Dedicated to all amateurs and fans of online games of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, literally “multiplayer online battle arena”) is a genre of computer games, combining elements of real-time strategy and computer role-playing games and distinguished by similarity with DotA.

Everyone can be a hero, you just need to find your own world.

Part 1.

It was a terrible frost. Probably minus thirty. And on this harsh January evening I had to work. Micah asked to replace today, something happened to the car. Therefore, I had to deliver pizza and other dishes from the Pizzmaker Cafe. For about two minutes I stood at the entrance and called the intercom to apartment number 61 and danced to keep warm. Nobody gave me the bag, and it seems that the pizza is already frozen. No one has opened. This was the last order for today. I really wanted to quickly dismount this pizza and jerk home. I looked at my watch - it was ten to midnight. May have fallen asleep already? I already started to get the phone to dial the customer, but then the intercom responded and I heard an angry voice:
- Who?
“Pizza delivery,” I replied.
“Finally,” they mumbled in response and the intercom blinked happily.

Door opened. Here is an infection, even if he said what floor ... I went to the entrance and called the elevator. The doors immediately opened. I thought a little, decided that it was about the ninth floor and pressed the desired button. The elevator rode seemed endlessly long. But finally, he stopped, and I went out onto the landing. Yes, that's right - the desired apartment was on this floor. Two years in the delivery were not in vain. That's sixty first apartment. The door was closed, and I had to ring the bell. Three more minutes passed and he heard footsteps outside the door. The lock clicked and the door opened. A guy of about twenty came to me (almost my age). He looked dismal. Black sweatpants, shabby T-shirt. Uncombed hair stuck out in different directions. And very red eyes, as if watching a TV all day. He handed me a crumpled bill.
- Come on, my skating rink will start now. And so you tear off, and we have already been merged twice. Still this Persian new test ...
- What a Persian? Kota?
- Character, damn it. Trash you take it. Lets go faster!
- Here you go, two pizzas. With you…
“You don’t need to give up, this is for you to donate,” the unfriendly guy snatched the cold pizza and disappeared through the door.

Donat? Rink? What is he talking about? This is sort of a game of slang. My younger brother is keen on this and will not be dragged away from the company. Eh, gamers, gamers! And where do they get money from, if they are constantly sitting behind computers. I never understood this, it's better to work. Well, okay, but “for tea” two hundred rubles left and finally home, the working day is over.

Whistling happily, I headed for the elevator. I got a little dizzy - apparently reworked today. I went into the elevator and pressed the button on the first floor. The doors closed and the elevator went down. My eyes went dark again and I felt a little nauseous. Strange, this was not with me yet. Hurry home. Suddenly the light in the cabin went out sharply and a blue light began to hit the gap between the doors. Then my legs gave way, and I collapsed to the floor.

I woke up apparently after a few seconds, as the elevator was still driving down. Everything was as usual, dim light was on. But I was lying on the floor. I got up, shook myself. All the discomfort is gone. Well, it happens. Hurry home, it's good to have a day off tomorrow.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Behind them was darkness. “Here is an infection! - I thought. - While I was rising, the light bulb had already been unscrewed or burned out. ” I walked out of the elevator. The doors at the back closed and I was in complete darkness. I took a phone from my jacket pocket and turned on a flashlight on it to highlight my path.

Smell! Something was wrong with the smell. There was already no “flavor” that always hovers in the porches where cats live, homeless, and so on. There was a smell of metal and wood. And for some reason it smelled like after a thunderstorm - freshness and ozone. Having shone around me, I shuddered. Instead of the shabby walls of the entrance, I could see stone vaults. “Maybe I'm on the wrong floor out? - flashed through my head. I turned to call the elevator, but instead saw double-wing wooden doors with massive metal rings instead of handles. I pulled for them. The doors were locked. What kind of garbage? Pinched his hand. It was painful, but nothing has changed, it means that I am not disconnected. Well, since there is no turning back, let's go ahead.

It was not cold at all, but it was not hot either - it was quite comfortable in a winter jacket. After shining, I did not see the end of the room and moved in small short steps forward. As I moved along, I noticed strange niches on the sides, and sometimes there were some sticks sticking up at an angle on the walls. Approaching one of them, I realized that it was a torch, like those that are shown on TV and described in books. “Where the fuck did I get? And most importantly, how? I do not believe in these tales! ”
I took out a cigarette lighter and raised a fire to the end of the torch. It flared up, instantly lighting up most of the wall. And suddenly the same torches on the walls along the entire wall caught fire by themselves. It turned out that I was in a corridor some fifty meters long, on both sides of which there were doors. Throughout the corridor, translucent jellyfish-like things flew in the air. They moved near me and flew through me!
- What the ***! - I involuntarily cried out, not restraining.

I tried to drive them away from me, but they flew through his hands, as if not noticing me. Well, they don’t seem to be touched, the doors in the back are locked - it only remains to go forward. Turning off the flashlight on the phone, moved on. It became warmer and I had to take off my jacket and carry it in my hands. I reached the door at the end of the corridor. She was very interesting. Strange characters were painted all over its surface, but what is most funny, they all glowed with an unnatural yellow color. In the middle was a metal handle in the shape of a dragon. I braced myself and pulled at her. The door opened.

I entered the room. It was a small, dimly lit room. The stone walls were rounded and went up, lost in the dark, apparently I was somewhere in the tower. Before me stood a small tribune, and behind it was a figure of a man in a black robe, with a black hood that hid almost the entire face. Behind him was the same door as the one through which I had just entered.

Not daring to go further, I turned to the figure to find out where I was and what was going on. There were a lot of questions in my head, thoughts were rushing like cockroaches. But from excitement, all that I could squeeze out of myself:
- Hello ...
- Greetings, Hero! - I heard a loud melodious voice from under the hood. - You were elected to protect our lands! But who are you? I have not seen you before. How can I call you?
- My name is Artem. Where am I at all?
- Hello, Artem! You are in Ecurat - a great fortress, behind the walls of which neutral lands begin, where the great battles of Heroes take place. And I am the Keeper of this fortress.
- How did I get here?
- You have been called, as well as all the Heroes.
- But I would go home. I do not need this nafig. How do I get out of here?
- The hero can leave only after fulfilling his mission - protect his fortress and destroy the enemy! Only then can the summoner let go of the Hero!
- Trouble ...

I fought (fought) the last time at school, and even then not seriously. This prospect did not please me. But feeling some pleasant feeling of adventure inside, I asked:
- And what should I do next? Which rules?
- Oh, Hero Artem! You do not know the rules? It's strange how did you get here ... Go on. Your team will tell you everything!

After the Guardian's words, the door behind him opened. From there came strange sounds: the chattering of metal, wheezing, growling, and something else incomprehensible. Seeing my indecision, the Keeper encouraged:
- Do not worry, there are your friends, your team. You will fight shoulder to shoulder with them! You have nothing to fear!
- Oh, thanks. - I exhaled and, bypassing the Guardian, went into the next room.

To say that I was surprised means to say nothing! It was not even a room, but a whole room of a rectangular shape. The wooden beams of the ceiling were pierced with blue pulsating threads and because of this, a muffled bluish light poured in from above, dimly lighting the room and creating a mysterious atmosphere. In the middle of the hall, on the floor was a metal circle with a diameter of about two meters. The walls were wooden massive cabinets, and next to them are benches.

I saw all this and realized a little later, because the first thing that caught my eye was a gray wolf, sitting by the left wall not far from the entrance. It was not just a wolf! He was a little bigger than me and sat on the bench like a man, scratching his back with a clawed paw and wagging his tail. Metal pads with spikes were attached to his shoulders, and a glittering circle hung around his neck. Leather pants at the bottom were tucked, and metal claw pads were put on the legs. But most importantly - his eyes glowed ominous red! A little further, along the same wall, near the cabinet stood a hefty, bearded man in armor. On the bench lay a helmet, and next to it was a huge ax. The second ax he held in his hands and gently sharpened. The armor on it was so polished that it seemed to glow by themselves. At the opposite wall I noticed a figure of a girl with very attractive forms, there were very few clothes on her. She seemed to have come down from the pictures of fantasy comics. Her pretty face was focused, she was looking at a dagger that she was throwing up with her left hand. In his right hand, in the open palm, he circled like a flower, a tongue of flame. In the farthest and darkest corner on the right, a purple creature whirled and whined. I noticed only the outline of the head, and below there was some kind of semitransparent body without legs, which waved like a bag in water. In certain positions, one could notice the semblance of arms with huge claws. This creature circled in the corner, occasionally creating some kind of translucent shield around itself.

As soon as I entered, the door closed behind me and everyone turned their heads in my direction (except for the creature in the corner, it began to howl even louder).
“Oh, we have a newcomer,” the girl exclaimed happily. Her voice was pleasant, to match the appearance. - Who are you? What's your name? What can you do? I have never met you in the fields!
- Hello. My name is Artem. I'm a pizza delivery boy. What is going on here?
- Grrr! What's going on here? - I heard the voice of the wolf, he was surprisingly thin, like the voice of a teenager, who already has a broken voice. Therefore, he periodically switched to wheezing and growling. - You do not expect such a question from the Hero in your team. Hike, you have to roll the four together.
“Bair, don't be buzzy,” said the big man in the armor, “we still don’t know how he will show himself in battle.” First let's get acquainted. Hello, Artem. My name is Toren. This is Bair and Aris. And there, in the corner - Hektyur.
- You do not be afraid. Hack just today is not in the mood since the morning, ”said the girl Aris,“ it seems he went over with dark energy for breakfast or the expiry he pulled out of the spirit turned out to be not fresh. So he suffers from the stomach ... or whatever he has, I do not know.
- Hrrr. Beginner, come on in detail - are you a magician or a warrior? What do you know how? Ulta what? How many fights? - croaked Bair.
- You see, I'm a man. Not a magician, for sure. A warrior is also unlikely. I work as a pizza delivery man. I am able to deliver an order on time. What is ulta, I do not know. I didn’t participate in battles, and I don’t understand all of your terms at all, I regretfully answered the wolf’s questions.
“This is how you got here at all.” We have half an hour before the start of the battle. Well, if you don’t want to tell about your skills, don’t. I'll tell you in brief now. The rest in the course of the battle will understand. We somehow and three pulled the round, even if you absolutely rachit, - said Toren.
- Frrr. You are an optimist, Ren. I feel that we’ll overthrow this rink because of him, and I don’t see third rank and new claws, ”Bair replied bitterly in his voice.
“Bair, why not you, as a friend,” exclaimed Aris, “this is not the last time we are leaving.”

The creature in the corner fell silent, hung in one position, and not the hissing, not the whispering swept through the hall.
- Let go? - turned to Haktyuru big guy. In response, he heard a new portion of hiss. - So that's great. Artem, come here, I will quickly tell about everything.

I uncertain step, bypassing three meters Bair, walked to the bench, which stood Toren. The cub with a grin grinned, seeing me off. Toren scratched on the wall with an ax blade a kind of map.
“Look, here we are,” Toren, jabbed at the lower left corner of the map. - There is an opponent. We have three main lines of attack. Top, mid and bot. There is a forest between them - there are paths there. There are various creatures in the forest - you do not touch them and they will not touch you. They will take care of Beir - he is with us jungle. Will help in all directions. For all three roads there are towers. To the middle of ours, and after the enemy. Since you are a beginner, stand under your own. Do not go under the enemy, especially if there is no one there. We will say when you can. By the way, at the expense of “no one”: creeps will help us. They have a few silences, but like pawns in the game, they help to move forward, distracting the enemy. I'm going to the top. I will keep this direction alone. Hektyur on the middle will go. And you and Aris will be on the bot. You will be a support.
- Who will I be? - I did not understand.
- Support. Well, sapp ... shorter helper. So, let's deal with you. Your armor is strange. Mild some.
- This is a winter jacket.
- I have not heard about this. Put on a light armor. He gives a bit of protection and agility "C grade" - Toren pulled out some clothes from his locker.

I put on lightweight armor over my jacket. It felt like he was made of hard skin. Just in case, I shifted the phone from my jacket into my jeans. Also included were shoulder pads and boots. I fully dressed and felt an extraordinary lightness. As if at once he threw off a dozen kilograms. It was very free to move and wanted to run and jump. That would be engaged in such clothes delivery. I would have smashed everything without a car!
“That's better,” said Toren, “now let's deal with the weapon.” What do you prefer? Melee or ranged? Is it heavier or lighter?
I thought. I never held a weapon in my hands (except for a kitchen knife). Then I remembered the times from childhood, when we were making bows with friends in the yard and arranging shooting tournaments.
“I can do a little bow,” I said.
“Grrr, we haven’t had any shooters for a long time,” the cub wheezed.
- Yeah not bad. You'll cover the back, ”said Aris.

Suddenly, a loud sound like a blow to the gong thundered across the whole hall. From surprise, I started and sat down a bit.
- And here is the signal. We are speaking. - said Toren and took an ax in each hand. - Artem, as soon as we go outside, we immediately run to the left, there is a shop. You can buy before the fight. At first there will be little gold, but then they give a reward for each victory over the enemy. Periodically check pockets, how to accumulate decently, you tell us. We will help you to choose better.
“I had a thousand rubles in my pocket ...” I reached into my jacket pocket, but instead of a rumpled piece of paper, I pulled out a handful of gold coins.
- Graa! Where did you get the gold before the release? Snarled Bair. - Not fair. All start with ten gold, and you ... How many do you have there?
“Twenty,” I counted.
“I see it for the first time,” said Toren. - You are extremely lucky. Let's immediately buy a bow of the Force for thirty, it will be useful to you. And there are two pieces of totems there from the basket. Support though. Without them, nowhere, and they are free.
The little wolf got up from the bench, and like a man on his hind legs, he went to an inconspicuous door at the end of the hall. Reaching the door, he opened it and disappeared outside. He was followed by a creature from a corner called Hektyur.
- Well, moved? - Toren asked me. Slammed on the shoulder and headed for the exit.
“Do not worry,” said Aris and winked at me, “if we cannot cope with the enemy, nothing terrible will happen.” And, by the way, if you did not know, we do not die on the battlefield. If your opponent wins you, you will be reborn in this room, and in a few minutes the door will open again. Welcome to our world!
Aris followed Toren, leaving me alone in the hall. Gathering courage, I reached the door and left.

Part 2.

It was a bit dark, but from the building from which we emerged, a slight glow emanated a little, illuminating everything around. We were on a small glade surrounded by forest. In the distance, there are three stone towers about four meters high in a semicircle. And further in the forest went three roads.
“We run to the shop until it is light at all,” said Toren and rushed off to the side.
Behind him moved everyone else. Not far from the left tower, I noticed a small carport, under which was a counter, and on it was piled up with a bunch of lots of all sorts of things. Some shone in different colors, some fireflies flew around others. When everyone came to this shop, I turned around to see the structure where we came from. It was a low rectangular stone building. Behind the sloping roof fell almost to the ground. The walls of the building were covered with blue radiance, a translucent ball about the size of a passenger car was swaying above the roof. Next to the main door, I distinguished another, slightly smaller.

In the meantime, my companions were actively spending their gold-bearing gold from nowhere. I fumbled in my pants pocket and found a handful of coins there. I recounted them again and was surprised to see that now there are thirty of them. Around noticeably brightened, as if someone added brightness. I was able to get a better look at the creature that was with us on the same team. Hektyur when lighting was no better. It was something translucent and purple. It swayed like a jellyfish two feet from the ground. Above, one could notice a protruding mound of the head, with a barely visible yellowish spot, apparently, with the eye. And on the sides twitched the same translucent arms with three claws on the end. The sight was creepy and unnatural. I thought with horror that if I had such an ally, who could be an opponent! Meanwhile, Hektyur was at the counter. Cleverly grabbed a bottle with his clawed hand and shoved it straight inside. The bottle became barely visible in his body and disappeared altogether after a couple of seconds, but his body slightly increased in size and acquired a greenish tint. And the claws on the hands were brightly lit with emerald. With a slight howl, Hektyur rushed down the middle road.
“All right, Hack went to mid, I’ll take better armor and go to the top.” –Toren said.

He chose a metal plate on the counter and leaned against his armor. Lightning flashed through the metal, and it became apparent that its thickness had increased. The plate disappeared from the hands of Toren. He turned and ran down the left road.
- I, perhaps, will wear these boots, - said Aris, - and you Artem, take this bow. Toren correctly said. To rub immediately, you will need it.
She threw a handful of her coins into a bowl next to the counter and took beautiful leather boots from it. Then she took the gold from me and exchanged them for a bow and a quiver of arrows. I handed it to me. The bow was small and unusually light. The whole arc was decorated with some symbols, and the string gleamed like gold.
- And when the arrows run out, what to do? - I asked.
“Fool,” the girl grinned, pulling on her boots, “they won't end, trust me.” And do not forget the totems. Here they are in the basket.
I threw the quiver behind my back, grabbed a comfortable bow and took two sticks from the basket near the counter with glass balls at the ends.
- Well, let's go, we go there, - Aris pointed to the road, going to the right. - Do not fall behind, we need to quickly get to the line of battle.

The girl quickly ran into the forest along the indicated road. It was already quite light. I walked a couple of steps, turned around. The wolf cub poked around in a pile of things, scattering them in different directions. His wool gleamed in the light, and it seemed that silver threads were woven into his gray skin. He stopped scattering things, turned his face to me. His red blazing eyes rushed at me. He grunted and wheezed:
- Hrrr. Stomp, stomp. I now find one thing, and in the forest - swing.

I turned back. Far away, on the road indicated to me, I saw the receding figure of Aris. She turned around, gave me a wave of her hand and disappeared behind the tower. I ran after her. It was easy to run, apparently, the armor that Toren gave me helped. A few minutes later I caught up with Aris. Interestingly, I could not see at a distance of more than ten meters, everything was as if in a haze or fog. But as he moved, he parted, closing in from behind into a dense wall. I ran and looked all around, as far as visibility was enough. Thick trunks of trees and their intertwined crowns created an impassable thicket. From there, there was a singing of birds and some other unfamiliar, but pleasant sounds. Throughout the road there came across small, trodden trails stretching deep into the forest. On the sides of the road now and then came across thick bushes with soft foliage. In them, probably, it is very convenient to hide. After another couple of minutes, I saw another tower ahead, the same as ours at the base. And behind it was a small clearing, from which a rather wide road went to the left. On the other side of the clearing, another tower was visible through the fog. That's just it was completely different. It was made, apparently, from a smooth black stone. Not as tall as ours, but noticeably wider. Upstairs, right above the roof, a black ball spun. As soon as we reached our tower, Aris raised her hand, signaling that we needed to stop.
- Greetings, Heroes! - I heard a loud voice from somewhere above. - Welcome to the battlefield! The fighters were called!

I looked around. Except for me and Aris, there was nobody.
- Where are the creeps? - I asked.
- They follow the same path as we do. Will be here soon. Let's look around for now. Far from the tower do not leave. Opponents are already close or have simply hidden here. We never know who will oppose us. Put the totem over there in the grass. This will help if they want to bypass us from the side. And watch him, usually for some time they are destroyed and you need to put a new one. Infection, we have guests!
I also noticed how a small figure flashed by the enemy tower.
- Who is it? - I asked, setting the totem near the tower in the bushes.
- This is Helming. Little hamster - explained the girl. “It's about the size of a child.” But you do not look at the fact that he is short. He is very agile, it is very difficult to get into it. His main weapon is a boomerang. Watch carefully when he throws it. By dodging, you can get hit in the back.
“A hamster with a boomerang ...” I said, listening to those words.
I have already ceased to be surprised at anything. Quickly looked around and noticed a path leading to the left of our tower path.
- Where does this road lead?
- Through the mid-top. She goes throughout the battle line. But it is also the most dangerous. While you are running on another line, you can meet several opponents who meet you halfway. One, don't go. - Aris answered me and turned around. - And here is the help! Get ready, now begin.

I heard an approaching tramp from the side we came from. A few seconds later I saw creeps. They were creatures of small stature, something similar either to the Lilliputians, or to the gnomes. There were six of them altogether. Three are chained in shiny armor and with swords and shields. Two in light leather clothes with bows. And one in a raincoat with a hood and a small staff in his hands. They trodden near us and rushed to the tower of the enemy. Then I noticed that on the opposite side of the alien tower a similar procession was also moving, but all of them were dressed in black. Both teams of creeps met exactly in the middle of the clearing, and the battle began. It sounded the sound of swords hitting armor, the whistle of arrows and some other strange sounds. Archers creeps ugly shot, constantly missing, and sometimes their arrows even hurt their fighters. Those in cloaks turned out to be magicians - they fired at the enemy from afar, with some sort of yellow luminous rays. Aris slapped me on the shoulder.
- Hey, wake up! They will kill each other. You shoot them from afar. And look so that the enemy heroes do not attack. Do not touch them yet. It's still early, you need to save up strength.

Aris rushed to the battlefield. Throwing the dagger into her right hand, she shouted something, and the blade lit up with a yellow flame. The girl ran to the nearest enemy creep, deftly twisting, she struck the dagger into the gap between his armor. Fire bursts passed through the body of the creep, and it fell. After lying for a few seconds on the ground, the creep's body went underground without leaving a trace. A creep-archer immediately took his place, moving to the melee, drawing a short sword. The dagger's blade at Aris no longer glowed with fire. She retreated a little, looking for a new victim. I decided to participate too. He took an arrow out of the quiver, very thin and even, with a sharp tip, put it on the bowstring. He pulled, aimed at the nearest enemy creep. The bow was stretched very easily, but at the same time I felt its power. I knew exactly what I’ll get, it looked like the bow was looking for the victim himself. I let go of the bowstring and the arrow, whistling and leaving a bluish trail in the air, stuck exactly into the chest of the enemy creep archer. He fell, and just like the rest of the fallen disappeared after a few seconds. I took aim again and suddenly I heard the wrong scream, not the squeak, and a yellowish boomerang slammed into the thick of our creeps. Having described a semicircle and having touched a couple of fighters, he returned to the paws of a small creature in a lilac kimono and a hood with embroidered stars, which was standing on the opposite side not far from the tower. I moved the scope to him and fired. With elusive speed for the eye, the enemy hero lashed to the side and my arrow only slightly touched his shoulder.
“Don't touch him yet,” Aris shouted from the center of the battle. - Do not make me Angre. Until we can press it, it is too fast. Bay creeps.

She shouted something again, the dagger blade again lit up with fire. The blow, and the next enemy creep was defeated. I clearly saw the hamster frowning. He stirred his mustache like a cat, and with a loud cry threw a boomerang at the creeps. After such a throw, three of our fighters immediately fell to the ground. From behind, I heard the tramp of a new group of creeps, but I noticed that the same crowd was moving from the enemy tower. I continued to shoot at enemy creeps. I always got, but the arrows sometimes rebounded from thick armor. Suddenly, I noticed that from somewhere on the right, from the bushes, black balloons were flying like clots of energy. They fall into our creeps and they begin to move more slowly, as if sleepy, and after three hits they fall to the ground.
- Aris, look! What is it? - I called the girl and showed in the direction of incomprehensible balls.
- This is Vargis! Shoot there. We must see him urgently! He is one of the most dangerous magicians and knows how to manage time!

I quickly pulled the bow string and shot an arrow into the place from which our fighters attacked. The arrow flew in that direction, and it seemed to me that it stuck into something. But a few seconds later I saw an arrow in my hand a few centimeters from my body, an old man in a black robe. On his head was a black hood, covering almost half of his face, from the darkness he could see brilliant crazy green eyes. The face was wrinkled, and at the bottom there was a gray beard. With his left hand, he pressed a thick, worn black book to himself. The old man threw aside the caught arrow. Then he opened the book with both hands and read a spell. His voice was deaf, but with a frightening, gnashing cough. As soon as he finished reading, a shadow separated from the book and rushed to the center of the battle. Having flown to our creeps, the shadow touched two fighters and they began to fall. I saw that they were still alive and simply paralyzed. They fell in such positions as if they were sharply frozen. At the same time, the Helming boomerang flew up to them and struck one with a helmet, and struck the second with an unprotected neck. They fell and immediately disappeared. The old man laughed, moved closer to his tower, and again began to launch black clumps of energy in our creeps.

Suddenly, in my head, I heard Toren’s muffled voice:
- Artem, how is your battle going? Report the situation.
I did not know how to respond, so I simply decided to answer mentally, having decided that it worked like that.
- Here we have a hamster with a boomerang and some old man with a book. We keep quietly. Not to say that everything is smooth!
“All hope is on you,” I heard back. “But there is good news.” There are two in my direction, which means they have no jungle. You can safely push the line. I will hold out on the defensive, but do not expect advancement from me without reinforcement. Aris tell me this, I can't hear her. She apparently casts often. I do not have time ... Khe ... They went on the attack. Bair
The voice in my head subsided. I hope everything is fine there ... Just at that moment, Aris escaped from the center of the battle. I quickly told her the message of Toren.
- The news is really good, but it's time for us to bully the hamster!

Responding to her words, I immediately pulled the string and shot at Helming. Despite the fact that at that moment he stood with his back to me, he easily beat off a shot with his boomerang and the next movement launched it into me. I responded quickly and managed to dodge, but after a moment I got very painful from behind with the same weapon. My head ached badly, and shining stars gleamed in my eyes.
- Careful! I need you here, ”exclaimed Aris. - Let me help.
She ran up to me and uttered the words in a singing voice. White translucent lines broke from her hands and rushed towards me. They surrounded my head, touched, squeezed and melted in the air. The pain and all the other unpleasant symptoms disappeared immediately. Clarity and lightness appeared in my head.
- Be careful, I often can not help you, - said the girl.
- Thank you very much. I will try to.

I waited for the moment when Helming would throw his boomerang and make a shot. And again the hamster beat me. This time he was gone, and at that place a bright ball appeared like a ball of lightning. The arrow, naturally, passed through. And the crackling ball flew through all our creeps, visibly weakening them, and leading some into a stupor for a few seconds. He also managed to touch Aris. She screamed, and staggered away to our tower. Meanwhile, the hamster has returned to its original appearance and, together with Vargis, has already finished off our creeps. I also went to the tower. New reinforcement stomped somewhere far away.
- What do we do? - I asked the girl.
- Nothing, the tower will shoot at the enemy. Heroes do not climb, will try to hurt us from afar. Well, their creeps will try to break the tower, but then we’ll beat them up.

And as if in confirmation of her words, the enemy fighters moved to our tower. When their first creep approached about three meters towards us, white rays flew to meet him right from under the roof. Ten seconds passed, and the enemy soldier lay on the ground. Behind him rushed the rest of the enemy creeps. Before we dealt with them, they managed to hit the tower several times. Oddly enough, even from the blows of their swords, stones fell from the base. And so we were left alone. Fighting hamster nervously strolling at a safe distance, rubbing a boomerang. Vargis stood still a little farther with stony calmness, only his right hand described circular movements over the book. Apparently he was preparing to attack with a spell.

What happened next was completely unexpected. From the side of the road, a wolf howl was heard at the mid. Aris reacted with lightning speed, shouted to me:
- Shoot the magician, distract him.

I could not get a shot from under the tower, so I rushed forward. Leaving a little to the left, I shot Vargis on the move. At the same time, his hand fluttered and a gray shadow flew in my direction. By inertia, I ran a couple more steps and involuntarily got straight to the very center of the spell sent to me. My body was paralyzed, and I began to fall like a log, to the ground. The only thing I could think so was and observe what was going on around me. And there was something to see. My arrow reached the target and pierced the mage's left leg, and he, limping, began to move back to his tower. Helming did not intend to retreat, and since I was immobile, he swung for an accurate throw of his boomerang to kill me. But Aris was also not inactive. On the run, she threw the dagger into her left hand, said something, and in her right hand appeared the exact same dagger. Without thinking, she threw a blade that had just appeared in the hamster, and he almost doubled in the air, pinning Helming to the ground, and immediately disappeared. But that was not all. From the side, Mida ran, dropping into four paws with great speed, Bair. Blowing up the earth with claws, he flew to Helming in three jumps, and, jumping on him, began to tear apart with his paws. The poor hamster had no chance. Shreds of wool flew to the sides, and after a few seconds it was over.

By this time, I felt my body begin to obey. At the same time, I felt a surge of strength and the realization that I can right now make a shot of such strength that the arrow will fly over many kilometers. I aimed to shoot at the magician, who, limping, circled under his tower and mumbled something, rubbing the book. But Aris stopped me, pointing behind my back. , . . . , - , . , . , , , . , , . , , .
, . , ! . - , , , .

, . , , . , , , , - , . , , , . , . , , , . . , . , . , . , , , , , .
– ! – . – , ! . . , .

, , , .
– , *** , – . – ! , . .
– , , . , - . , . , . .
– ? – . – ? ?
– , ! . – . – , . .
, , .
– , ? ? .
– , . . , . , .

, . . , - . , , . , , , , . , , , .

I ran to the counter, fumbled in my pockets and found twenty coins. “Medallion, medallion ... Aris was talking about a medallion!” - I thought and picked things up. There was nothing like a medallion. I picked up the sword. He was very skillfully forged. Its ground blade glittered and shimmered in different colors. A patterned handle is very comfortable in the hand. “Could I go on a close battle?” I thought, threw the coins on the counter and was about to move back to the battlefield. But it was not there! , . , , . , . ? , . , . 100. , 30. , . , . 20. , . , . , . , ! «, » – . , . , , , , , , . .

. , , - . , . . !

, , . . . .
– , – – , – .
– , – .
, :
– , . .
, , . . , , . ?

, , . , , . … – -. . - . - , . , , . , . . , , . . . , . , , . , , . . , . , - . , , , , . , : «!». , , . , . ( ) . , , . ?
– , , ! – .
– , - ! – .
– , !

. , . , . , . , . , , . . . , . , , . , , - … , , , . . , , . -. , . . , , - - , . , . , , , . .
Flicking with her mouth and bending her head to the ground, she began to slowly move in our direction, but it was clear that her strength was leaving her. I felt that I could make a powerful shot that I had killed the magician recently and had already pulled the bow string, when I heard Hecture’s hiss:
“Stop the mess!” This I vasssvass Kassasa to the rescue!

Then I noticed that the appearance of the creature near the enemy hero stunned him even more than me, and he backs up, not daring to join with her in battle. And even more he was embarrassed by the fact that their own trying to beat her.
- Damn, I'm sorry. I did not know! - I replied to Hackture and sent the already prepared powerful shot at Styx.
, , , , . , . , , , , , .

– , , , , – . – .
– , , – . – , …
Before I could finish the thought, a ball woven from lightning flashed through me. I cried out in pain. The whole body flashed a discharge of electricity, I began to lose consciousness. Everything was swimming around and legs were bending. Through the fog in my eyes, I saw Hektyur hurry to me to help, but the last thing I remember is a boomerang flying in my face.

Part 3

. . , , , . . . , . , . . , , . , , , , , . , , . . . :
– . , . , .
, , . . .
– ? – , .

, , , . , , , . , :
– , , . , .
, , .
– , , . , . . – - . , . ! , . , , ! . , . . ! ?
– , – . – , , .
– , . , , - , .

. . , , , . - . , , , . . , , , . , – , , . - . , -. , . , , , .

, . , , , , . , , . - . , , - . . , , , – . . . , . -, . , - . . ! , . , , , . , . , ! , , , , , . , . , , , , . , , . , .

, . , , . , , , , . . . . , . . - , . . , , .
– , , – , – . .

«, , .» – . – « , , ». , , . , , , , . ! , , . , . ! . ! . ! , . . , . . , , , . , . , – ! , , , . . , , , . , , , - . , , - . , , .

, . , , . , , . , :
– , ! , . , !

. , . , , - . , , , . , , . , , . , , , . , . , , , , . - , , . , , . , , . , , , .
- Stop, Bair, I'll try something now! - I shouted to the cub.
Reluctantly, he stopped ten meters behind the ruins of the tower and turned his head towards me.
- Well, what have you got there? Grrr. Now I’ll definitely not catch up!

, . - . . , , , , . , , . . , , , . , , . . , . , , . , . . . , , . , , , , , . . , , , . , . , . , . , , . . , , , . , .

– , , , – . – , …
. , , , , . , . , , , , , . . , , . , . . , . .

“So, as long as they have two withdrawn from battle, we are launching an offensive,” said Toren. - They assume that we will push the top. Helming will be waiting for us here, but we will shift to the midpoint, we will put Styx to weaken them and take the second tower to the midpoint, but if we are lucky, we will immediately rush to their base and that's it. Bair, ready? Or do you want to go to the base?
- Regrr. I'm fine, - the wolf growled. - Come on.
- Now everything is time. We must do everything quickly. Go-go!
The three of us rushed along the wide road to mid. Even though I was in armor, increasing my speed of movement, all the same, Bair, dropping by four legs, was faster than us, and soon disappeared ahead in a haze. On the way, we had to cross a narrow river, more precisely, even a trickle. The closer we came to the midpoint, the clearer the cries and cries of birds circling over the Styx were heard. On the very border with the battlefield, Bair was already waiting for us. Turning around, he croaked:
- Did you notice anything suspicious in the water?
“No, I haven't seen anything,” I replied.
“Yes, everything seems to be clean,” Toren agreed with me.
- I hid a trap there. Grrych. For our dear opponents. If you have not noticed - generally excellent!
– . , , – .

, . , , - . . . , , . , , . , , , . , , . .
– , . , . , , – .
, , . :
– ! – . – .
– , – , , .
– , , – .

. , . , , , . , . , , :
– . , .
– . , . . – . .
. , , . . , . - , . :
– . . . . !

, . .
– , . . - , – , , - .

. . , . , . , . , , , . , , . . . , , - . , - . , , , . . , , , , . , . , , , . . , . , , , - .

From the side of our base, I heard a senile cough, and then a cry of a spell followed. Magician Vargis was standing in the middle of the road, and a black shadow was flying from him. Fortunately, I stood aside and her flight path did not concern me. But on the dangerous line were everyone else.

- Paralyzing shadow! - I cried, trying to somehow help his comrades.
, , . . , , . , . , . ( , ), . , , . . , , , - . , , , , . . , , – , . , , , .

– , , , – . – , . . …

. . , . , , : , . , . , , . , . , - , . , - , , . , . . . , , , . , - , . , . , . - «» . , . . «» . , , , , . , . . , , . , , . . . , , , .

Part 4

This time I was right near the shop with the goods. Having estimated that before the appearance of my comrades there are a few minutes, I fumbled in my pockets and pulled out coins from there. Recalculated. It turned out that during the battles I accumulated forty-three coins. I started sorting things out on the counter in search of something worthwhile. First of all, I wanted to find the same bracelet as the last time, but I only came across something only flasks and weapons. The door slammed behind her, and there was a tramp of dozens of legs. I turned around. The next portion of creeps ran out of the building and, being divided into groups, rushed to our towers. I again continued to choose their product. The door slammed behind her again, and almost immediately there was a cry:
- Artem, your left! Are you digging there? - Toren shouted at me, running out of the building. - They can calmly decide our towers!
Over Toren, Aris and Beir ran out of the building. Behind them came Hektyur. They quickly reached the shop and, pushing me aside, began to equip.
- Artem, are there any coins? - Hastily asked Aris.
“Why, a few,” I answered, and handed her the coins.
- Spear of silence? - Aris asked Already Toren and gave him the money.
“It’s reasonable not to miss,” the big man replied.
“Grrr, I'd rather have bought my second fangs,” Bair growled.
“You'll waste your money,” Toren snapped. - Artem, here you are.
Toren gave me a short spear. The shaft was not made of wood, not the bone. The whole surface was covered with carved characters. The sharp tip glowed with white light with light bluish tints.
“The plan is,” said Toren. - Now we go to the dragon. We take him. Then on the rise we go through the bot and try to take the last tower there.
- The Dragon? - I was surprised. - And we can handle?
“Rrr, we go to bed,” the wolf cub snarled. - You are the main thing, when we say, pacify him with a spear.
“Enough talk,” Toren ordered. - Did they take everything? Extend.

Toren tied a flask to his belt, hung a metal cross the size of a fist on his chest and ran to the boat. Aris and Bair immediately set off after him, taking the necessary things from the counter. I decided not to lag behind, and, tightening my hold of the spear in my hand, I followed them. Running a couple of meters, I turned around. Hektyur threw a gray cloak over the counter and moved behind us.
“I’m sssymayaschaschaschiy,” - flickered in my head, and I noticed that behind Hektyur now stretches a pale blue trail of some mucus.
I didn’t even want to imagine what it was, so I just continued to run after my comrades. Passing the first tower, Toren abruptly turned left into the forest, along an inconspicuous path. It was followed by all the others. Running a couple of tens of meters, winding between the trunks of massive trees, we rested against a stone wall. Behind her came the splash of water and the sniff of a large animal.
- Here we are. He is there, ”said Aris. - Artem, at my command you throw a spear. The main thing - hit. And then help us with arrows.
- Ulta do not use! - Toren reported. “There is still a tower ahead.”
“Grrr, now we have him in two accounts,” the wolf cub snarled.

And the truth is, everything went smoothly and quickly. We walked around the wall a little to the right, through the gap, and I saw a dragon. If I had watched it a couple of hours ago, I would have been frightened, but now, after all sorts of stone worms and walking skeletons, I was calm. The dragon was the size of a sand-colored KAMAZ, as if descended from illustrations of fairy tales. With a long, five tail tail, bone comb on the back and head extended with spikes. He lay in a puddle, curled up, buried his face in his paw, and slept, blowing nostrils of bubbles in the water. He looked very good-natured, and did not want to kill him at all, but Aris shouted a spell and threw a dagger at the dragon that appeared in her right hand. The dragon allegedly did not sleep at all. With a subtle movement, he flapped his wings, and raised himself above the ground, letting the flying dagger go below him. His face grinned at us with huge fangs, his eyes lit up with a red flame, and a huge lump swelled around his neck. Slightly waving wings and holding a foot from the ground, the dragon was clearly going to drench us with something unpleasant.
- Artem, come on! - shouted Toren.

I swung a spear and threw it, aiming at the lump formed on the dragon's throat. Dexterity monster was not to occupy. He, still on the approach of the spear, dodged with ease, grabbed the shaft, and bit it like a toothpick. But apparently, the spear and should not have done physical damage. The jaws of the dragon stuck together, and he howled in surprise and rage. In the meantime, a lump from his throat reached the muzzle and through tightly clenched fangs and green slurry poured through his nostrils. She was dripping on his neck, belly. The dragon spun round. In those places where the poison touched his armor, dark holes formed, from which blood began to ooze. His wings did not have enough strength to rise into the air and fly away, so he flopped his belly in a puddle, and began to fiddle around in it, washing away his poison, simultaneously waving his tail violently, trying to hurt us.
“Be careful not to plunge into his poison,” Toren shouted. - We finish him, he is very weak.

Bair jumped on his back to the dragon and began to rip the ridge. Toren chopped him from the bottom, leaving huge wounds with his axes. I helped the arrows, falling into the dragon's wounds, formed from poison. I did not see Aris and Hecture, apparently they made sure that none of the enemy heroes did not bypass us. In the end, in about five minutes, we managed the dragon. His tormented carcass began to fall underground immediately after it stopped moving and tailing. Bair immediately jumped to the ground and ran away. As soon as the dragon's body disappeared under the ground, a golden glow enveloped all of us for a few seconds. I felt a surge of strength, as if I had just slept well and had a rest.
- Well, bafnuli. And now - on the boat - Toren ordered, and we ran to the enemy base.

On the way, Hektyur and Aris joined us, emerging from somewhere in the forest. We overtook a squad of our creeps moving in the same direction. A little before reaching the last enemy tower on this line, we saw a detachment of enemy creeps, at the head of which the skeleton Stix was moving with its bouncing gait. A huge cloud of black birds circled over his head, deafening the neighborhood with a nasty scream.
- Crumple him! - cried Toren on the run. - Do not let him go or report an attack.

Further events developed with lightning speed. Throw, and from the hand of Toren a small hatchet flies into the chest of the enemy hero. Styx staggered at the weapon plunged into his bones, but he withstood. His birds in the air gathered in a wedge, intending to attack Toren, and the skeleton itself, taking the staff in his left hand, set the right one to create a spell. At this moment, passing from the side, Beir, in a jump, simply snatched the enemy's bone-arms and, after landing on the ground, spat them out to the side.
- What, not tasty? - laughed Aris, and in turn shouted a spell, throwing a dagger flashing with fire into his right hand.
A wave, and not having time to come round, armless Styx had already taken her blow, and the skeleton blazed with fire. The girl immediately bounced to the side, simultaneously laying the exact blows of enemy creeps. And now Hektyur came to the rescue, using his skill, created a breach in the ground right under Styx’s feet. The blazing, enemy hero, along with a pair of his fighters, fell down, and the rift immediately dragged on. From the sky came, like seeds, the dead bodies of the black birds of Styx.

- Nakonetsss something naffshitshshu tfffar! - rustling Hektur.
The rest of the enemy creeps were torn apart by Beir for a few seconds. Having finished this task, everyone ran on. Literally five minutes later, an enemy tower emerged from the haze, Vargis nervously pacing beneath it, rubbing the book in his left hand.
“We will lure him out from under the tower and further along the same lines,” said Toren. - Artem connect.
As soon as we approached the enemy tower, Vargis turned to us and opened the book. After flipping through it a bit, he began to mumble something under his breath and lead his hand over the book.
- Looks like his stunner activates. We are walking in a crowd, ”Aris said loudly and turning to us, she winked.

Everyone understood the hint, and as soon as a gray shadow separated from the enemy hero and rushed at us, we unanimously parted in different directions, skipping the enemy attack in the middle. In order for the shadow to reach us faster, Vargis at the last moment took a couple of steps from the defense tower and was out of her defense. Bair decided to take advantage of this. Huge jumps, he rushed to the magician. But he quickly reacted and threw several black balls towards him. One of them touched the cub's front paw and paralyzed her for a while. After landing on one forepaw, Bair lost his balance and, having plowed a couple of meters of land, he practically buried his face in black magician's boots. Immediately the wolf jumped up on three healthy paws, and, grabbing Vargis's black robe, with great force, pulled him through himself. The magician, who did not expect such a turn of events, dropped his book during the flight and landed on the fifth point in front of us. Toren with one blow of the ax laid him on the ground. And I, completing the battle, shot an arrow into his heart, using a powerful shot. Vargis's body went underground.

“So, there are still three left,” said Toren, wiping his ax. - Artem, we need a review in the direction of their base. They now know for sure that we are all together through the bot. Most likely, they will try to surround us again. Put the totems.
- Grrr, there are no totems. No one took! - said Bair, coming up to us and limping on the front paw. “I’ll set up the traps now, if someone goes, we’ll rather find out.”
- Well, - answered Toren, - then go ahead.
There was a rumble behind. All at once turned to the sound, but it was just our creeps. This was the squad that we overtook on the way. They rounded our company and moved to the tower.
- Just in time! Exclaimed Aris. - Come on.

My companions moved to the tower, and I realized that it was time to ultvat. Gathered with the forces and fired a fiery arrow in the direction of the enemy base. And again I watched her flight from the first person. Here my companions flashed under me. A group of creeps had already begun to destroy the tower, but the defensive beam of the tower very quickly made short work of the fighters. Aris, Hektyur and Toren remained some couple of meters to begin the destruction. Bair was a little behind, but he was also approaching, limping. The injured paw already almost obeyed him. And the arrow flew further, leaving behind a rain of fiery drops. I was afraid that the fire would harm my friends, but fortunately, the drops scattered, not reaching the heroes, as if they were covered with an invisible shield. And now the arrow flies over the enemy trade shop. It is made in the form of a tent of thick black fabric, and under it was not visible - what was there. But Helming, who was running near the tent and heading for the defense of his tower, was visible.
The trajectory of the arrow did not intersect with its direction, so he glanced up at the arrow and only accelerated. Neither Aysher nor Takar was visible. In the meantime, the arrow had already reached the enemy fortress. It was a real fortress. Four high stone walls, in the corners of the tower, from which black chains came down to the outside. The walls at a height of more than three meters sharply passed into the slope of the roof, which was a four-sided pyramid. Above, above the tip of the roof, a black ball flapped. This is all that I managed to see before the arrow hit the wall, knocking out a few stone blocks.

I returned to my body again and saw that all our creeps were already killed, and Toren was taking damage. All together, the heroes thresh the already staggering tower. I did not have time to pull the string to help, as the tower collapsed with a crash. I ran to my comrades. The path to the enemy base was clear. She could be seen in the distance, uncovered by fog. Not far was the enemy tent-shop, which I saw during the shot. But Helming somewhere out of sight. Apparently he lurked somewhere in the bushes, without risking to go out alone against us all. As soon as I reached the heroes, Toren ordered:
- Moving on. Now there are five of us for three. I think they are waiting for us on the way. We do not regret our strength, by necessity. Artem, thanks for the review, this is very handy. Bair, you use the ulta only when absolutely necessary, it will be needed later.
- Grrr. I know myself! The little wolf snapped.

And we are quite briskly, but with caution we moved to the enemy base. Nerves were strung like ropes. The attack could be expected from all sides. But trouble came from below. As soon as we caught up with their shop, the earth shook under our feet, and an armored worm came out of the center of our organized group, scattering everyone to the side. Hecture just drifted away. Bair, running on four paws a little ahead, managed to bounce, but did not have time to react to the spittle. Green mucus poured the little wolf, fortunately without hitting the muzzle, but sticking it to the ground qualitatively. Not allowing us to come to his senses, Takar ducked under the ground again, almost dragging Aris with him, but she managed to move in time from a dangerous place. Everyone began to rise to their feet. A boomerang hamster flew from the nearest bushes to Aris with a whistle, but the girl for whom this blow was intended had time to dodge. The next moment Helming jumped out of the bushes, and, catching the boomerang that had returned, threw it, again trying to stun Aris. I threw up my bow and fired, almost without taking aim, not counting to shoot at Helming, I just wanted to prevent the throw. My arrow shot down a boomerang thrown by a hamster on the fly and threw it aside. Helming glared at me with anger, he had to run after his weapon, distracting himself from the fight.

From the side of the already destroyed tower there was a loud cry of birds. All turned to the sound. A few meters from Toren and Khektur, shaking the ground, she landed Aysher's fiery griffin on four legs.
- I will distract them! - shouted Toren, and a bright flash for a moment blinded everyone.
And then the griffin began to attack Toren. Helming, who had just entered into a close combat with Aris, threw himself into a fireball and also rushed to our “tank”. From under the ground, Takar got out, knocking Aris down again, and also rushed to Toren. I shot, without stopping, at Eicher, but simple arrows did almost no damage to her. A powerful shot I already did, but for nothing. The arrow pierced the wing of the griffin and flew away into the distance. Hektyur also tried to do something, but he was a melee fighter and his clawed hands did not reach the vulnerable points of the griffin, and the flame coming from Aysher did not allow him to be closer. I looked at Bair. He was twitching with bitterness, trying to get out of the mucus. She had almost all the glass on the ground, but her hind paws still held tight.

And Toren was already struggling to beat the paws and beak of the griffin, and barely dodged the boomerang Helming. Meanwhile, Takar had already crawled up to this slaughter and simply covered Toren with his carcass, crushing himself. But our “tank” was not so easy to crush. When the worm crawled away and dived under the ground again, I saw that Toren’s armor was badly dented, but the hero himself was alive and ready to resist. Apparently, having decided to finish him off, the griffin rose on its hind legs and sank down again, while a flame burst from its beak, as if someone had shot a flamethrower. At this moment, the cross on Toren’s chest cracked and crumbled. The flame, not reaching the hero half a meter, dissipated, resting on the transparent protective dome that covered the hero, but after dissipating the flame, the dome disappeared, apparently it was designed for one time. Next was the swing of the griffin's beak. Toren managed to roll and rise to his feet, but a boomerang kick immediately followed, forcing him to drop to one knee.
“That's it, they’ll put me right now,” Toren croaked. - Hold on. Now they will come loose from me.

He pulled the bottles from his belt (it is unclear how he had not broken in battle), and drank the contents in one gulp. Immediately his body stopped and became very quickly covered with a crust of ice. A couple of seconds, and now, instead of our "tank" on the ground, a block of ice with a dark figure appeared inside. A boomerang flying into Toren stuck in the ice and did not move anymore. Helming, again turning around with a ball of lightning, moved toward his weapon, simultaneously departing from the attack of Aris, who had already risen to his feet. Griffon-Aysher several times struck a block of ice with Toren inside, but only a couple of scratches remained on the surface. The ice was clearly not simple, and did not succumb to either fire or physical destruction. While still shelling Isher, I noticed how Helming jumps funny around the ice in an attempt to get his boomerang, and that a hole appeared near him. From her crawled six-legged creature Hecture. She jumped onto Helming’s back, pinning him to the ground, and dug his fanged maw into the hamster’s shoulder. The earth shook, and Takar came out of the ground next to them. Curving with an arc, he jumped over the lying hamster, grasped a six-legged creature with his mouth, and again rushed under the ground. Already almost hiding, he bent his tail to the side and lashed Aris at them, throwing her aside on the already practically freed Bair.

Aysher realized that she couldn’t get Toren now, and turned to Haktyur. The ghost, having waited for the opportunity to use the skill again, spread his hands to the sides, and under Aishera a rift formed in the ground. The griffin simply flapped its wings, flew over the breach of Hecture himself, landed a few steps away from me.

, ( ) , . «» , . , . , . , , , , .

, , … , . , , . , , . , . , . .

, , , . , , , , , , . .

, , . . , , . , . . , , , . , , , . . , . . , , . , . , . «» . , . , . , .

, . , , . , . , . , , , . . , , .
– ! ! – , . – !
– … ! ! – .

. - , . . , -, . , , . , , . , , , , , . , . , , . . .
– , ! ! – , .

, . . . , , . , , , , , . , , . . ( ) . .
«», , . I turned around. , , , . , . . , .

, . , , , . , , .
– , . , – . – . - .
, , . . , . , .
— . . , , – , .

. , . . . . . , , . , , . , , , .
– ! – .
– . , , – . – , .

, . , . , , . , – , . , . , , , .
– . , – .

. . . . , , . , . , .
– ! ! – , .

, , , . , , ! , . , , , . , , , , . , . , . , .

- . . , . , , . , . , . , , .
– . , ! – , .

. . . , , . , . , .

, . . . . . , . , , . . , . , , .
– -, – . – .
– ? – , .
– . Yes. , – . – . . .

. , , , , .
– ? , ? ? ? – .
– , – . – . . , , .
– ? –
– … – .
. , .
– . , . , , .
– ! . - ! – . – , .
. .
– ! – , .
- .
– , . ? – . – . , . .
– . , – . – . - .
– , . , – . – .

, . , . . . , . .
– ? – .
– . , – . – .
– , . , – . – .

. , . , .
. , . , , , , , . - . . . - , . . , :
– ! , ! – . – ? ? ! …
. , :
– , ! , ?
. .
– . , …
– ! – .

. . , , . . . . . . , . . , . , . , . . , . . « !» – . , .

, . . , . . . . , , . , . . . , . «» . « ? ? , ? ?» – . , . . . , - . , . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , , 61, . 67 . :
- Who?
– , – , , .

. , , . , . , . , .

« , ! !» – . , , . . , , .


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