New type of charging stations from Tesla

To the existing network of Charging Stations Supercharger for long-distance journeys and less powerful Destination Chargers stations, Tesla today announced a new version of the Supercharger.


Destination Charger:

Urban Charger:

Updated design and architecture. Now the charging station takes up less space and is easier to install, which makes it ideal for densely populated places. Each such station has a power of 72 kW, which allows you to spend 45-50 minutes to charge in most cases. This is less than 145 kW in the existing Supercharger, which, however, gives the same 72 kW if it charges 2 cars at the same time.

New “Urban” charging stations will be installed in convenient public places, including supermarkets, shopping and city centers, and will be convenient for charging cars in the process of shopping or walking. In addition, the owners will be able to simply charge their cars at such stations 1-2 times a week just as the owners of cars with internal combustion engines do at a gas station.

The first two stations are installed in Chicago (for 10 cars) and Boston (for 8 cars).

Pricing remains the same as for other types of charging. The owners of Tesla cars have a certain annual limit of free charges. Additional charges will need to be paid. However, the price of electricity on the market is still much less than for combustible fuel. For example: California $ 0.20 per kW, New York $ 0.19 per kW, Illinois $ 0.15 per kW.

Tesla continues to expand its network and plans to bring the total number of stations to 10,000 by the end of 2017. At the moment, they have 900 Supercharger (for 6,000 seats). By 2018, it is planned to expand the network to 18,000 Supercharger.

Progress is well seen on the example of Los Angeles and its environs:

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