PocketBook celebrates a decade and launches a collection gold reader

Hello! The PocketBook company this year knocks 10 years. The date is round, a lot has been done over the years - suffice it to say that the company has released more than 30 readers of various types during this period, including a lot of very unusual ones. I recommend reading the corresponding post , it lists all models as of the end of 2016. Since then, several more readers have been released: a review of the budget PocketBook 614 Plus on Geektimes.ru already exists, a review of the world's only fully waterproof PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 reader, and a review of the budget backlit PocketBook 615 Plus will be available soon.

PocketBook logos: sample 2007 (top) and the current version adopted in 2011

But more to the point. By its tenth anniversary, PocketBook released the special version of the PocketBook 626 Plus , a time-tested and very popular middle-class model. The special version received a golden case - in the spirit of the latest fashion trends.

Today, there are golden smartphones, fashion for which at one time asked Apple, golden tablets, golden laptops and other gadgets in this color. So why not get a gold reader? The first of its kind and also symbolizes the decade since the founding of PocketBook. Plus, its success in the Russian market of readers, where the company occupies virtually monopoly 2/3, if we take it in terms of sales. In general, the real gold (read - extremely successful) decade turned out.

Important point: PocketBook 626 Plus Gold Edition has a circulation of only 1000 pieces, that is, it is a real collectible item. For the entire ten-year history of PocketBook, similar versions of readers, timed to coincide with any dates or other events, have never been released. This is the first such experience, the circulation is extremely small. There is reason to believe that it will scatter in a week or two. If you want to upgrade the reader or buy such a thing for the first time, this is a great and unusual option. It is worth 9,999 rubles, that is, no more than the gray, white and red versions per ruble.

By the way, about the red modification: with it, PocketBook in general anticipated trends at one time. Ruby Red PocketBook 626 Plus Ruby Red was released in early autumn of 2016, that is, six months before the announcement of the red iPhone . Apple sets the color trends in the world of gadgets, and here PocketBook was able to beat Tim Cook’s company.

Anyway, PocketBook has always experimented with the colors of its devices. It is clear that calm gray, brown, white and black versions of readers are in maximum demand. However, there are people - and there are plenty of them - who like brighter and more eye-catching colors. Therefore, in the history of PocketBook were pink ...

... blue-green ...

... and, for example, just blue readers.

PS I recommend reading the interview with the director of PocketBook in Russia Yevgeny Militsy - it is right here . In it, Eugene answered all possible questions about the company, about technology, about the nuances of using readers and so on. It turned out the wildest longrid, although very interesting. So - I recommend reading.

PPS Especially for those readers who claim that in every article in the PocketBook blog on Geektimes.ru you can find a pebble thrown in the direction of the Amazon Kindle. He will be in this post: Amazon only releases black and occasionally white readers, but for some reason there are no more cheerful options in its line. As, however, and from other manufacturers - they all fixated on two basic colors. Why, why - is unknown. PocketBook on this background looks at least advantageous.

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