Easter eggs found in Nintendo Switch - NES-game Golf

Game developers and consoles love to build Easter eggs into their products. The representatives of the team that created the Nintendo Switch portable console didn’t hold back. They added to the console an 8-bit game Golf , which was quite popular at the time. By the way, now Switch supports some old games thanks to the Virtual Console technology .

As for Easter eggs, it was discovered by representatives of the SwitchBrew.org resource team, who are engaged in the analysis of the game console from Nintendo. In the file system dump of the device, a “title” object was found in the “flog” subsystem. Apparently, this was supposed to be an NES emulator, and it turned out that way.

However, it can be used to play not all eight-bit games, but only one, as mentioned above. The NES Golf version first appeared in 1984. So you can judge , the game is not accidentally included in the console functionality, and this concerns not just a small sample of devices, but almost all of the Nintendo Switch launched onto the market.

In general, it is rather strange that the same Nintendo does not release consoles with support for titles for previous generations of gaming platforms. The company instead promises to launch a cloud service that will correct this omission. But for so many years one could have done something. Perhaps, an engineer from the Switch development team built the easter egg into the firmware, and he wanted to please the Nintendo fans somehow. True, the surprise was hidden so deeply that it was discovered only this summer, and it finally became clear what and how, just now.

According to those who understood the dump, the game emulator and the game itself was built into the original firmware, and not added later. And it is unclear what exactly should start the game - a combination of buttons, a victory in some game, a certain number of points? It is not possible to find out yet. Maybe the game can not be started at all, who knows. In the same Android, they somehow discovered the Flappy Bird clone, which could not be played under any circumstances.

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