Points for DJI Goggles Copter (detailed instructions and tests)

FPV-glasses for flying from the first person on quadrocopters DJI Mavic Pro , Phantom , Inspire .

Simple and clear review from a pretty girl. Under the cut - a bit hardcore.

Distance - like the drone model
Screens - two 5-inch Full HD screens
Delay - 110ms
Resolution - 720p / 60fps and 1080p / 30fps
Simultaneous connection of 4 points to Mavic Pro
Antennas - 360 ° coverage
Operating time - 6 hours (9440 mAh)
Lenses - aspheric high luminosity, field of view 85 degrees.
Intercenter distance - 58-70 mm
Head position tracking - suspension control in two axes (heading, tilt)
Connection - wireless ( DJI Mavic Pro ), microUSB cable ( Phantom and Inspire 2 )

The main thing is not to do this:

Connecting devices

The MICRO USB connector for connecting Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 drones to access the function of following the object and controlling the flight by the movement of the head. Through this connector, you can update the firmware.

MICROSD card - allows you to download files from the drone to the memory card that is built into the glasses, store and view the footage.

HDMI output - you can watch the video stream from the cameras of the Phantom 4 and Inspire series drones or connect to the video player to watch movies and play games.

Sound - you can connect headphones in 3.5 jack or use the built-in speakers.


Instructions DJI Goggles in Russian. What is displayed on the main screen?
How to control the touch panel? Swipe. Three buttons and a wheel.

A detailed review of the DJI Goggles menu in English.

Preparation and first use. How to wear. Swipe. Remote Mavic Pro. Sync with device. Connect via microUSB to Phantom and Inspire 2. Modes 720p and 1080p. Newances of switching video modes.

Controlling the suspension with head movements on Inspire 2 and Phantom 4.

Connect to the Inspire 1 and the flight with a "view from the eyes."

We connect DJI Goggles glasses via an HDMI cable to the Phantom 4 Pro and to the Phantom Advanced.

Beautiful videos

A man flew 4 miles.

The most beautiful "view from the eyes" on the lake and the mountains from Mavic Pro .

Flying in nature, stunning views, stream and manor.

Six in the morning over the lake.

Flying along the path with DJI Goggles glasses on Mavic Pro .

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