Sci-Hub stopped working in the territory of the Russian Federation. Alexandra Elbakyan was offended that her name was called a parasitoid insect

The well-known service Sci-Hub , which provides free access to articles from paid scientific journals, has now officially stopped working in the territory of the Russian Federation. When entering the site from Russian IP-addresses, site visitors now see a message explaining the reasons for blocking ( screenshot ). Access to scientific articles is possible only when entering from another country using a VPN, proxy or Tor browser. Actually, Sci-Hub administrators themselves recommend using such methods of access to their site.

The site explains that “for two years, Alexandra ( Sci-Hub ) continues to be persecuted on the Russian-language Internet by people who are referred to as the so-called Russian“ liberal opposition ”.” They spread the information that Alexandra is crazy, her personality is denigrated in every way. Among those who persecute, there are famous scientists who occupy high positions in the Russian Academy of Sciences. The last straw was the fact that a RAS employee recently named an insect in honor of Alexandra . A new insect species found in the southern part of Mexico - the parasitic ichneumonid rider - was officially named Idiogramma elbakyanae .

“Cook yourself in your own shit, and I’m tired of that too, Russian science with a cart is easier for a mare.” I will direct the released resources to my research. As they say in Russia: I wish you all the best, good mood, health and, above all, more Orthodoxy, ”Alexandra wrote in farewell.

The story of the harassment of Alexandra Elbakyan is somewhat similar to the story of the harassment of the American hacker Aaron Schwartz. He also sought to provide people with free access to scientific information, which was behind a paid firewall, although it should be publicly accessible by definition. Scientific research is funded by the state, that is, by the whole society, but at the whim of commercial publishing houses are often placed in paid access.

Aaron Schwartz was a well-known programmer, research fellow at Harvard University, co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification, co-author of Creative Commons, co-founder of Reddit, founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Demand Progress, which demanded that the authorities modernize the legislation in accordance with the development of information technology.

For a year and a half, Schwartz was under investigation in a criminal case for illegally downloading more than 4 million documents from the JSTOR database , an archive of academic journals and research papers. Although JSTOR is a non-profit digital library, and documents are available free of charge online, but customers were charged 10 cents per document if they use a special interface.

JSTOR declined claims against Schwarz, but the prosecutor's office decided to continue the case. In September 2012, the developer was charged with 13 counts, which threatened him with up to 35 years in prison.

In January 2013, Aaron Schwartz committed suicide .


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