300,000 miles to Tesla Model S

When they talk about Tesla, few people mention the unlimited warranty and "free" charging.

Yesterday, Tesla Model S of the transport company Tesloop crossed the milestone of 300,000 miles (482,800 km.). During this time (2 years), US $ 10,492 was spent on charging and maintenance, while the car was at the service station for 12 days (total).
Company analysts estimate that in the case of a typical car on an engine with a similar mileage, they would spend from 70,000 to 86,000 dollars on fuel and repairs.

The company provides trips between cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, etc. at the same time, cars are almost always charged to Tesla's Superchargers. Those. charging for them is free (more precisely included in the price of the car).

Of $ 10,492, $ 6,900 was spent on scheduled maintenance and 3,500 on unscheduled (front headlight failure due to the fact that the car drove too deep into the water). There was also another repair, but it was guaranteed and free.

The company expects that this car will be able to overcome another 900,000 miles (1,448,409 km.) In the next 6 years, in which the power unit will still be under warranty (8 years warranty).

For an ordinary car with an engine, 300,000 miles most often means the end of its effective life cycle. This means that economically servicing an electric vehicle is more profitable at times.

Tesla Model S was the first electric car in this company, after which they expanded their fleet by purchasing several Tesla Model X. Business is booming and some of these cars drive up to 17,000 miles (27,358 km.) Per month


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/406373/

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