Western Digital Introduces 400 GB Memory Card

Western Digital today, August 31, announced a new record in the memory card market. More specifically, WD introduced a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card with a capacity of 400 GB. At the moment it is the most capacious memory card in the world. The announcement of the new card took place two years later after the release of the previous record holder - SanDisk Ultra microSDXC with a capacity of 200 GB.

The form factor of the card remains the same. The company itself explains the release of the information storage of such volume by the fact that mobile device users need more and more capacious media for their videos, photos, content of a different kind. The cameras of the same phones are constantly being improved, the quality of photos and videos is improved, respectively, and the volume of files grows.

“Mobile devices have become the epicenter of our lives, users are using smartphones to solve various tasks, in various fields - from entertainment to business. We collect data and share with each other a large amount of information generated by smartphones, drones, computers, laptops. We believe that the need for information repositories will only grow, ”said WD Vice President Jeff Janukovich (Jeff Janukowicz).

According to company representatives, they expect mobile device users to install various applications 150 billion times before the end of this year, which will require huge amounts of free memory on various drives.

As for the characteristics of SanDisk Ultra microSD, the card is capable of recording data at a speed of 100 MB / s. That is, about 1,200 photos of a standard 3.5 MB volume can be transferred per minute. 400 GB allows you to fit more than 40 hours of Full HD video on a tiny memory card. Media performance complies with the A1 App Performance Class specification. In other words, nothing should lag and brake.

The estimated price of a memory card in retail is $ 249.99.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/406371/

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