Back to business: what to take to the office after the holidays


Yes, unfortunately, the majority of vacations have already been used. There are still among the readers of Geektimes those who decided to go on holiday in the velvet season, but still many of us managed to survive the “post-holiday syndrome” and are ready to take up work with new forces.

To make the work process more efficient, and the office or workplace looked more fun, you can use a number of devices and systems. We, by tradition, tried most of the devices, some things left in our office

Let's start with Click and Grow

If you do not have your own dacha, or if it is, but far away, then Click and Grow is what the doctor ordered. This "portable" garden will look great both at home and in the office, where employees will be able to pinch off their greenery during lunch. We published a detailed review of this system in the spring , during which time we managed to harvest more than one crop of basil and even tomatoes.

The system allows you to grow different greens, including cherry tomatoes, chili pepper, thyme, basil or even strawberries. Click and grow consists of a tank into which pots, cartridges, sensors, cartridges with nutrients and seeds + lamps are inserted, which gives light and heat to plants.

In general, for a complete unity with nature, a small garden of Click and Grow will not give, but it is quite possible to equip a cozy corner with it.

Wireless charging Xvida useful both at home and in the office and in the car. A modern person has so many gadgets that it’s already difficult to keep track of the state of each battery, so a device can be completely unexpected. Well, the right cable can also not be found. Xvida offers chargers for wireless power transmission (primarily for the most popular iPhone and Samsung models).

Form factors here are very different - from desktop stations to automotive magnetic pendants . An inductance coil is mounted in a special case for the phone, which transmits energy from the charger to the battery.

If we are talking about the desktop, then desktop organizers like Cyanics Desk Organizer are worth mentioning. This organizer is one of the coolest. It has USB ports, a built-in card reader (for a wide variety of drives) and a whole lot more. Despite the small size, a large number of all sorts of pieces can be placed in the organizer - from telephones to trifles like paper clips.

Smart and beautiful lighting systems Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit and LeSvet . The first is a smart lighting system that was introduced at CES. It is assembled from individual elements, LED panels, which can either just glow or show a “picture”. The panels are made in the form of isosceles triangles, a total of nine. Of these, you can form a composite display or "scatter" on the walls or ceiling.

This system is controlled by a mobile device with a pre-installed application. The application allows you to adjust the characteristics of each panel, including its brightness and contrast.

This system will look gorgeous everywhere - both at home and in the office. Nanoleaf Aurora harmoniously fit into almost any interior.

Another option is the LeSvet levitating lamp . It just floats in the air, and the device is made in the style of an old vintage lamp. It gives a feeling of comfort and magic. You can use the device as a lamp, and as a nightlight.

In the office, he will surprise guests and create an atmosphere of comfort for the whole team (do not forget - winter is near!).


Brookstone Wi-Fi Scanner is useful for quickly scanning all sorts of documents, including texts and images. This device transmits data over a wireless network, which is very convenient. In general, systems of this kind have their drawbacks, but in most cases they are leveled by merit - portability and relatively high speed of work.

For those who are hot - Evapolar personal evaporative conditioner . However, yes, despite the fact that it is still autumn, it is hot in many regions. Nobody wants to fry at home or in the office, so you can use a personal cooling system. This device in the form of a cube works like a water vaporizer, which allows it to cool the “adjacent territory”.

There is no freon or any other refrigerants. Only water. All this works thanks to the cartridges that absorb water and then gradually evaporate it. The system is low-power, so also electricity is saved. We spent this summer in the office with such things, and we can say that they really help .


As an entertainment (not all work, right?) It is worth getting a desktop tornado . True, he, too, will distract attention, but, I must say, this thing looks really impressive.


Well and the last for today is a practical information storage device, LINK Ultra Compact SSD . This is a 48-ply V-NAND drive that allows you to write and read information at a very high speed. Documents, photos, videos - all this is transmitted in a few seconds. Well, if we take into account the compact design and protection against shocks, the picture is simply a universal data collector.

Actually, that's all for today. If you have any ideas for office masters, we are waiting for comments.


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