Lecture "Apollo program: how it was"

Last week, the story from the fake news site that loudly, Trump's scientific adviser allegedly stated that the Americans were not on the moon, gurgled loudly. The topic of the Apollo program is almost eternal, it is popular to analyze the mistakes of conspiracy therapists, but in my opinion it is more important to talk about the program itself so that a person has a certain base on which he himself can already notice inconsistencies (and often banal illiteracy) in conspiracy theories. My recent lecture in the Ufa planetarium was devoted to this.

Under the cat additional video

Six-part documentary film "Devices of Moon Programs" (in Russian, the first film of 6)

When We Left Earth is on YouTube officially, but for a fee .

From the Earth To The Moon there are only pieces, alas.

But the documentary footage, which was filmed on-board cameras, are available, and in good processing and synchronization with sound.

Apollo 11 landing


Landing Apollo 17 (there was one of the most difficult reliefs there, very beautiful)

The same video, stabilized, better visible trajectory reduction

Apollo 16, shooting the lunar rover, stabilized.

Apollo 17, take-off from the Moon, shooting from a remote-controlled camera from a rover and from an onboard 16-mm camera

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/406379/

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