Scoliosis vs School: what to remember about scoliosis

Half a month of study is over, and we decided to remind you that you can get out of school very clever, but not very healthy: your back is at risk!

Just two scoliosis

In a global sense: congenital and acquired. In the first case, the curvatures are formed in the prenatal period and cannot be influenced in any way. Why is this dangerous? First of all, in terms of diagnosis, in view of the fact that congenital scoliosis is fully manifested by five to seven years.

Acquired scoliosis develops under the influence of a number of factors after birth, and differs in turn:

The latter group is the most extensive and the most obscure, because in most cases the origin of scoliosis is difficult to explain. Most of the youth scoliosis here, in the idiopathic group.

Among the factors

School. Incorrect posture during exercise is one of the most obvious factors and risks of spinal curvature. Because it happens systemically!

Excessive "help" of parents to babies: the child is not sitting yet, does not turn over, and parents help him, thus creating loads and provoking situations that are not yet "allowed" by nature.

Risk factors include traumatic sports or sports, which provide for unnatural (asymmetrical) poses: take ping-pong though. Stress, hormonal disruptions, long formation of the musculoskeletal system affect the development of scoliosis ... In general, as always, when there is no exact and unambiguous reason, the reasons are called mass.

And, of course, once again: bad posture, and most often it is associated with improper or inconveniently equipped workplace of the child-student.

How to help posture

This is our permanent rubric. For a long time in disputes and wrangling with the readers of Geektimes, however, it became obvious that the problem of a smooth back cares not only for us and for you.

It is not by chance that numerous projects are being created and are being created to improve posture, both international and domestic . And there, and here there are their leaders, there are names that first come to mind: in Russia it is the “ Master of Posture ”, which we also mentioned .

Despite some disagreements, nevertheless, posture correctors help to monitor the position of the back during work, and also do not force the spine, as corsets do, fixing the unnatural posture and forcing it more often.

The corrector in school and at home is quite an assistant, which will vibrate and remind the child that it is necessary to straighten up.

Fire is easier to warn than put out

Preventive and preventive measures are always a guarantee of health, but scoliosis is often manifested as a fact.

Suspecting him in the early stages is not always an easy task, because a deviation angle of 5 degrees may not catch your eye. You can try to diagnose yourself, guided by this reminder:

One of the most famous ways to see the eye is to suggest that the child bend forward and lower his arms, stand behind and look, try to notice asymmetrical deviations, it is possible to run a finger along the spine.

If a suspicion wakes up, you need to contact an orthopedist or a surgeon who will prescribe an x-ray: this will be the one hundred percent answer, whether there is scoliosis or not.

What should be afraid

Scoliosis has several forms of manifestation, which are denoted by the letters of the Latin alphabet:

And a few degrees, which in domestic medicine are described in 73:

I degree. The angle of curvature does not exceed 10 degrees, and scoliosis is not always noticeable. Suspicions may be visible in the upright position of the body: noticeable asymmetry of the shoulder blades, shoulder lines, and waist.

II degree. The angle of curvature from 11 to 30 degrees, lateral deformation does not disappear in the supine position, a rib hump can be seen.

III degree. Rib hump increases, reaches large sizes. X-ray shows the angle of curvature from 31 to 60 degrees.

IV degree. The angle is above 60 degrees, and visual deviations and deformations already affect the functioning of the internal organs (lungs, heart). As a rule, at this stage all possibilities of conservative treatment are exhausted.

You can also distinguish by localization:


In fact, many different examples can be cited here: walking in the sun to obtain vitamin D, and showing a personal example, and timely control as a warning measure, and much more, however, as is clear from the title, it often happens that most time the child spends not under the supervision of parents, even when he learns lessons at home. And here, we again have to remind you about the “ Master of Posture ”.


Two kinds: conservative and surgical. In short, you can divide it like this:

Angle up to 15 degrees - special gymnastics
Angle from 15 to 35-40 - special gymnastics and corsets
Surgery may be indicated from above.

With surgery, everything is very individual, of course. It is noted that the optimal age for the surgical treatment of scoliosis is 10-14 years.


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