New bone conduction: IFA and not only

Recently, bone conduction technology has almost become kitsch: sometimes it has some very strange applications. Some recent examples of gadgets are inside.

On the one hand, it is good that technology lives and helps, and first of all in medicine, where it is mostly necessary. On the other hand, everything new is well forgotten old, and here's why.


At the end of August - at the beginning of September, shipments of the smart ORII ring began, which allows you to chat or listen to voice prompts and messages through your finger.

The project has already migrated to Indiegogo, where the cost of a single unit is estimated at $ 129 (Next - 160).

The logic is that the user does not need to get a bulky smartphone: the display sizes grow from time to time. And in order to answer the call, listen to the message or answer it, it is enough to touch the temple with a finger.

Sgnl - bracelet with IFA

And also with Indiegogo , which offers a similar function as ORII. True, there is no separate gadget used for implementation, but the possibility of integration into your ordinary life is realized by replacing one accessory - a watch strap.

The model, judging by our impressions, is deaf, but it was impossible to test it adequately at the exhibition. The cost now is $ 149.

And now let's remember. At CES 2016, a similar initiative was launched by Samsung’s Creative Lab division, offering among other gadgets and a “unique strap” for watches.

So there are no major breakthroughs yet.


Another interesting project from the last one is the Bluetooth baseball cap, which also migrated from Kickstarter to Indiegogo .

Several different models with four built-in speakers with bone conduction of sound for sports, tourism and walking. The project seems to be the most logical and concise, and at the same time, knowing how such dynamics can look, there is confidence that the design will not deliver any inconvenience. The cost of one copy now is $ 89.


One of the champions of crowdfunding - a two-millionth project, which after a year, somehow , like shipping starts, judging by Instagram.

These are glasses.


Of course, Aftershokz at IFA arrived with a novelty. To change the version of the Bluez 2S in October model will arrive Trekz Air .

We have already received our versions, and the most important thing so far, what should be said is a qualitatively revised microphone. Speaking has become more comfortable both for the speaker and for the interlocutor, both on the street and indoors.

Even noisy IFA was not such a hindrance to the working dialogue.

Bluez 2S coupon
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Overview of the model.


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