Trilogy "The Memory of the Past of the Earth" by Liu Zisinya on paper

Greetings to science fiction lovers!

For those who love paper books, or just used to keep their favorite piece on the shelf - good news. Publisher Fanzon, part of the EKSMO holding, is releasing the trilogy of Liu Cixin officially, in paper, it will be released in the Sci-Fi Universe series. Publishers bought a translation from a team of enthusiasts, about whose work I wrote here more than once and which included as a literary editor of the first volume.

The first volume of “The Three-Body Problem” is sold in online stores of paper books, did not go offline. The prices and timing of the remaining volumes are not yet known. The book was printed with a minimal edition, in fact there was only proofreading, the publisher did not change anything, neither the names of the characters, nor the terms, which is very nice, because there was a lot of gain on this topic during the translation process. True, abstract spoiler. And the cover, eh ...

Announcement on the publisher site

References to publications about the translation of the first three volumes: “The Problem of Three Bodies” , “The Dark Forest” , “Eternal Life of Death” .

Last week the author's copy arrived, took it only this morning - everything was as expected ... Grayish pages of transparent paper, grayish text, translucent through two sheets. And this comes with a price of 500 rubles.
Well at least the electronic version costs only 300 and its quality depends only on the screen of the device from which it is read.

Also Igor Knyazev made an audio version, for which he thanks a lot!

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