Blockchain instead of notarization

There are ways to confirm the authorship of the invention before the author reveals it to the patent attorney, the registration authority or other persons:

  1. Send yourself a registered letter. In the envelope will be a description of the invention, and on the envelope mark postal service with the date of shipment.
  2. Assure a copy of the description of the invention at the notary.

In these cases, the author will be able to confirm the priority of the idea belonging to him. However, both methods will take you a few hours of time. This is not rational in the digital age. There is a simpler solution: use a blockchain instead of a notary.

Step 1

Create a document (you can just a text file) with a description of the invention and the data of the author. We encrypt it using, for example, the zip archiver.

Step 2

Choose a blockchain platform that contains a cloud of data. I will use NXT as an example. We create an account and deposit a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency on it. In our example, 10 NXT will be more than enough.

Step 3

Find the appropriate section and load the file. Currently, the file size should not be larger than 43008 bytes.

Step 4

Now anyone can download this file, but only you will know the password from it.

Step 5

In the blockchain platform, the time and date of file upload will remain, so you can confirm the priority of the invention.


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