Top 10 Desktop CNC Machines for Home 2017

Desktop 3D printers are already widely distributed among fans of new technologies and craftsmen using them for work and at home. They do not always justify the expectations and investment. This video contains presentations of devices of another class - these are multifunctional devices that allow not only to print in bulk, but also to perform other operations. All of them are relatively inexpensive and take up little space, which allows them to be used on the desktop next to the computer.



Snapmaker is a compact machine with a modular design that assembles from separate units in a matter of minutes. The snapshot maker is equipped with interchangeable working modules that allow you to mill, print in 3D, burn and cut with a laser.

The snapmaker is made of steel and anodized aluminum, which should serve the reliability and durability of the structure.

Read a more detailed review of Snapmaker in our blog.


Xplotter is a home-made plotter of a composite construction. He can professionally draw with various tools, from any fountain pen to felt-tip pens.

It can burn and cut with a laser, as well as move small objects using a suction cup.


Tooli is another multi-tool. He can also perform the functions of a plotter, a manipulator and a laser cutter-burner. In addition, Tule is able to apply airbrushing and dispense pasty substances, food and non-food - so, with it you can easily make a decoration for a cake or a stained-glass window.

Tooli is interesting because its design is easily scaled - quick and easy replacement of rail guides allows you to increase the scope of work.

The device comes with its own software - Art 2G Code, with the most intuitive interface, and the models can be spread into a common base and taken from there, which is facilitated by a well-developed user community.

Dobot M1

Dobot M1 - the robot-manipulator with replaceable nozzles. It is miniaturized, but is positioned as a professional tool with computerized vision and interchangeable heads for 3D printing, laser engraving, soldering and assembly.

Dobot manipulator accuracy: 0.02 mm, work area: 400 mm radius and 250 in height.


Optimus is a Febtop Tech transforming machine that can be easily converted from a delta bot type 3D printer into a linear machine, depending on current goals. The machine can print in 3D, burn and cut with a 2 W laser, as well as mill wood and plastic. Works with its own application. Included: Optimus Delta 3D printer, milling module, laser, set for transformation.

The machine is quite durable.


Inventables X-Carve is a home CNC machine for amateurs. He is dedicated to the user community, whose members write about working with the machine and offer improvements. Some users do business on the sale of manufactured items. This is starting to spread widely in schools - the traditional sale of home baking is no longer popular, and students cut out badges and memorable signs for school sales.

Many do things like guitars, accessories or quadrocopters. All created models are added to the Inventables collection , you can always find and see them.

Every week there is an update of free software for the machine. The machine is not compatible with common programs, but the bundled software makes it easy to create models and send them to friends and partners. X-carve is well compatible with the devices Inventables of the previous generation - there is the possibility of an upgrade.


BoXZY is a desktop maker tool. Multifunction device. Fraser spindle power - 1.25 horsepower. Laser cutter. 3D printer. All tools are easily replaceable by the user. All accessories of the machine are made of stainless steel, and the body is made of anodized aluminum. BoXZY can work with most materials, from plastic to hardwood, can engrave metals — for example, printed circuit boards.

Piranha FX

Piranha FX is another modular machine of compact size. Piranha includes convenient and easy-to-use modules. It allows you to mill, do laser engraving and 3D printing, digitize bas-relief images with a scanning nozzle with a probe. Takes up little space.

Stepcraft 2

Stepcraft can be converted from one CNC machine to another in seconds. Creating models occurs in three simple steps: the creation of the project, the choice of material and tools, start and work.

Few people like to learn new complex programs, so Stepcraft works great with popular programs that you already know. You can use a 3D printhead for rapid prototyping, turn your Dremel into a high precision mill, or use a powerful spindle to quickly process aluminum, wood, carbon and plastic. The hot cutter cuts polystyrene with professional cut quality.

EleksMaker Triaxial

The EleksMaker Triaxial self-assembly kit is a three-axis benchtop CNC engraving machine. It takes up very little space on the desktop, allowing you to cut products of fairly high quality.

Easy to assemble from a small number of components.

The laser module is available as an option, depending on the configuration of the order.

You can order these and other CNC machines on the Top 3D Shop website.

You can also get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of the machines. Our managers will always help with the choice of the machine, will orient at prices and configuration, prompt delivery times and place an order.

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