Three iPhones, watches and TV. What was shown at the Apple presentation

A few hours ago, the next, anniversary Apple conference ended. Ten years have passed since the presentation of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007, and in honor of the round date, Apple tried to surprise everyone very much. We were shown as many as three new iPhones! And the clock, working “by itself”. Although it was not without embarrassment. Banderolka followed the presentation (we have to deliver all this!) And shares a summary of events.


Last year, Apple Watch sales grew by 50%, now it’s the most popular watch in the world (not smart watches, but any watches in general). Yesterday, the company showed Apple Watch Series 3 - without being tied to a smartphone. They “learned” to catch LTE - “broke the chain” and became autonomous. You can safely forget the iPhone at home, and all functions will remain. From the clock you can even call (the number will be the same as on the phone) and send messages. For this, a new electronic SIM card was integrated into the watch. It will be available in 9 countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and China. Unfortunately, Russia is not on the list yet.

An application that monitors the frequency of the heartbeat will show more information, and will alert the user if his heartbeat has become frequent for no apparent reason. The clock can now be connected to Apple Music - and listen to ringtones through AirPods wireless headphones. Siri has learned to speak, now her words are not just text on the watch screen. Apple Watch Series 3 was equipped with an altimeter, a more powerful processor (70%) and an additional W2 coprocessor (it provides 85% faster Wi-FI, 50% more energy efficient). And the button on the case on the right has become fashionable, red, more visible, so that it is clear that someone has a new generation device.

Pre-order for Apple Watch 3 in the US opens on September 15, shipments will start from September 22. Watches cost $ 329 without cellular support and $ 399 with all the features. In Russia, their price will be higher. As we have already said, additional taxes may apply to them. Apple offers them from September 29 for 27,490 rubles ($ 480). The cost of Apple Watch Series 1 in the United States fell to $ 249 . If you want to take a device, do not overpay $ 150 +, just order it in America with a parcel . Delivery will cost about $ 30.

Apple TV

The company, as promised, will present the updated Apple TV . Prefix showing TV shows and movies in resolution up to 4K. It costs from $ 179 (in Russia - from $ 234, 13,490 rubles.). Apple has entered into contracts with film studios, and promises that it will sell 4K-films in iTunes at the price of HD-films, and all previous purchases are waiting for a free upgrade.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus!

Tim Cook presented an update to the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The devices look exactly the same, but have a glass case (for the first time since the iPhone 4). This allows you to embed high-speed wireless charging in them - something Apple has been waiting for a long time.

They promised that the glass is very durable and the case will be protected from dust and water (IP67 according to IEC 60529). The display got the system True Tone ( the same as in the new iPad ) for automatic adjustment of the white balance with regard to lighting, so that the picture looked more saturated. Plus, smartphones have greatly accelerated: now they have an A11 Bionic processor with 6 cores, which work 70% faster than the iPhone 7 in the A10.

A lot of attention paid to the updated cameras. They are 12 megapixels, with new sensors and optical stabilization. Cameras are sharpened for portrait shooting, they are able to separate the image of a person from the background, to blur the background. And still cameras somehow specially adapted for creation of augmented reality. Tim Cook said that AR is "a giant thing that can improve the lives of many people." Apple sees augmented reality as a fundamental, revolutionary technology, similar to the invention of smartphones, and the iPhone with iOS will gradually move in this direction. So Pokemon Go - these were seeds. Soon we will see something cooler.

Pre-order for iPhone 8 starts in the USA from September 15, delivery starts on the 22nd. The iPhone 8 costs $ 699, the iPhone 8 Plus costs $ 799. In Russia, sales will begin on September 29, for smartphones they will ask for 56,990 rubles ($ 990) and 64,990 rubles ($ 1,130), respectively.

iOS 11

Apple has already talked about the new operating system this year, but now we have been given to look at it better. The launch promises September 19th. The aim is on applications and games with augmented reality, showing graphics on top of the “real world” that we see through the iPhone's camera. At the event showed a demo of AR-basketball. The Americans sitting on the game, will be able to bring a smartphone on the field, and it will determine the fleeing players, showing you their characteristics.

This summer, Apple launched ARKit, an augmented reality application development framework . IKEA showed the first serious thing with it, making a program to assess how the furniture will look in your apartment. By the end of the year, experts expect dozens of other releases.

iPhone X!

The main thing - Apple showed another smartphone, the most expensive and advanced. The first radical change in the design of the iPhone. Home button went to the past. The display now occupies the entire front panel, from edge to edge (except for the space allocated for the front camera, flash and various sensors). Plus, this is Apple’s first OLED display, and this is Super Retina. As Tim Cook says, the smartphone "sets the path ... for the next decade."

The device is pronounced, by the way, like the iPhone Ten, that is, “iPhone ten”, and not “iPhone X”.
The Home button is no longer there, so some commands work differently. To wake up your smartphone, you just need to click on the screen. And to go to the home menu, swipe up.

iPhone X can be unlocked with your face. The Face ID system is responsible for this. Everything has been told about it a thousand times thanks to leaks, but the numbers are still impressive. Apple considered this technology to be 20 times safer than Touch ID (fingerprint recognition). If the Touch ID is wrong 1 time for 50,000 inclusions, then the Face ID is 1 time per million. True, right during the presentation, Apple’s chief developer Craig Federigi could not unlock his smartphone with his face, and it didn’t look very good. He had to take a spare device - good, he was on hand.

How does the system work? The iPhone X is equipped with an infrared camera, a front camera, a point projector, and other sensors that take an infrared image of your face and make it a model with 30,000 points. Further the Apple neural network processes this information. And voila: the smartphone is unlocked as soon as this chip feels that a sufficient number of dots match. Even if your face changes slightly, you put on your glasses, you have a beard, or you cut your hair, your Face ID will recognize you anyway. Scary stuff!


The same face scanning system is responsible for the new animated Emoji. They repeat all the curves that the user makes, and then they can be sent in messages as video messages. Well and, promised, the iPhone X battery, with all this delight, will live 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. You can recharge the device using wireless charging. Next year, Apple will launch AirPower, with which it will be possible to feed the iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods simultaneously.

The tenth iPhone in the US costs $ 999. Pre-orders begin on October 27, on sale - from November 3. In Russia, Apple offers a smartphone for 79,990 rubles (about $ 1,390). Obviously, when buying in America, even taking into account the delivery, the savings will be no less than 20 thousand rubles.

Friends, I wonder how you got the results of the Apple presentation? Surprised guys from Cupertino? Better than the recent Samsung premiere ?

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