IPhone X review from AR / VR perspective

A landmark event happened yesterday - the announcement of the iPhone X by Apple.

We will not list all the chips of the new iPhone, but if you pay a little attention to analyzing some of the details, it becomes obvious that Apple is already seriously preparing for the release of AR or VR glasses, and in the near future.

So, from the most important, in our opinion, it is:

1) Replacing the IPS screen with OLED. It is no secret that OLED screens have a much shorter response time (pixel ignition and afterglow), which is undoubtedly important in AR / VR. If the response time is large, then with head movements in a helmet or glasses, loops will be visible and the image will be “blurred”.

2) Screen size 5.8 '. This is the ideal screen size for optics, providing a 90-110 degree view with virtual reality glasses. However, for the sake of increasing the screen, the Touch ID button, unfortunately or fortunately, had to be sacrificed.

3) Front cameras with depth effect. As the videos show, this technology reads emotions and faces quite well, which can be used, for example, in AR glasses.

4) Rear cameras are arranged vertically along the body. However, for the best effect it would be nice to have a camera downstairs too.

5) More powerful graphics and CPU. We remind you that the minimum number of FPS to get a comfortable picture is 60. To ensure high-quality rendering of such a number of frames, you will need quite an impressive computational power. And here to help technology Metal.

6) Interaction with Siri. Well, this is understandable - when a smartphone is in a helmet, you will not touch it with your hands, and voice control will be more appropriate than ever.

Apple glasses can be a worthy answer for Samsung's Gear VR . Now it remains only to assume when the new gadget (glasses) will be released. It is possible that this will happen at the end of this year or in the first quarter of the next (to spur sales)!
Well, if in the future there will be also AR glasses, like Meta - it will be, indeed, very interesting, in our opinion!

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