All secret becomes clear. Google unmanned cars use Intel technology

Google is one of the pioneers of the development of unmanned cars - its first results in this area were obtained in 2009. In 2016, the UAV division formed a separate company from Google within Alphabet Inc - Waymo.

Historically, Google and its partners have not disclosed the technical details of their project. However, now it is time to open the veil of secrecy. For the first time, Intel officially announced that from the very beginning it worked closely with Google’s automotive project, providing it with hardware components and technologies. During this time, drones from Intel inside have driven almost 5 million kilometers - an absolutely unsurpassed result. Active collaboration continues to this day - in the latest project of the autonomous auto Waymo based on the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, Intel Xeon processors are used for computing, Intel Arria FPGA for optimizing the image recognition, wireless controllers Intel XMM for communications.
At KDPV: Waymo's latest development is parked independently at Intel headquarters

It turns out that Intel chips have been driving Google cars for almost a good ten years. What does this mean?


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