Bitcoin - the price of revolution

An incredibly large wave moves on us at all. The same feeling was when the Internet came, but now it is stronger, and the phenomenon is bigger. A person goes all the time by realizing the possibilities of the inner neural environment outside. And here we come to the stage which can be called “You are Me.” Straight from "You are us." Many different tools were created to express the will of this “We”: states, organizations, religions, languages. Gradually, progress has removed the most rigid boundaries and it was found that "We" is one planet, one species, one organism. The integration of everything into everything was carried out.

They have grown to the Internet, to satellite navigation, to unmanned vehicles, to the possibility of living [almost] as they please and [almost] anywhere. Of course, the process is uneven, but the fact that you personally do not have the opportunity to rise right now, buy a ticket and fly to Alaska with one credit card and a smartphone in your pocket does not mean that there is no such thing at all. This is, the scale is held back relatively artificially, and the potential is incredible (almost everyone wants it).

So (watch out for hands :), crypto-revolution with machine learning at the ready and there is a step in all this. The step is happening right now. The contours are tangible. States, as entities, will not stand and will be transformed. The most progressive political system (democracy) will not stand and will be transformed first into [conditionally] cloud democracy, and then it’s hard to say at all. Institutions will not stand. We are waiting for a total and fast change of formation according to the revolutionary principle “go, if you want! not? Well, as you wish…".

The price of participation in the revolution suddenly, but naturally, fell from the exit to the square under the barrel of the national guard to a couple of clicks on any device. A couple of clicks are the cost of attention, the cost of a decision, the cost of a voice, the cost of transferring key value from one world to another. To roll back the situation, you need to roll back to zero all the high technology and continue to not extinguish. It is already impossible. You can only delay the moment. We do not have time / we can / want, we will make a small Estonia, Finland, Singapore, some state of California, in the end. Life will flow through them. Everything and everyone will flow through them.

Professional traders, looking at the graph of Bitcoin price growth (600% over the last year), compare it with the historical graphs of the tools they know and call a bubble, which will soon burst. The graphics are the same guys! But they can see and "understand" only the financial component of Bitcoin. However, bitcoin is much more, something much more multifaceted and multidimensional.

Bitcoin is an extremely successful symbolic quintessence of all digital and cryptotechnologies. Imagine that in the mid-90s the Internet would have the same symbolic quintessence, based on mathematics. What would the “internet cost” schedule look like now? The Internet is still growing and penetrating everything in all different forms. These are domains, networks, devices, factories, transport, and the labor market. And the cryptotechnologies themselves are generated by the Internet, for that matter. That is, the "Internet cost" schedule is still growing, you know, guys?

The growth rate of the cost of Bitcoin accelerates all processes incredibly. People on the ground suddenly see, they see and realize that they are almost too late to do everything possible right now to save their places. To do quickly, well and correctly. Otherwise, they were really late, as others will do.

Economists, observers, financial experts, officials float in terms and do not really understand how to approach the "crypt". They see only the financial, economic, organizational components of bitcoin and cryptotechnologies in general. But they do not understand the deep technical background. Where does it flow from and where does it flow from? Their professional fields have not made such an innovative breakthrough in recent years as IT. They still think in terms of kickbacks and political will from above. Their army of accountants in the field just torn off the wooden account, what is the demand from them?

I myself, personally, on my fingers, explained to the first clients in 1999-2000 why I should post information on the Internet on my own website for free. Smart and successful guys were perplexed, they say, we collect information, pay for the whole process and give EVERYONE to use for free? ... Uh, what's the trick, student? Economically meaningless? Yes. Then it seemed so. And today, services are competing for someone who offers more for free than no-limit and longer than forever.

The scope of cryptotechnologies is as big as the Internet. There are no expert tech experts on everything. No one can explain what is happening so that everyone can understand. Everyone will drag with a bias in their direction. Qualification in all areas is born now, in these years, months and days. But the direction will grow as the Internet has grown / grows simply because everything has matured to this.

Among the first shot of the financial component of the crypt. Do you want the state to fully control your finances? Hop! And depreciated the ruble by half, as in the Russian Federation in 2014, or as in Uzbekistan the other day (early September 2017)? Hardly you want it. That is why you have dollars, euros, kinahs, gold, silver, and just about the first bitcoins / ethers / monero / riplets appear, if not already. Some Cap tells me that almost all people in all countries who have an initial level of financial literacy think in the same way. Now try to imagine what kind of power can stop all these people in their unison? There is no such force as there was no force to prevent the advent of Internet technologies (yes, we all know about North Korea!). What is the price to enter this single impulse? A minute of reflection, a decision, a couple of clicks, and now you're on the other side of the fiery sword.

Cryptotechnologies brought with them such a phenomenon as ICO. What is it? This is an infusion of funds in exchange for a ticket to a new brave world. The price is provided with confidence, the level of understanding of the situation and the confidence that this is what will shoot. Do not forget that since 2009, hundreds of the smartest world-class passionary teams put their skills and brains to what is happening. It is their time, qualifications and attention that are embedded in these $ 170 billion of the current capitalization of the cryptotechnology market. It is on these guys who bet.

Zybko, yes? Want more substantial guarantees? Then you in the banks yesterday. They will give out a paper booklet and explain that you need to come to the branch where the account was opened.

Now ICO anywhere in the world is not legalized. In this case, the best deals collect utter millions literally in minutes. For example, the Aragon project in 15 minutes attracted about $ 25 million, and Brave - $ 35 million in 24 seconds. This is a model of how things will look in the future.

Once the text was only sound, then an ink manuscript, then a printed word, then the protocols arrived, all the markup languages ​​and databases crowned with the blockchain. Now everything that was recently just a sound is being recorded and marked. The qualifications and reputation of the ICO teams are not yet in the blockchain. So far, mainly "in their heads" and in time manifested charisma. But it will be in the blockchain. Then any undertaking of any intelligent people will give them as much money as they need. And our means with you will distribute AI among these very intelligent people, that is, yes, between us.

Are you worried? The system takes into account all the punctures, automatically reduces the reputation and funding, increases the risk. Injured in the process? The system understands everything, allocates funds and the optimal format of rehabilitation. Actually, this is a model of the human world, as we would like to see it today. I am you. "Do to others as you would like them to do to you." Do you remember? So, this is It, coming from the side of technology, since we cannot cope otherwise.


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