Google Drive for PC and Mac will stop working in March 2018

Google Inc. introduced the Google Drive desktop application many years ago. At first, it began to gain popularity, but then, as alternatives appeared, users began to switch to other software platforms. As a result, the company decided not to scatter efforts and stop supporting the application in December this year. And in March 2018, Google Drive for desktops will be closed.

All your files can be accessed further using mobile apps and a browser. Google representatives said that instead of closing Google Drive for desktops, users were offered an alternative - the Backup and Sync program. It will replace both Google Drive and Google Photos Uploader. The principle of its operation is similar to Google Drive, so users should not have problems with the new product.

For businesses that are used to storing their files on the company's servers, an additional solution has been proposed, called Drive File Stream. The description of the service says that it allows you to save space on your local hard drive, providing access to Google Drive files on request. Google believes that the new product is a much more elegant solution for organizing and managing your files than Google Drive. "Say while the problems with hard disk space and file synchronization."

Drive File Stream has more features than Google Drive, this application can’t do one thing - to synchronize files in local folders like “Documents” or “Desktop”.

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