M.Smart - September hackathon "M.Video": chatbots, AI and machine learning

We have already started collecting applications for participation in our hackathon, which we are conducting in conjunction with Microsoft and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). Main areas: artificial intelligence, bots and machine learning. If you want to earn 150 thousand rubles for the weekend - welcome under the cut!

What ideas are interesting to us?

M.Video sells electronics, and our customers master new technologies with amazing speed. Therefore, we as a business can not stay away from innovation. We already use blockchain in settlements with suppliers, big data in planning logistics and stock, mobile solutions for sellers. The next step is to search for new tools for retail development. We chose the hackathon format for the first time and hope to find good ideas and reliable partners.

What interests us above all? There are two topics on M.SMART , and both relate to improving communication with customers.

Topic 1. Site aggregator

We are interested in artificial intelligence solutions that will analyze textual feedback from customers and form reliable product ratings based on them.

Theme 2. Bot-consultant for the selection of goods in the application for sellers

We are looking for a solution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will make the communication between sellers and buyers more targeted and personalized, and will enable us to offer buyers the most suitable product for them.

Prize fund

We know that many people participate in hackathons not for prizes, but there will definitely be prizes. Winners in special nominations will receive Xbox One S game consoles from the hackathon partner. And the best team will get the main prize - 150,000 rubles.

And one more thing: we are conducting a hackathon because we want to find really cool solutions for the selection of goods and the aggregation of reviews on our website. And if someone offers such solutions, it is likely to get a development contract with M.Video.

How is going

Hackathon will be held on September 23-24 at the central office of M.Video in Moscow. Only those who will pass the correspondence stage will be able to take part in the final part. What you need to do to get to our finals?

Assemble a team of two to five people, but you can also participate alone.
Download in a special section reviews on products taken from the M.Video website, and develop, based on them, a model for predicting an assessment on the text of a review.

Apply for participation before 23:00 on September 15, not forgetting to attach what happened. If a team is working on a project, also fill in the data about each participant. Do not forget to specify the size of the T-shirt for everyone - at the hackathon we not only feed, but also dress.

Look for yourself September 18th in the list of 10-15 finalists on the hackathon website

Found? Congratulations! Come September 23 to the hakaton in the office of "M.Video".

We will do everything so that these two days you do not need to think about anything other than developing your own idea. We will provide a workstation, good Wi-Fi, access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for data storage, pizza, coffee and Red Bull, as well as a relaxation area.

Participation is free, you can apply on the site .

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