Lukashenko has tested the Tesla Model S and ordered to create an electric car on this model

Tesla Model S in the most powerful version of the P100D (762 hp) in the courtyard of the Palace of Independence, Minsk. Photo: BelTA

Belarus is soon completing the construction of a nuclear power plant on the border with the European Union, but Poland and Lithuania have already refused to buy electricity from it. In this regard, the authorities are frantically trying to find where to supply energy in large quantities within the country. There are ideas to transfer housing stock to electric heating, and now the President of Belarus has ordered the creation of transport infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and the development of several models of electric cars for the village and the city so that people “can go to the dacha”.

On his standard birthday on August 30, 2017, Alexander Lukashenko (standard, because Lukashenko transferred him several times from August 30 to August 31 and back) tested the Tesla Model S electric car . The Belarusian ruler liked the car: “The Americans created a supercar. Well done! - He appreciated. - Speed ​​is gaining, that all our German test cars on internal combustion engines were instantly behind and could not catch up. He starts as a spaceship, and even more powerful. For two and a half seconds - 100 km. But I was interested in how he holds the road - perfectly. ”

The black Model S, accompanied by Strela cars and black guard jeeps, was seen the day before on the Minsk ring road.

Lukashenka ordered to use Tesla for a sample and to design a Belarusian electric car of a higher quality than an electric car based on the Geely SC7 sedan of the Belarusian assembly. He gave specific instructions about the layout of the components in the car: “The battery is one of the main elements. Do not stick it in the trunk. As you saw, they put it on the bottom in Tesla, and as I understood it, it even keeps the car at high speed, balancing movement. Therefore, we need to go this way. The main thing - to create a good engine. The basis you have. Therefore, the purpose of today's conversation - I showed you the car. Study, look. This is the best there is. This is the future, we can not keep up. We cannot, under our competences, with such a science, lag behind. Nobody the day after tomorrow, in the near future will buy in large quantities as it was before, cars with an internal combustion engine. Compare this car with the one we created, and strive for it. "

The president explained to his subordinates what kind of vehicle modifications needed to be developed and why: “You can do it already, it should be launched faster. For the village - one option, for the city - another. We will think about how to support you later in production so that it is accessible to people. We must switch to electricity. We are already late. Connect everyone and start working, which does not work - report. "

Lukashenko admitted that testing cars is his old passion, and earlier he was driving a Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car (“worse, maybe”) and a BMW i3 (“good, very nimble, fast, smaller size”). Tesla is the third electric vehicle that was brought to him for a test drive. According to rumors, a car owner from Vitebsk did it.

During a visit to the Minsk State Automotive College, Lukashenko developed the idea of developing a Belarusian machine using electricity: “The main thing for me is that it is reliable, safe and durable, so that it does not have to be repaired every year. You convinced me that we have to make a good electric car. For people, so that they can drive around the city, take a trip to the dacha. ”

Lukashenko discussed in detail with engineers the principle of operation of electric cars, their technical characteristics, capabilities and advantages, after which he instructed to involve the best specialists in the development of the Belarusian model.

The first Belarusian electric car Geely SC7 Electro was assembled on the basis of the standard Geely SC7 sedan. The engine, gearbox and gas tank were removed from it, an electric motor was inserted instead, and a massive battery was placed in the trunk (this is what Lukashenko mentioned when he described the advantages of placing batteries in Tesla).

Geely SC7 Electro Belarusian assembly. Photo: Gennady Mozheiko

The presentation of Geely SC7 Electro was held on August 22, 2017. Apart from Mikhail Prokhorov’s four E-Mobile concepts, which were assembled in Minsk, this is indeed the first Belarusian electric car.

Electric car -Crossback EV, assembled in Shabany, rumored to have been sent to Vladimir Putin

According to the specialized portal, Mikhail Prokhorov allocated a million euros for the assembly of several E-mobile concepts to Belarusian developers. One of them took the oligarch himself, sent the rest to prominent Russian politicians.

As you know, the launch of the production of "E-mobile" did not work. Maybe it will work with a copy of the Tesla Model S? In any case, Lukashenka ordered that the Belarusian version be better than the foreign one. This applies not only to passenger cars, but also to other vehicles: “We need it to not only not yield, but surpass the equipment of our competitors. Supercombine! And also a super truck, a tractor, an electric car, moreover, the most modern ones, ”the president said .

Who knows, maybe in the future Ilon Mask himself will come to Minsk to learn from local engineers and learn from experience.


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