Bluetooth receiver Mpow - why turn the wired into a wireless

A recent post about the Xiaomi receiver and a cursory mention there of a similar gadget Mpow revealed some interest in the latter. Despite all the simplicity, he deserved his few comments.

Still, the Mpow brand is not “one of” numerous Chinese nouneyms, and the Russian buyer has heard about it. Judging by the conversations with them, the guys are ambitious, with a claim to the European markets on the one hand and a deep immersion in the Chinese marketplaces - on the other.

He is also familiar to readers of Geektimes: once we wrote about him in connection with “wired-wireless” headphones. Actually, “wired and wireless” will be discussed now: one of the Mpow gadgets is a compact Bluetooth receiver MBR .

Who is it for?

In general, the idea of ​​this receiver is to make wireless from wired devices, and this simple process may be required in some life situations.

One of the ideas is to make home headphones independent of a laptop or computer, which may well catch on with gamers or those who suddenly jump up somewhere from the computer and pull everything with the headset behind them.

On the street, on the road, this is not so useful, considering that from an aesthetic point of view you do not win anything, and the cost of wireless headphones today with a more or less decent sound is about 3,000 rubles. Some savings will be: take the same inexpensive Xiaomi plugs and the receiver for 1300 = a thousand left untouched.

Also, if the headphones are not equipped with a microphone, the built-in Mpow will add another additional function.

Another way, and then Mpow turned out to be very popular: the receiver in the car for the opportunity to speak on the speakerphone or stream music from a smartphone to the radio. Such a purchase seems the most justified and logical.

What it consists of

Mpow MBR1 is sold with charging cable and Jack adapters - one long, the other short.

As a result, there are two connectors on the case: one for the adapter, the other for charging. Despite the fact that they can hardly be confused, they are spaced apart: Jack is on the side, and the microUSB connector is on the bottom.

On the case of several control buttons: volume control and on / off (all three buttons). Synchronization with the device occurs by holding the central button, but the volume buttons behave a little surprising: a single press scrolls the track, and a long hold increases or decreases the volume.

The central button also serves to answer an incoming call and - double-click - to call the last number, but only the outgoing .

Another advantage of this device is the presence of a microphone: it is located at the top of the case.

If in general terms, the Mpow MBR is a fairly simple to operate and control device, with simple controls and all the necessary buttons on the device, which, say, the same Xiaomi receiver did not have: there is one central button and control the volume, for example , it was possible only from a smartphone, which is not very logical if you take such a gadget so that it does not depend on the smartphone. Against Xiaomi in this pair, says the presence of the MBR 1 built-in microphone.

Characteristics and features:

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