Capsule Hyperloop Ilona Mask accelerates to 355 km / h

The other day, Ilon Musk talked about holding the annual Hyperloop II competition, during which the German WARR team won. Capsule (or gondola) Hyperloop, developed by German students, was dispersed to a speed of 324 km / h. Of the competitors, no one got close to this result.

Today it became known that the system developed by Ilona Musk, broke the record of the German team. During the tests, the Tesla transport module accelerated to a speed of 355 km / h. At the moment - this is the maximum result. So far, tests are being conducted on a short section of the track with a length of 1.25 km.

Musk believes that in the near future he and his team will manage to achieve a result of 500 kilometers per hour. Earlier, the entrepreneur stated that the Hyperloop system should have capsules capable of accelerating to speeds of 800-1200 km / h. It is huge by the standards of ground transportation speed, according to Mask, will make the distance less - that is, people can get from point A to point B much faster than before.

Maybe next year, the teams that will take part in Hyperloop III and Musk himself will show capsules that will be able to achieve indicators close to those that the entrepreneur voiced when talking about Hyperloop.

Let me remind you that this year Ilon Mask decided to create his own version of the capsule, using the capabilities and resources of Tesla and The Boring Company. The latter is engaged in drilling.


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