China plans to launch HyperFlight trains at speeds of up to 4,000 km / h

The Chinese Aerospace Scientific and Industrial Corporation (CASIC) today announced plans to develop a HyperFlight transport system with a maximum train speed of 4,000 km / h. That's about ten times faster than current high-speed trains, and five times faster than air transport, said CASIC representatives at the Third Chinese (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

According to sources, the program HyperFlight will be developed in three stages. At the first stage, an internal regional network will be built between Chinese cities with a train speed of 1000 km / h. At the second stage - a national network that will connect the largest megacities and clusters of cities at a speed of 2000 km / h. In the end, at the third stage, an international network will be deployed along the “ One Belt and One Roadroute , where trains can reach speeds of up to 4,000 km / h.

The transport system assumes the aerodynamic shape of a train and its movement on a magnetic cushion inside a tunnel in an environment with low vacuum.

According to the description of the project is surprisingly reminiscent of Hyperloop technology, presented by Ilon Mask. This technology is now trying to bring to commercial rails several US companies, including HTT and Hyperloop One.

Mao Kai, technical director of HyperFlight, said that the company attracted more than 20 research institutions from China and from abroad to participate in the project and owns 200 patents in related fields.

By the way, earlier, China proposed to build a high-speed railway line from China to the United States through Siberia and the Bering Strait (underwater tunnel). It is possible that the technology HyperFlight is useful for this project.


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