City of clouds or a project codenamed "G"

In the spring of this year, the giant Amazon (a cloud division of AWS) announced its intention to expand its already impressive size of Irish "ownership". After all, the company has already invested 15 billion euros in its infrastructure in Europe. 12 km north-west of the capital Dublin, in the suburb of Maluddart, a campus is planned for a data processing center worth 1 billion euros. The project received the code name "G".

Ireland’s stable political and economic environment, good connectivity and a developed telecommunications infrastructure, a temperate climate attract many global companies to deploy server farms in this emerald country, among the leaders are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon (AWS). Another advantage is the fact that more than 20% of Ireland’s electricity is generated using renewable energy sources.

According to the data, the proposed data center area of ​​68,000 square meters. meters will be located next to the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb on a plot of land owned by the Irish Industrial Development Administration (IDA), with a total area of ​​more than 10 hectares. The data center neighbors in Muluddart will be the Facebook and Equinix data center located in the suburb of Blanchardstown, located nearby in the village of Kloni (Co Meath / County Meath, in the east of the country).

The construction of the data center building itself will cost 200 million euros, but further investments in the amount of more than 700 million euros will be directed to the creation and arrangement of the campus, which, in addition to the server farm, will include 7 more facilities.

After the approval of the project “G”, it will take 18 months to implement it, 4 hundred workers will be involved in the construction. According to the documents, the storage building with a height of 13 meters will consist of machine rooms, switchboard, technical premises, loading and unloading area, water tank, and solar panels will be installed on the roof. Initially, the object will be powered from a 110 kV temporary substation, later from a 220 kV permanent substation with a gas insulator.

Amazon already has a mega data center near Dublin, and the new project will be the company's 10th server farm in Ireland.

Amazon employs 1,400 people in Dublin and 800 in Cork, the company provides new jobs for the younger generation of Ireland, because 40% of the population are young people, about 50,000 students with higher education in mathematics or computing.

By the way, Amazon’s new data center campus will make Dublin one of the most “densely populated server vaults” a city in Europe, this is where 30 data centers of such famous companies as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Vodafone, Equinix, Interxion, Digital are located. Realty.

Amazon Web Services is constantly expanding, covering an increasing number of territories, a year ago the company owned more than 30 server farms around the world - Northern Virginia (20 data centers), Ohio, Oregon and California, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, China, Singapore, Japan - and In the plans there was a site for about 15 new data centers, among which is the project codenamed “G”. In short, the plans (ambitious and large-scale) - to deploy cloud infrastructure in India, in the future may become one of the largest AWS regions.

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