Life extension, part 0.1 - Brain and body health over the long term

- What are we complaining about?
- Complaints on the head.
- It's good. The lungs breathe, the heart beats.
- And the head?
- And the head is a dark subject, it is not subject to research.
Film "Formula of Love"

If I live to 90+ years, how can I stay active, intelligent and beneficial and enjoy the people around me from 70 to 90+ years?

How not to become lethargic and demanding care individual who can only consume the series, drink and talk about the past?

How can you create, change the world, explore space and time and your mind until death?

This article is the second and is based on the results of interest and comments on the first article on the selection of supplements for brain health.

In essence, this is a prequel and the article should be the first. In it, I summarize the experience of several books and studies on how:

So, let's go to understand.

Imagine, when we, for example, are 70 years old or more, the sum of our experience becomes very large. Our brain accumulates a huge amount of information, life experience and, perhaps, at this moment we can create something great. Or just to live is very interesting and bright, and to learn new things, because already most likely they have settled household and other problems.

But, unfortunately, the statistics are against us. Starting from the age of 65, cognitive functions are inhibited, the amount of energy in the body decreases and we begin to shrink, decrease, disappear from space, including the space of our mind - the mind becomes sluggish, thinks slowly, loses vitality, forgets everything.

For example, the percentage of Alzheimer's incidence in the United States (and there are still many different diseases and not just the brain):
65 years - 10%
85 years old - 50%

A lot of research efforts are directed at this disease, as its development affects not only the patient, but also the people around him and relatives (link Wikipedia )

Let's analyze the ways of how to increase the likelihood that we will live a long time and until we die, be active, active and benefit the people around us without fanaticism.

So the goal is body health + an active thinking brain to death at about 90+ years old. Full independence, the ability to travel, work, have fun, live a full life, etc.

An important condition for achieving the goal is without fanaticism and excesses, for example, without spending a lot of time on food and obsessively thinking only about calories or settling in the mountains and living alone avoiding stress. That is, the task is to remain socially active, live in an environment that you like, communicate, make friends, benefit people.

Plus a reservation - when the goal is reached, it is not recorded for a period of 90+ years. You can die at any time and this should not cause fear, depression, etc.

Based on the analysis of books, articles, applicability in a socially full life and personal experience, I arranged in order of importance actions that will help to live a long and healthy life.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor and the main goal of the article is to classify my experience and read books and, perhaps, give an initial impulse to those who are interested in themselves starting to read and think about this topic. I do not pretend that it is true, I will be grateful for constructive criticism and corrosive questions.

In order of importance, a full analysis of each item below:

  1. Regular checks at the doctor - blood test, condition analysis, etc. (Below is a real example of verification with analyzes).
  2. Walking down the street, from 4 to X km per day.
  3. Nutrition.
  4. Sport - flexibility, elasticity, energy.
  5. Life style.
    1. Self education about the brain.
    2. Meditation - (Future Mark - Neural
      communication, translation of 2 large studies)
    3. Brain exercises - hobbies.
  6. Technological Life Extension
    1. Brain Supplements ( first article )

(For those who read the first article, the supplement is, I think, the last important point from which the methodology of modern life extension and brain activity increase begins. But without the first six points, this is unlikely to help us much.)

1. Regular check-ups with a doctor (super important)

Imagine how offensive it is to go in for sports, eat right, buy super ecological food, sweat about sleep, etc. and die painful and difficult at 60. Or start to blunt at 65. Why can this be?

We are lamers in medicine. A huge number of diseases. Their manifestations are very different, complex, interdependent. A good doctor studies for 6 years, then he gains experience for a long time, he improves his level, he constantly treats people.

When the doctor examines us and observes, he can pay attention to such bugs of our body, about which we never think. And these bugs can lead to premature death or to the fact that in our body there will be constant inflammation or increased production of harmful substances and as a result in 70-80 years we will grow vegetables and stupid, since the brain has developed and become sick.

They write about it in books, this is confirmed by statistics, this is confirmed by elementary logic - all the bugs, it is better to catch the diseases of the body in the early stages and to properly treat it.

And you don’t have to do it yourself, it’s harmful, there are professionals for it.

We can have anything - cancer, gastritis, liver disease, various parasites, various disorders of the immune system, lack of elements, etc.

What is checked? This is to come to a good therapist, it is advisable to go to the same thing, he looks at you, polls you, you answer him honestly.

Then he thinks, analyzes and gives you directions for tests and examinations. The point is that he does not direct you to 1000 tests, but asks you to do exactly those that are necessary and based on your education, your examination and feeling, your survey and your experience.

Then you do everything the doctor said, he analyzes the results and, if necessary, prescribes additional tests.

Then he says that everything is ok (rarely) or what needs to be done to maintain health, fix those bugs that were found this time.

For myself, I decided that it was stupid to save on this and I went to an expensive clinic for a good doctor. But we must choose not at the price and price, but according to the reviews and how much the doctor is immersed in your case. I am not at all a fan of paid medicine and, with a limited budget, it is quite possible to do everything the same thing for free, we just spend energy not on making money, but on organizing this free process.

The promised example is in mice itself.

I go to the therapist once every 2 years. Last time was this year in August, I will give for example from the photo how it all happened. The purpose of the example is to show what is needed and important.

My analyzes and doctor's recommendations (neatly - many photos)

Since the doctor knows me, she asked me how I lived these two years, where I was, how I feel. Also in detail about food, sports, work, other activities.

Measured, weighed, listened.

Then I heard complaints. There was one - a seal on the arm.

After examining him, she said that it is neurofibromatosis, almost everyone has it, it is possible not to bathe, it will appear as the years go by. It is advisable to sunbathe less.

Based on the result, I prescribed blood tests in the minimum set + urine + ultrasound.

Having looked at them in advance and having analyzed at the reception, she said that everything is super, I will live, but:

  1. iron stores are approaching the lower boundary (I do not eat meat and therefore she prescribed this analysis) and it would be good to drink iron
  2. which one (in the picture below) is desirable to drink to support my liver (she told me exactly, but since I trust her, I did not remember it)
  3. One parameter Eosinophils is higher than normal and it means that I am either allergic to something, or, since I have been living in Asia and India for half a year, parasites.

Therefore, appointed additional tests.

Blastocytosis was detected by the result. Again, the doctor said that there was nothing terrible at all and that many people have it, but since they started to develop and led to an increase in this parameter, it is advisable to get rid of them.

As a result, she appointed an additional drink to the tablets as soft and harmless as possible, in order to get rid of them + 3 days after taking the course of these tablets, an additional analysis of these parasites. If everything is ok, then you can go to it in the next two years. If they stay, we will continue to understand.

The final result is below.

So, if I hadn’t done this routine inspection, despite my healthy diet and sports, I would still live with constant inflammation, which would cause many toxins in my body, which in the long term would lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the brain and a decrease in duration and quality of life.

Once again, there are a lot of variants of our body's bugs. Professionals must work with this. No need to crawl into this lamer without education, work experience and regular work in this area.

In the end, I hope everything is clear here and I convinced you that this is the most important point that is directly related to the fact that we can live for a long time and in our old age we did not have strong illnesses and a sluggish brain.

2. Walking on the street, from 4 to X km per day.

I walk every day from 4 kilometers or more for 10 years already and for me the benefit of walking is obvious from personal experience. I put walking on the second place in importance, as this is the most accessible type of physical activity for all of us, easily incorporated into daily life and which has the following proven advantages:

  1. Overall improvement in health, longer life
  2. Improving the performance of the heart, preventing death from heart attacks
  3. Regulation of digestion and weight: one and two
  4. Improve mental and cognitive abilities
  5. Sleep improvement
  6. many more other advantages.

Also for me a big plus is that you can walk with friends or children and this time becomes a time of communication and communication. At home everyone is always busy, computers, games, TV, work, etc. And so it turns out that an hour a day, or more, I communicate with people interesting to me.

In addition to the above advantages, you can find many others, but they are often written in such a manner that they are more likely to scare away than to motivate you to take daily walks. For example, an article with strong statements like “Regular daily walking has been found to help get rid of the DNA” that doesn’t have any source. And therefore there is no trust right away. (I do not know whether this is so or not)

How to walk?

Not by the sun and not along the roads. In Asia, ideal at sunset, in St. Petersburg at any time.

For example, in St. Petersburg, in the area of ​​Komendantsky Avenue, we are walking with our son. This is a sleeping area with large roads and buildings. Therefore, we have laid a route across yards and along green areas. It is better not to walk along the roads in Russia or Asia, as the exhaust from the cars is not useful.

Also for walking it is good to buy special shoes for winter - in St. Petersburg it is slush and dirt + a sports jacket, which is not blown and with a good dragging hood. If you dress properly, then even in the winter in the wind, a little rain and slush to walk is pleasant.

During the walks (or immediately after them), various problems and interesting ideas come to mind. The brain really relaxes and then comes a surge of strength to work or work or a good rest.

It is interesting for one person to walk to vigorous music, for example, I already had my own soundtracks, under which I can walk endlessly.

3. Power

Everything is simple - our body is a complex unique thing (I don’t know what to call it),
which processes food for energy, regeneration, maintenance and renewal of the structures of our body. All the elements for this we take from food. For example, constantly eating at McDonalds and taking supplements for the brain is stupid.

It is better to spend money and moral strength to change the pattern of power.

There are many many books on this subject, a huge amount of money is spinning around in the industry, so it's not easy to figure it out, but you need to try. I would recommend to read the " Chinese study. The results of the most extensive research
communication nutrition and health . "

It seemed interesting to me and I was the only one in whom I met a description of how medical research is conducted, how the probability of the influence of any factors on the occurrence and development of a disease is calculated.

Excerpt for example (many bukoff)

Correlation and causation

In many studies you will find that the words "correlation" and "association"
used to describe the relationship between two factors, perhaps even
representing a causal dependence. This idea is largely
degree used in the "Chinese study." Analyzing the situation in 65
counties, 130 villages, among 6,500 adults and their families, we found out
Does the relationship between different eating habits and lifestyle and
the occurrence of disease. If, for example, protein intake is higher among
of the population whose members have a high incidence of liver cancer, we
we can say that there is a positive correlation, or relationship, between
protein consumption and this disease: with an increase in one indicator
there is growth of another. If protein intake is higher among the population,
representatives of whom rarely suffer from liver cancer, we can say that between
protein intake and liver cancer there is an inverse relationship. Other
in words, the change of these two indicators occurs in the opposite
direction: when one grows, the other goes down.

In our hypothetical example, if there is a correlation between use in
eating protein and the occurrence of liver cancer, it does not prove that protein causes
or prevents the disease. A classic illustration of this complexity.
is the fact that in countries with a large number of telephone poles more often
cardiovascular and many other diseases are observed. In this way,
there is a positive correlation between telephone poles and cardio
vascular diseases. However, this does not prove that telephone poles
cause such diseases. In fact, correlation does not mean causal
investigative connection.

It does not follow from this that the correlation is useless. When she is right
interpreted, it can be effectively used to study the relationship
nutrition and health. For example, the Chinese Study contains more than 8,000
cases of statistically significant correlation, and this is of utmost importance. When
there are so many similar cases of correlation, scientists are beginning to identify
the relationship between lifestyle, nutrition and disease. This in turn
helps to understand how the processes of nutrition and health, which are usually incredible
complex, really occur. However, if someone wants to get
evidence that a single factor can lead to a single
result, correlation is not a very good tool.

Statistical significance

It may seem to you that determine the presence of a correlation between two factors
very simple: either they are correlated among themselves, or not. But it is not. When
you are considering a large amount of data, you need to hold a statistical
analysis to determine if there is a correlation between the two factors. Answer
there will not be a definite yes or no. This is the probability that we call
statistical significance. Statistical significance is a measure of measurement.
whether the obtained experimental result can be considered reliable or is it only
only due to random factors. If you flip a coin three times and thrice
an eagle will fall, then, most likely, this is an accident. If you flip a coin
a hundred times and every time an eagle will fall, you can be completely sure that
This coin has an eagle on both sides. This is the idea behind
concepts of statistical significance: is the probability that the correlation (or other
results) does exist, that this is not a game of chance.

It is considered that the result of the study is statistically significant if the probability
that it is due to random factors, less than 5%. This means, for example,
that there is a 95 percent chance that when re-examining we
we get the same result. The cut-off point at 95% is arbitrary, however
less is the standard figure. Another arbitrary cut point is 99%.
If the result is consistent with this indicator, it is said that it has a high
statistical significance. The nutrition analysis and
diseases, the notion of statistical significance is used from time to time, and it
can be used to assess the reliability, or weight, evidence.

Mechanism of action

... ...

A knowledge of the mechanism of action supports evidence. In other words, it is
means that the two correlating factors are interconnected biologically
believable way. If the relationship is plausible from a biological point
In her view, she is considered much more convincing.


Finally, we need to understand the idea of ​​meta-analysis. Meta-analysis is
combining data from various studies and analyzing them as a single set
data. The result can be much more convincing after the accumulation and
analysis of a large array of information.

My personal opinion about nutrition - it should gradually and reasonably improve and become more and more healthy as we get older - aging.

If we take a certain conditional scale starting from the most harmful to the most useful, then I would make it like this:

  1. (the most harmful)
  2. fast food
  3. all sorts of quick sweets - chocolate bars, candy, etc.
  4. fast food - muesli, pizza, dumplings, etc., etc.
  5. fatty fried meat
  6. meat
  7. milk and dairy products
  8. a fish
  9. (most useful)
    food from whole grains, vegetables, nuts, vegetable oils

It's just some kind of conditional scale for yourself. For example, I'm with friends in
a restaurant. I would love to eat seafood pizza or falafel. Wherein
one is home better cooked buckwheat with sauces and salad.

If you don’t fanatically, then you’ll gradually produce some kind of optimal and not stressful
the mechanism of providing yourself with delicious food.

4. Flexibility, muscle elasticity, energy.

The man at his birth is tender and weak
but when death comes hard and strong.
All beings and plants are gentle and weak at birth,
and at death, dry and rotten.
Firm and strong is that which perishes,
and tender and weak is what begins to live.
Lao Tzu “Tao Te Ching”

Old age is often visually associated with hunchedness and rigidity — a person cannot normally stretch, bend, move vigorously, etc. This happens for two reasons:

  1. due to the fact that our hip joints + everyone else loses mobility
  2. back muscles stop holding the spine

IMPORTANT. Internal (not external beautiful bitsuha) muscles lose tone and therefore we begin to sink and our whole body works worse.

Many and often write about what kind of sport is useful when considering it over a long period of time with an integrated approach to the state of health. Someone writes a good swim, someone to go to strength training (swing or fitness), someone running or biking, someone playing sports. Contribute to this variety.

First I want to define the parameters of the task - up to 90+ years we must:

  1. remain mobile, do not skukozhitsya, the joints are not sick, we walk, wear things, etc.
  2. be able to travel independently
  3. our brain should work well

For this task, we can already distinguish the requirements for the sport:

  1. the elasticity of the inner muscles, the mobility of the joints must be maintained (a beautiful outer one, starting from a certain age, is no longer so important)
  2. back, knees, elbows, etc. - must be alive, vigorous, able to walk, take light load
  3. we must be able to maintain balance and orientation in space (stand on one leg, for example, tie shoelaces, reach somewhere)
  4. the lungs must be developed very well to give a lot of oxygen to the body and brain

An additional requirement is that I travel and want to be able to play sports anywhere in the world. I can be in Hong Kong, in a country house near St. Petersburg, in the south of the sea, in Berlin in a hotel, etc.


  1. Fitness, rocking - is harmful for the joints, working with the superficial layers of muscles, working with individual areas is harmful. Harmful to vessels - large weights and inadequate load on the legs (varicose and tp)
  2. Bicycle is stressful with you, it is not always possible to ride, in Russia or Asia in general so far not everything is adapted for this.
  3. Running - almost everything is super, but knees, joints.
  4. Swimming is great, but there’s not always where to swim + lots of bleach pools.
  5. Game sports - traumatic, must be studied separately.
  6. Yoga is super.

The result of my personal selection is yoga. All the rest did not suit me in any of the above parameters.

In yoga, everything is so balanced that for me it looks like a gift. When you start to make a list of what yoga allows you to keep up, it looks like an advertisement, so I reduced it to the main one.

For me, almost the most important thing is, after some period of study in the studio, it is quite possible to study independently in any part of the world, including a small hotel room.

Normal yoga class balanced supports, improves and works with:
(proof links below)

  1. joint mobility
  2. deep back muscles
  3. lungs and breathing
  4. balances
  5. strength and endurance
  6. internal organs of the digestive system
  7. with concentration of mind

Since I have been studying these issues for a long time and have been practicing yoga for about 8 years (in 2009, at once to find out which yoga suits us, we organized a yoga festival, where communicating with teachers from the inside, as the organizers learned a lot of nuances), I wanted to tell a couple of things:

  1. There are different types of yoga, from my point of view, geeks and sensible people are suitable or Ashtanga yoga or Iyengar yoga. Personally, I came up ashtanga yoga - this is a very intense type of yoga, and even for athletes there is where to have fun. Also for me, plus the fact that they immediately give a sequence that you can do yourself - at home or anywhere (indoors).
  2. There are different clubs and instructors - there are bad, there are good ones. All the same as everywhere else. Just like a doctor, it can be good, it can be bad. If you choose, use your geek brain. In St. Petersburg or Moscow, I can advise for studying yoga places and instructors in PM, since I have studied the topic for a long time and carefully. In Ashtanga Yoga, plus the fact that in order to become a teacher, a person must invest a lot of time and effort in this. You cannot complete the course for 200 hours and start teaching there. This gives some additional feeling of confidence that the teacher will not advise something wrong.

By the way, in Germany, my Mum pays yoga for health insurance, as there it is considered a proven procedure for recovery after certain diseases. Here is a meta-analysis with recommendations to use yoga for the treatment of chronic back pain (it emphasizes that there should be an experienced teacher)

There are quite a few modern studies on this topic:

  1. Useful to cores
  2. Benefits of Depression
  3. Back
  4. Oxygen, hipposia

Here there are good personal reviews of geeks about yoga - what does it give them

Conclusion: yoga can be a sport that is always with us and allows us to comprehensively support our body in the norm - muscles, flexibility, lungs, oxygen saturation.

Yes, and mega bonus for male geeks - yoga has a very large% of girls — beautiful, well-nourished, and without terrible fitness glamor.

That's all for now, the resulting sheet of text scares me a little. if you
interesting to continue, then pliz write in the comments or in a personal.

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