UAZ will sell SUVs for "ecological" cryptocurrency

New 2018 2018 UAZ crossover

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming more commonplace for Russian commerce. For bitcoins already selling hamburgers in one of the Russian catering chains. And now domestic cars are available for cryptocurrency. True, so far only for the exotic “biokoins” from the LavkaLavka network. The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has just announced connection to the BioCoin project, Vedomosti reports.

Coincidentally, the news came 12 hours before the end of the test sale as part of the initial placement of BioCoin ICO . The initial placement itself is scheduled for October.

According to the description, BioCoin is an international blockchain loyalty platform and cryptocurrency (BIO). The goal of the platform is to unite socially responsible businesses around the world who, with their activities, support organic farming, local family farms, a responsible attitude to the environment, contribute to the sustainable development of the planet according to the principles of a green economy. Now in the daily turnover is about 20 million biokainov.

So far, UAZ is only exploring an unknown technology. “Now is the stage of a serious study of the mechanism of working with biokinoins, by the end of the autumn we will definitely begin their introduction and acceptance,” said the main owner of Sollers and the general director of UAZ, Vadim Shvetsov.

The founder of LavkaLavka and the issuer Boris Akimov explained to Vedomosti that it is not just about selling cars. The possibility of using bio-coins in service and when buying cars by dealers is discussed. Akimov believes that the main buyers of "UAZ" will be LavkaLavka suppliers, with whom they pay with biokinoins. Now there are about 200 suppliers, for the year their number could double, and by 2020 - exceed 1000. In addition, other users and customers of LavkaLavka who have cryptographs can pay with biokinoins. The LavkaLavka store charges its customers on cryptocats 5-10% of the amount spent in the store as a bonus.

So far, cryptocurrencies in Russia are in a legal vacuum. Unprecedented freedom allows you to hold ICOs and issue your currencies to almost anyone. But it will end soon: in the fall it is expected that the bill on equating cryptocurrency with a digital asset will be submitted to the State Duma. It is likely that individuals will not be allowed to buy cryptocurrency at all.


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