How to syringe with chlorhexidine at home: features of the procedure

Women's health is extremely important not only on the scale of one family, but also on the genus as a whole. No need to even explain why. It is the beautiful half of humanity that gives life, and the state of the future mother’s health will largely determine how the baby is born.

The vaginal microflora is very vulnerable, many bacteria feel great in such an environment, so women should be regularly examined by a gynecologist and take the necessary tests. If the result is positive, the specialist will determine the pathogen and prescribe the necessary treatment. Antiseptic and antibacterial suppositories and solutions are very often prescribed. Today we want to tell you about one of them, called "Chlorhexidine."

how to douche with chlorhexidine

Short description

This drug can not be called new. Our grandmothers knew how to douche with Chlorhexidine, because they opened it more than 70 years ago. Since then, it has always been used in everyday life, as an effective, antiseptic. This drug is considered universal. In addition, it has a long-term effect, that is, it can maintain its activity some time after application to the skin.


Discussing the question of how to douche with “Chlorhexidine”, I want to first focus on its physical and chemical properties. This is an antiseptic widely known in medicine, which is also used for impregnating wet wipes, which are very convenient to use on the road when soap and a wash basin are not available.

What is noteworthy, the drug is active against most known bacteria, fungi and yeast, as well as some viruses. In this case, the solution is quite inexpensive, especially compared to imported drugs. Systemic absorption with intravaginal administration is so insignificant that it can be completely ignored.

how to douche with chlorhexidine

Indications for use

Do not forget that, like any other drug, Chlorhexidine is prescribed individually, based on the characteristics of the patient. Among the most popular readings are the following:

  • wound treatment and skin disinfection;
  • processing of hands and equipment in the daily work of physicians;
  • disinfection of work surfaces;
  • gargling with sore throat, gingivitis and stomatitis;
  • infection prevention;
  • treatment of various infectious and inflammatory complications.

Is it possible to douche with chlorhexidine?

You are protected

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, sexually transmitted diseases are still not defeated. Most of them have learned to heal, but still it is much better not to allow their appearance. In case unprotected intercourse with a suspicious partner takes place, it would be nice to know how to douche with Chlorhexidine. This is an emergency measure, but it can seriously help out.

Even if a condom has been used, caution will not be superfluous. Do douching, treat the genitals from the outside, and inject a little solution into the urethra. By the way, a man can also think about his safety and wash his penis, as well as inject a few milliliters of solution into the urethra. Such a simple measure will help protect against syphilis and gonorrhea, chlamydia and Trichomonas.

How to Syringe with Chlorhexidine

Now we are talking about an emergency measure, in order to reduce the risk of contracting various diseases. Moreover, the solution is more effective than vaginal suppositories. It rarely causes an allergic reaction, which is a big plus.

We are interested in the technique itself, how to douche with “Chlorhexidine”, so that the efficiency is maximum. First of all, you need to remember some rules:

  • Processing is recommended to be performed no later than 120 minutes after sexual intercourse. Ideally, right after it.
  • Do not use soap and other detergents.
  • Before processing, you must definitely urinate, because after the procedure you will need to withstand a certain interval, about 2 hours.
  • How to douche with “Chlorhexidine” at home is intuitive to every woman. Moreover, the solution is available in a special bottle with tips. That is, it is not necessary to even have a syringe at home.
  • The optimal position is on the back, with legs raised. To do this, you can comfortably sit in the bathroom or put something on the couch.
  • The tip of the syringe is inserted into the vagina a few centimeters, after which you need to inject 5-10 milliliters and lie down for 10-15 minutes so that the solution does not leak out too quickly.

It is important to remember that this is an emergency measure. It does not guarantee 100% protection against all diseases and cannot relieve pregnancy. In addition, regular use of this method is not recommended, since it can lead to a chemical burn of the mucous membrane.

how to douche with chlorhexidine in gynecology

Douching with thrush

This disease is the most common among the fair sex. Exhausting diets, stresses, various disorders of the vaginal microflora and mechanical damage - all this leads to the fact that the fungus again “blooms” in a violent color. The main symptoms will be itching and burning, as well as white discharge.

Is it possible to douche with “Chlorhexidine” for thrush? Undoubtedly, but only if such a decision was made by the attending physician, based on the analysis.

However, this measure is not the main treatment. This is an additional event that will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms. The main treatment should be aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease. If you are engaged in self-treatment, without a doctor’s prescription, be sure to remember that the effect should occur fairly quickly, most often on the first day. If the use of "Chlorhexidine" did not bring relief, then continuing therapy does not make sense, as addiction develops.

how to douche with chlorhexidine

Let's move on to practice

As you can see, the question of whether it is possible to douche with Chlorhexidine is decided individually. This medication is water based. It effectively copes with mushrooms. It should be noted that using a solution of this antiseptic can very effectively cure vaginal candidiasis, which arose as a result of inflammatory processes of the bladder. Do not forget to check with your doctor how to douche with “Chlorhexidine” correctly, because in each case the scheme may differ.

Preparing a working solution

In fact, there is no ready answer here. In some cases, a solution is used in the treatment to irrigate the internal cavity of the vagina. The same tool is used for external washing of the genitals, as well as rinsing the mouth with stomatitis.

However, doctors have different opinions about how to douche “Chlorhexidine” in gynecology. Many argue that additionally diluting the drug with water is not recommended. He goes to the pharmacy in the form of a 20% solution in a volume of 500 ml. However, everything is individual, therefore, before starting treatment, be sure to discuss the acceptable concentration with your doctor. If the dose is too high, then in addition to thrush, you can earn bacterial vaginosis.

how to douche with chlorhexidine at home

Sparing mode

With thrush, you can perform irrigation of the vagina and external genitalia with a low concentration solution. For this, just before the procedure, you need to dilute a 0.5% solution with boiled water, in a ratio of 1:10. It turns out a solution of 0.05%, which is the most gentle for the mucosa.

Before the procedure, the bottle needs to be slightly warmed, and then transferred to a syringe. Insert the spout deep into the vagina and slowly carry out the irrigation procedure. If you are prone to allergic reactions, it is recommended to rinse the organs with water in a few minutes.

Is it possible to douche with chlorhexidine with thrush?

If you are in an interesting position

Thrush is a very common occurrence for expectant mothers. Therefore, quite often doctors are asked whether it is possible to douche with “Chlorhexidine” during pregnancy. Two aspects are worth noting here.

  • On the one hand, gynecologists are often against using the douching procedure itself during this difficult period. The fact is that at such a time the risk of air entering through the neck channel increases. Although the probability is small, it cannot be ruled out.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the drug itself. Any chemical substance that is theoretically delivered to the fetus carries a certain risk to it.

In addition, no one can completely exclude the likelihood of an allergic reaction. Therefore, no self-medication, especially during pregnancy.

Instead of a conclusion

Chlorhexidine solution is widely used in medicine and everyday life. But despite its popularity, before using a solution for douching, you need to consult your doctor. Today we told you about the features of the procedure itself, as well as its indications and contraindications. It is important to know that there are many analogues of this drug. They differ in cost, and “Chlorhexidine” is the most budgetary means. But if the doctor strongly recommends replacing it with another drug, then it is worth listening to it.


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