Can I have sex with an ovarian cyst: doctors' opinion, consequences, recommendations

Very often, if diseases of the female genital organs are detected, the intimate life of the couple is limited. Answering the question of whether it is possible to have sex with an ovarian cyst, this decision will be made by the attending physician of the patient. In some cases, some sexual rest is required, in particular, in the case of active growth of the formation or with a large cyst.

Can I have sex with an ovarian cyst?

In most cases, specialists are allowed to have sex with such an ailment. A strict restriction is imposed only if this formation is more than 10 cm in diameter. Also, when answering the question of whether it is possible to have sex with an ovarian cyst, it should be noted that it is recommended to abstain from sexual life if a woman experiences severe pain sexual contact. You can ask your doctor about the possibility of continuing an intimate life.

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Is it possible to have sex with an ovarian cyst if a woman experiences regular discomfort in the lower abdomen? As a rule, a similar symptom indicates the growth of the neoplasm or a large cyst. In such situations, any physical activity can provoke a cyst rupture. Patients with similar symptoms should avoid heavy loads, while trying to relax more. In addition, you should regularly visit a female doctor who will monitor the condition of the cyst. When the symptoms disappear, the woman can resume her intimate life.

Types of education that are allowed to have sex

In most cases, representatives of the fair sex form cysts of two varieties: follicular, as well as the corpus luteum cyst. Varieties are classified as functional, that is, arising in case of a violation of the course of the menstrual cycle. Rarely, they are accompanied by symptoms, while resolving independently after 2-4 cycles. Such neoplasms, as a rule, are small in size.

To avoid possible unpleasant consequences during sex with an ovarian cyst, you must be very careful, carefully choosing the poses for this.

When diagnosing such a pathology, specialists do not limit patients in their sexual lives. Refuse should be from intimacy only if there are unpleasant sensations.

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If a woman wonders why the lower abdomen hurts after sex, it is likely that she has a cyst. In this case, you will have to give up sexual intercourse for some time.

When you can not have sex?

So, we have answered the question of whether it is possible to have sex with a follicular ovarian cyst. The answer will be positive. But in what cases is it forbidden to do this? The following varieties of cysts are more dangerous, so if they are diagnosed, you will have to limit yourself to sexual activity:

  1. Dermoid teratoma. This cyst is a benign mass, which is up to 15 cm in diameter. As a rule, this growth is removed surgically, no more.
  2. Paraovarial cyst. It occurs on the appendage of the ovary, while holding on to the leg. This method of attachment can provoke torsion of the penis.
  3. Endometrioma. This cyst develops due to endometriosis. In diameter, it can be up to 12 cm.

In the case of diagnosing these formations, it is necessary to begin immediate treatment. Doctors have different opinions about sex with ovarian cysts of the above types. Some allow sex, but very carefully, without abuse.

why after sex the lower abdomen hurts

Position selection

Are there any safe sex poses for ovarian cysts? There are no such positions. However, experts do not recommend using the following poses when having sex:

  1. Those positions that cause pain in the patient.
  2. Those that greatly strain the abdominal muscles.
  3. Strong penetration positions.

During intercourse, a man should avoid active and strong frictions, as this can provoke a sharp pain in the partner. During sex with a cyst of the right ovary or left, all movements should be as smooth as possible, not cause discomfort in a woman. You should also pay attention to the fact that with an ovarian cyst it is allowed to have anal sex, but only if the woman has no discomfort.

The benefits of sex

If a woman leads a regular intimate life, this will increase blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Also, sex helps restore a woman's reproductive function, preventing the development of many diseases of the genital organs. When having sex, both partners produce hormones that maintain the tone of absolutely the entire body, as well as improve mood.

sex during ovarian cyst

If a woman has an irregular cycle, which is accompanied by functional cysts, then sexual intercourse can provoke the onset of menstrual bleeding. In most cases, this is a necessary action. With a long absence of menstruation, they should be called artificially, and sex speeds up this process. In addition, in the absence of sex, functional formations grow in size, which makes therapy difficult.

Possible complications

The appearance of complications is possible only if the woman does not follow the recommendations of her doctor or lead too active sex life. Possible consequences include the following:

  1. Rupture of a cyst. When this happens, the contents of the burst neoplasm penetrates into the abdominal cavity, which can cause severe inflammation - peritonitis.
  2. Torsion of the ovary. This complication can provoke necrosis of the organ, so it needs immediate surgical intervention.
  3. Purulent inflammation. Such inflammation develops if pathogenic microflora enters the ovary. Inflammation is accompanied by severe pain, as well as high body temperature.

By itself, a cyst can provoke a delay in menstruation, pressure on the bladder and intestines, which will cause difficulties in natural bowel movements. The lack of treatment for some varieties of cysts can cause infertility or degeneration of the neoplasm into a malignant form. That is why you should not ignore the symptoms of cysts.

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Sex after treatment

The duration of abstinence from sex after surgery will depend on the particular type of operation. Most often, experts recommend that their patients refrain from sexual intercourse for one month. Then, after a second examination, the doctor may allow his patient to lead an intimate life. However, attention should be paid to the fact that returning to sex should be gradual. Too active sexual intercourse can provoke pain in case of incomplete healing of the organs of the fair sex.

Very interesting is the fact that the resumption of sexual life after cyst therapy helps the patient recover both emotionally and physically.

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What do the doctor's say?

In the case of drug treatment, gynecologists rarely recommend their patients to limit themselves from intimacy. It is also allowed to engage in sex during therapeutic activities, as well as after a woman's full recovery. Extreme caution is necessary only if the formation on the ovary is large.

Only your doctor can forbid having sex in the presence of a cyst. If such a neoplasm was diagnosed, then only rare and active frictions, as well as positions that provoke painful sensations or strain the abdominal muscles, should be avoided. It is also not recommended to have sex too often after treatment. The usual rhythm in sex can be fully restored only after the patient recovers.

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Ovarian cyst is not a sentence. Many representatives of the fair sex feel absolutely normal, while not denying themselves an intimate life. However, this must be done without harming one's own health. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor about sexual activity with ovarian cysts. It is also necessary to talk with your partner, who must enter the situation, abandoning extreme during intercourse.


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