Choosing a 3D scanner for metrological control

This article is an overview of professional 3D-scanners for metrological control, ensuring the accuracy of measurements in industry. They differ from each other in parameters and capabilities. Consider these nuances and try to navigate how to choose the appropriate device, for example, the products of three German manufacturers.

Prices for scanners for metrology certified in the Russian Federation, depending on the configuration and functionality, start at about 3,000,000 rubles.

First, consider the ATOS line of the manufacturer GOM. These are optical 3D-scanners operating on the principle of triangulation; they project interference fringes onto the surface of an object and read the reflected light from the camera. The Blue Light technology works with the help of narrow-band blue light emitted from the LED that allows you to scan a more complex object geometry. The manufacturer GOM has a wide range of equipment for different types of tasks.


The ATOS CORE ultra-compact industrial scanner comes in seven different versions, depending on the size of the scan area. This must be taken into account in the case of purchase and consult with a specialist.

Professional software: ATOS Professional has a wide range of tools for analyzing and inspecting received data.
All ATOS scanners have a certificate of type approval of measuring instruments of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation for No. 54916-13 dated September 23, 2013. and supplied with a certificate of calibration VNIIMS RF

The ATOS Core scanner line is designed to scan products of any complexity and size, from small to large. The scanner is controlled from a computer or laptop, connected to it via the Ethernet port. The software is compatible with the Windows operating system.

ATOS Core configurations:

ATOS Essential

ATOS Core comes in three trim levels. As part of the basic configuration: a tripod, a platform for setting the object to scan and the software GOM Scan and GOM Inspect.

GOM Scan provides fast three-dimensional scanning, as a result of which the operator receives high-resolution data — three-dimensional polygonal meshes in STL format for use in areas such as reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.
GOM Inspect is a free software package for analyzing and processing the received 3D measurements.

ATOS Professional

ATOS Professional - multifunctional software allows you to analyze the received data, as well as automatically receive analysis of a series of products and receive data on the statistics of deviations. Allows you to track the position of the part in real time, as well as to project geometrically elements on the object.

ATOS Kinematics

The Kinematics package comes with an automatic ATOS SCAN BOX system for scanning objects of various sizes, which can be controlled using ATOS Professional, with the added module Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) - Virtual Measuring Room, which allows the user to work in interactive mode. In this configuration, you can use ATOS Plus for fully integrated photogrammetry.

Other models:

ATOS Compact Scan 5M

Compact professional 3D-scanner, which is ready to work immediately after unpacking. The package includes: a scanner, laptop, software and accessories. In addition to the multifunctional software ATOS Professional, the package also includes free analytical software GOM Inspect for installation on any workplace, for analyzing and sharing projects with colleagues and customers. The device is compatible with the modules TRITOP Photogrammetry and ATOS Live.

The scanner consists of a projector and two 5-megapixel cameras located on the frame with the possibility of replacing lenses, which allows you to change the scanning area.

ATOS Capsule

3D scanner for scanning small and medium-sized objects with high resolution. It is used to control the quality of prototypes of medical devices, GTE blades and other mechanisms. The scanner has an aluminum case, hermetically protecting it from dust and water, as well as from physical influences.

ATOS Capsule comes in two versions: with 8-megapixel or 12-megapixel cameras.

ATOS Capsule can be used as part of the ATOS ScanBox complex for fully automatic measurements and automatic data analysis.

ATOS scanners monitor the lighting conditions and, if necessary, the system compensates for its deficiency. The software has an automatic calibration status monitoring system that takes into account environmental changes and object movement during scanning.

ATOS Capsule also has the ability to work with the ATOS Plus system, for automated photogrammetry.

ATOS Triple Scan 16M

Stationary 3D-scanner with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels, can scan objects from 38 millimeters to 2 meters in length. The scanner is able to work with a more dimensional object, this requires the TRITOP photogrammetric system.

It can also work with a contact probe that allows you to measure the geometry and individual 3D coordinates of an object in places that are difficult to access for optics. Such a probe - GOM Touch Probe - does not require additional software or individual devices.

ATOS Triple Scan comes in three versions: with 5 megapixel, 8 megapixel or 16 megapixel cameras.

It is applied in all branches of mechanical engineering: aircraft building, shipbuilding, automobile industry, rocket production and power engineering. The scanner is able to measure objects ranging in size from a coin to an aircraft. When integrated into the production chain, the scanner shortens the time for research and development, improves the quality of the prototype, analyzes the data and helps to identify engineering problems.

Combines flexibility and ease of use with high-quality scanning, as a result of which the user receives a cloud of points or high-polygrid grids with highly accurate data on the size of the object.

Consider the line AICON manufacturer Breukmann. These are 3D-scanners of the same price category, approximately the same possibilities. Information on certification of Aicon scanners is currently not available in the state register, but we hope that the manufacturer or importers will fix it soon.

AICON PrimeScan

Ultra-compact desktop 3D-scanner based on structured light backlighting technology (MRI - Miniaturized Projection Technique). Works with Windows via USB 3. It comes in three versions: with cameras of 2, 5 and 8 megapixels. The kit includes: a turntable, a tripod and accessories MoveInspect DPA.

This cost-effective high-resolution device has 22 measurement configurations and is completed with blue or white LEDs.

AICON SmartScan

A compact, fast, blue and white LED based scanner, optionally red or green. Applies technology backlight structured light, allowing to reduce the time of one shot to 1-2 seconds. Used for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, accurate measurements, 3D modeling, documentation and archiving, as well as in art - for creating digital copies of art objects.

The basic kit includes: a rotary table, a tripod, a workstation, accessories.

Works with workstations on the Windows operating system, through the GigE interface.
Comes in three versions, with cameras from 2 to 8 megapixels. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indulge in technical data.

AICON StereoScan Neo

Industrial 3D-scanner, used in aircraft and automotive industry, comes in two configurations, with 8 and 16 megapixel cameras. Rigid design with double carbon fiber frame, hi-end optics. Works with a manual probe.

Another 3D scanner manufacturer is Zeiss. This is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality optics, it is not surprising that they continue to offer innovative optical technology.


Ultracompact 3D scanner based on Blue Light technology. Used to assess and control quality, rapid production, reverse engineering, creating digital copies of objects, archeology, creating documentation on objects of art. Comes in five versions. You can control the device from a laptop or a desktop computer, complete with a rotary table and a tripod, as well as the Colin3D application. Scanning time is approximately 1 second.


Compact 3D-scanner, comes in four versions, with cameras of 1, 2, 5 and 8 megapixels.

Used to assess and control quality, rapid production, reverse engineering, creating digital copies of objects, archeology, creating documentation on objects of art. The set comes with a turntable and a tripod, as well as the Colin3D application. Scan time reaches 1.7 seconds.


COMET 6 3D scanner offers the user maximum speed and resolution. Equipped with the latest LED projector with 3D ILC technology (Intelligent Light Control) - an adaptive projector that tracks the features of the object's surface and adapts the emitted light to it, to eliminate unwanted side effects. It comes in two versions - with 8Mp and 16Mp cameras. Scanning time - less than 1 second (1.2 seconds for 16 Mpx). You can control the device from a Windows-based workstation. Turntable and tripod included.

Used to control the quality of surfaces of complex objects and mechanisms of medium size.

So, we briefly familiarized ourselves with the range of 3D scanners of German manufacturers intended for metrological control in various fields of industrial activity, with their main characteristics and differences. Hopefully, this will help production managers to decide which particular scanner will help their enterprise to maintain measurement accuracy.

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