New record in the Rubik's cube assembly: just 4.69 seconds

Despite the fact that the Rubik's cube was created in the 80s of the last century, its popularity does not decrease. People continue to collect the cube, with many participating in speed competitions. Beginners are very difficult to navigate, because they do not use the assembly algorithms created earlier, but try to act at random. But professional "players", and there are quite a few of them, can solve the puzzle in a matter of seconds.

The record set by 15-year-old American teenager Patrick Pons will be hard to beat in the near future. He coped with the task in just 4.69 seconds. The process of building a Rubik's Cube is published on YouTube.

As you can see, the news that he broke the world record surprised Pons himself, perhaps he did not expect this. It was possible to collect the cube in just 17 movements. By the way, the difference in time compared to the previous record is very small - only 0.05 seconds.

The previous record was set in November 2016 by Mats Valk. He, in turn, broke the record, improving the cube assembly time by 0.164 seconds.

The Hungarian inventor Erne Rubik created the Rubik's Cube in the 1980s.


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