Cheap and Beautiful - Xiaomi Xiaofang Wi-fi Camera

Recently, after using Xiaomi devices, ambiguous sensations remain more and more often, it happened now: from an aesthetic point of view, the camera is excellent, according to its characteristics, there are no complaints, there is only enough, but there are still nuances ...

Yes, Xiaomi Xiaofang is beautiful, stylish, elegant, but it is unlikely that such epithets will convince or dissuade someone on Geektimes.

Of course, the appearance is flawless. The correct square on a stand measuring 5x5 cm (stand adds 6 mm) is a little less than a pack of cigarettes: you don’t even have to look for a place in the house: put it anywhere.

Thanks to the magnetic base, the camera can also be fixed to the refrigerator:

Convenient, practical? Yes. Plus, the camera rotates, and the software can turn the image, so you can really fix it, anyway, anywhere.

Included - everything you need. As usual.

And then climb the nuances and carping.

Is the camera rotating? Yes! However, you can only turn it in one direction or another manually, there is no remote control mechanism.

Have a night vision? Yes! For that kind of money, it still shows up to 9 meters at night, but it will definitely be noticeable: the lights are quite distinguishable to themselves.

Is there a reaction to the events? Yes! You can configure the recording of alerts, but they are stored somewhere on the server of China, and if the camera is taken away and you lose access to it, then you will not be able to see anything.

Is it possible to record not in the camera? Yes! Install the flash drive and configure the recording mode from the main settings.

However, if you really come to rob and start with the camera, then the problem with saving the data will not solve it. And so - please: everything will be decomposed into folders. Minute videos for each hour:

And about "everything you need" in the kit: you still need an adapter with a Chinese plug!

What certainly liked

View mode There are several of them, and one of them is perfect for those who need access to the broadcast every second: in a reduced form, it can be displayed on the main display on top of all applications and at the same time it is relatively easy to work with other content.

To view a larger image, go to the application. There are also several viewing modes:

Three pictures

To switch to full screen mode, you need to activate the function on the smartphone: the camera does not switch when turning.

Icons "photo" and "video", which are visible in the pictures, are recorded in the gallery, and not on the flash drive:

Some value is the main menu, which is displayed by a bar under the broadcast in the vertical position of the smartphone: here access to remote on / off, night vision settings, switching to full-screen mode and two-way communication: the camera is equipped with a microphone and a speaker. Everything else, though present, is relatively useless: for example, a reaction to CO2.

Of course, we are talking about the fact that you can set up an alert for a squeaker - the camera does not possess any built-in sensor tracker.

How to use?

As a result, with all the attractiveness and accessibility, the question of how to use is vital. Due to its size, it is easy to hide the camera at home so that it remains invisible, but at night it can easily be given “burning eyes”.

There are models from the series “when someone is at home”. And then yes, for the price / quality you can’t find a better one: with the help of a camera you can control a nanny, a housekeeper, you can use Xiaofang as a video nurse with alerts for movement, there is no cheaper solution. But for security - it is unlikely!

Spoiler header

The camera is sold in a compact box.

Bottom activation button and memory card slot

MicroUSB for power, USB connector for connecting the second Xiaofang and status indicator

For control modes for someone, she has a great bonus - the ability to display the image on the main screen: you sit at work and look at the smartphone, what happens there at home.



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