Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver - not the cheapest in its class this time.

It used to be able to shake off any device, they say, wait, after a while, Xiaomi will do the same, but cheaper. For those who for some reason wanted to buy a Bluetooth receiver, this rule did not work: the gadget, although it is very cheap, but not cheaper than other manufacturers. Nevertheless, he deserved a couple of words.

In fact, much more interesting was how the company "teaser": the rumors, speculations were full, perhaps, any smartphone "envy." At a minimum, innovative headphones in a stylish package were expected, but it turned out that’s what.

At the time of the announcement, it turned out that the company addressed its gadget primarily to sports girls, who would be comfortable with “turning” their wired headphones into wireless ones in such a simple way.

Although, in fact, there are more applications for the receiver: a similar device, for example, will be quite useful in a car: for example, we brought Mpow with such positioning, but it is important to note here that the latter has a built-in microphone, and Xiaomi has not.

However, you can stream music from your smartphone to the radio without a microphone.

The device, as always, is stylish and elegant: a white small rectangle with a single button and two connectors at the edges: one to connect Jack (it's included).

The other is for charging via microUSB (not included).

In the same sense, again, the Mpow equipment was much richer:


Holding the button turns the receiver on and off, long hold - starts pairing mode (the blue and pink lights will flash alternately).

While listening to music a single press - pause / play, double - flipping the track 1 forward.

Price - from 1000 rubles, but not in Russia

In July of this year, there was news that the company indicated a price for the device at $ 15, but it doesn’t work everywhere on Chinese websites: it would be fair to call the range 1100 - 1400 rubles.

Prices in Russian stores at the lower boundary - from 1300 onwards (for comparison, the Mpow now costs 1290 ).

Mi logo on a clothes peg

But in general, it is cheap, but this time it is not cheaper than other receivers: prices in China start with very funny numbers.

Who is useful?

You can save money on this: let's say, round 1500 + 500 rubles for a good version of the same Xiaomi Piston , and now wireless headphones with a good sound for 2000 rubles.

How this is suitable for sports: formally, the wires have not gone away until it is clear. In the car? Yes, music from a smartphone to play is cool, probably, but many of them have long since updated VC with free tracks ...

In the car for security as a speakerphone, no: there is no microphone. Probably, this gadget is addressed to owners of smartphones with non-standard connectors, which are now becoming more and more. In this case, yes, a Bluetooth receiver is a good way to save money.


We have this model costs 1700 rubles .

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