. According to AnTuTu tests, it is gaining 180 thousand points. The model, which will be sold in Russia and in Europe, runs on an Exynos 8895 processor and a Mali G-71 chip.

In general, the Galaxy Note8 received a set of characteristics that would allow fans of the line to forget about the problematic Note 7. The display of the smartphone became larger, the design was more modern, the second camera appeared, and the stylus became more precise. So far, the only thing you might not like about Note 8 is its autonomy and cost. But if you buy in the US , the cost will be noticeably lower, and the processor inside will be more powerful.


Samsung has already opened access to pre-order Note 8 in Russia, so we know the cost of the device: 69,990 rubles ($ 1,192 at the current rate). This makes it the most expensive Android smartphone on the market. But, as always , there is an opportunity to save: in the US, the device is cheaper. There Samsung offers it for $ 930. For the same price you can order on Amazon . Savings - $ 260, that is, 14 thousand rubles, taking into account the cost of delivery. Plus, you can get a free 360 ​​° camera or a 128GB microSD card + device for wireless charging.

Other popular smartphones, by the way, have the same tendency to rise in price when crossing the Russian border. Galaxy S8 Plus in Russia is on sale for 59,990 rubles ($ 1,020), in the USA at Amazon - $ 575 , cheaper by 26 thousand rubles. Well, the iPhone 7 of the Banderolk generally can deliver from Berlin for $ 711 , which is also less than the Russian price.

It is much more profitable to buy any gadgets from Europe and America, and if you register via this link , you will get another -7% for the first delivery from the States.

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