A few words in defense of bone conduction

Recently, due to the fact that bone conduction headsets are becoming more and more popular among sellers and buyers, there are more and more reviews and complaints.

The time has come, it seems, to answer the main ones: is there any bass and how does it harm health.

The sound is not the same

Yes, that is the truth. Bone conduction conveys information to us using slightly different principles, but those who write it down as flaws are in too much of a hurry. In this sense, we could also say that the e-book is worse than paper, because you cannot bend the page as a bookmark.

No bass

Sly and double statement. In our experience of working with Aftershokz for many years, this statement is truly the most “tenacious”. In fact, everything is somewhat different, as it seems to us.

Firstly, it is worth noting that piezo-speakers really reproduce low frequencies worse.

This, including manifested in low-cost models, Sportz Titanium . However, in more advanced devices, flagship Trekz, low frequencies are audible and distinguishable in the claimed range, which can be seen with the help of acoustic tests, which are abundant in the network.

It should be added that bone conduction is like an opportunity not to hear the bass, but to feel the bass, which is partly manifested by the very vibration. By the same principle , if you remember, the SubPac “backpack” was designed, the main purpose of which is to give an opportunity to feel the presence at the concert, the vibration from the sound.

Of course, the power of consumer headsets is not always enough, but at high volume the same Trekz sound quite convincingly for its class. So, we would say that there are basses, but there is no possibility to convince music lovers who are confronted with such a thing for the first time.

Harm to health

It all starts with surprise and everyday questions, but “will it break my skull?”, However, there is a surge of medical commentators who have heard something from someone that this is harmful.

What kind of potential harm in question - not specified.

What we know

Evidence has to be sought "from the opposite." First of all, however, not a single key request for health hazards at thematic sites, including ncbi, brought anything: no one writes directly that bone conduction destroys the brain, bones and other parts of the body.

Secondly, it is impossible not to take into account that the technology itself came in general from medicine as salvation, not as a killer, but children's hearing aids based on bone conduction are still unimplantable, so it seems that since our children all of them will certainly not give them anything bad.

Finally, we can proceed from our own logic: every day we constantly listen to the sound of our own voice through the bones, and if bone conduction was dangerous for health, then it would manifest itself.

On the other hand, the pros of this method of listening, on the contrary, mentions can be found (Wired refers to the chairman of the Foundation for Audiology of the USA): it is considered that it is safer to listen through the bone, especially in childhood, to reduce the risks of early hearing loss, because the eardrum is more sensitive than bones, and air conduction harms much more.

Also, other successes are usually given to these theses:

And so on and so forth.

Thus it turns out, as in this picture: everyone has the same task for fair comparison.

And this is not entirely true.

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